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From now on, Coolmuster will withdraw the Affiliate Certificate Mechanism. All of our affiliates will be classified into four levels:

Level 1: Strategic Cooperation Affiliate (85% Commission)

Level 2: Gold Medal Affiliate (75% Commission)

Level 3: Silver Medal Affiliate (40-55% commission)

Level 4: General Affiliate (30-40% commission)

Please follow the steps to become one of our affiliates and start earning money right away!

- Company Name: Coolmuster Software

- RegNow ID: *****

- Email: biz@coolmuster.com

Key Benefits of Joining Coolmuster Affiliate Program

1. Unique Promotion Opportunity
It is an exclusive opportunity to make money, which allows you promote the world's first iPhone, iPad, iPad data management solutions.

2. Freedom and Zero-threshold Join
Being a member is free and there is no minimum quota or obligation.

3. Industry Leading Commission
Earn commission rates as high as 85% or even higher. The more you sell, the higher commission rate you will take.

4. 100% Commission Guaranteed
We sell products on our trusted platform and provide 120 days of shopping cart tracking to ensure that you do not experience commission leakage.

5. Affordable Affiliate Network
Cooperating with the best affiliate network provides you with convenient and cost-effective receiving market information and payment.

6. Best Support Services
We provide free technical support services. We have an efficient support team to solve technical problems, thereby reducing customer refunds and ensuring your interests.

7. 100% Tracking Custom Build
The RegNow Payment Platform ensures that every sale you make can be tracked. Even if they come from your site, they will not use your purchase link. We can also treat your sales as your sales through the RegNow web cookie mechanism.

8. Continuously Improved Products
Our professional R&D team continuously improves our products to make them better and better. We attach great importance to the advice of each affiliate partner and customer and solve it in the shortest possible time. We will do our best to help you increase sales and conversion rates.

Coolmuster Affiliate Policy

1. Any discounted promotion of affiliate companies for our products shall be authorized by Coolmuster. Each affiliate must not provide additional coupons, bonuses or rewards to customers. If you have any discount promotion plan, please contact us.

2. Affiliates must not use "Coolmuster", "Coolmuster.com", "CoolMuster", "Coolmuster Official" or similar words in any advertisements, which may mislead consumers.

3. Remember that you will not submit Coolmuster products to other sites by changing the product name or even using the same name of our product.

4. Affiliates may not redistribute Coolmuster products in any way without the written permission of Coolmuster.

5. Affiliates must not submit our products to other websites by changing the product name or even using the same name as ours.

6. Affiliates must not exaggerate the functionality of our products and must not exaggerate their functionality in their advertising or on their websites.

7. Search Activity Protected SEM Bidding Keywords: - Affiliate companies are not allowed to use protected keywords including but not limited to: Coolmuster, Coolmuster Studio. - The Alliance does not allow direct links to the search marketing campaign website www.coolmuster.com - The Alliance does not allow our domain name to be displayed in the URL display field.

8. Domain Name Restrictions: Affiliates may not use the following protected keywords as part of their domain name, including but not limited to: Coolmuster, Cool Muster ...

9. Affiliates may not sell any of our discontinued products; any liability arising therefrom will be the sole responsibility of the Affiliate Publisher.

10. Registered publishers may not imitate or reproduce any content, photos, videos, forms or styles on the official Coolmuster website or any other affiliate webpage. Coolmuster makes adjustments within 48 hours of contacting the branch. If you need, please contact us for some useful materials.

Other Related Announcements

1. All rights reserved by Coolmuster. By joining the Coolmuster Affiliate Program, you have read these terms and conditions and understood and agreed to them.

2. Depending on the behavior of the members and compliance with our terms of service, Coolmuster reserves the right to decide at its sole discretion to waive any affiliates and/or withhold commission payments.

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