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    2019-09-27 10:13:59
    How to transfer photos from Android to iPhone 11?
    by Moliiy
    I changed my old phone from Android to iPhone 11 and wanted to use your tool to help us transfer data like photos from Android to iPhone 11. It failed. Only contacts and documents can be transferred. It there any way to transfer photos from Android to iPhone 11?
    2019-08-22 11:40:35
    Easy to transfer data from samsung to samsung.
    by Hush
    I used to use Samsung Switch to tranfer data between Samsung phones. To be honest,it's not easy. And I tried this one. It's very easy to use. I just need to link both of them to computer via usb cables or wifi. A short time scanning later, I can transfer data directly.
    2019-06-20 18:40:31
    Only contacts and books can be transferred from Samsung S8 to iPhone XS.
    by Wendy
    I found that only contacts and books can be transferred from Samsung S8 to iPhone XS.I can't transfer other data like messages, call logs, photos, videos,etc. Will it support all data transfer in the future version?
    2019-05-27 11:31:22
    What should I do?
    by Ziyia
    I can't transfer photos from my Samsung S8 to the new iPhone XR by using this software. What should I do?
    2019-04-07 19:49:26
    stopped transfer
    by dave
    why does it stop on app transfers i have 42 apps on my lg phone but in transfer it stops at 25
    2019-03-22 11:40:02
    The android to ios function needs to be increased.
    by Aisha
    I tried all functions of the mobile transfer. It supports data transfer of iOS and Android phone. Actually, not all data can be transferred between mobile phones. And the android to ios function is really poor. Only contacts,books(pdf&epub) can be transferred. Wanner its increased version.
    2019-02-27 17:51:11
    by AppleTreesss
    I am not sure what to say, but it looks like very great. Because I didn't find any wrong with it.
    2019-01-22 11:24:23
    My Huawei P9 can be connected.
    by Molan
    I didn't know why my Huawei P9 could not be connected by the old version. It was bad. But the new version solved this. I can use it smoothly. Thank you.
    2019-01-18 10:06:40
    Easy & Powerful
    by Naji
    I like this transfer tool a lot. It is so easy to use but it is also so powerful to transfer files between two phones. Bravo!!!
    2018-12-20 18:16:15
    Directly transfer contacts from Samsung S7 to note 9
    by Lorver
    Actually, I don't want to use Samsung Smart Switch to transfer data between Samsung mobile phones, cause it's not easy. And this mobile transfer tool is really cool. I can easily transfer contacts between them from pc via usb cables.
    2018-09-20 09:46:46
    Works well on my iPhone and Android phone data transfer
    by Tinyer
    I switched my old Samsung phone to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and wanted to transfer personal data like photos, music, etc to it.I searched a lot and found this tool. It's really helpful. I transferred photos, music, etc between them easily.
    2018-08-25 17:27:23
    Does not receive a license code
    by duc trong
    link but can not open to get license code
    2018-07-25 14:26:27
    Very Useful
    by Shabal
    I don't comment a lot, but I have to say that it is very useful. Thumb up!
    2016-08-29 17:24:02
    very good product
    by Tare
    The updated version is much smooth than the older version. It's a very good product I was impressed by a lot has strongly advised me where I thank the genius who has the inception of you.
    2016-08-12 17:57:03
    Registration code?
    by Peggy
    Well, I download the software on the main page. But when I plan to transfer contacts from my phone to another phone. It requires a registration code. What is that?
    2015-07-31 17:10:15
    Worth every penny!
    by Adam
    I tried this software to transfer all my contacts from my old Samsung phone to my new iPhone 6. I can do that in an easy way and without any hassle. Worth every penny!

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