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FAQs of Coolmuster Video Downloader

1. How to fix it if the product prompts "Please make sure the network is connected and the URL is available..."?

A: There are some reasons will lead to the case:

1) Your network is not connected or your network connection is too slowly.
2) The URL is not available.
3) You use proxy server for your LAN.
4) The website is not supported by our product.

Here are some suggestions:

1) Make sure your network is connected and you can open the URL.
2) Copy and paste the video URL to avoid entering wrong URL.
3) If you are using proxy server for your LAN, click the setting button on the right-top and set the proxy address, port, user name and password.
4) If you're sure everything is right but still have the same prompt, please send the URL to us to check it.

2. What's the difference between free trial version and full version of video downloader?

Both free trial version and full version can download videos from YouTube website. But the free trial version can only download 5 videos from other website except YouTube, and the full version doesn't have this limitation.

The free trial version and the full version are the same product, once you buy the software successfully, the registration code will be sent to you by email automatically. After you register the software, the free trial version will become full version.

3. Why I didn't receive any license code after I bought the product from Apple Store?

If you bought it from Apple Store, it's the full version, you don't need to register the software. You can go to App Store application on your Mac, download the product from Purchases and reinstall again.

It only requires you to register the software when you buy it from our website.

4. Which website videos can be downloaded with the product?

The product supports downloading videos from Dailymotion, vimeo, on.aol, metacafe, break.com, veoh, howcast, mgoon.com, sapo.pt, Smotri.com, Tagstory.com, TU.tv, Sevenload, Video.mthai.com, Video.Online.ua, WorldStarHipHop, Youku, and other sites that allows users to download videos.

5. What video formats can be downloaded from the website?

It depends on what video formats are provided by the website. Our product can download MP4, FLV, WebM, 3GP, etc. format.

6. Why I can't Download Videos from YouTube with Your Video Downloader App Store Version?

A: I'm sorry to inform you that our video downloader app store version doesn't support YouTube videos due to the limitation of the terms of Youtube and Apple, so we can't add this function to it.

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