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    2022-03-14 19:21:23
    Great! Photos transfer to pc is easy!
    by Li Yong
    To be honest, I am not that familiar with Android phone. But this tool helps me transfer my photos from my Android phone to my Mac easily. Great tool!
    2022-01-04 19:03:11
    Need to buy the full functions
    by Muhammad Umar
    I tried to transfer contacts from my android phone to my Mac, but it said that I needed to buy it.
    2021-12-15 19:12:43
    It's really helpful.
    by Amniu
    To be honest, it's really helpful, cause I am new to Android phone. But it helped my manage my Android phone data easily via my Mac computer. Lovely.
    2021-10-09 10:11:49
    iTunes Alternatives for Android
    by Arkadiusz Stanoszek
    It's my first Android phone, I even did not know how to manage the data on it from my Mac computer. Luckily, this software helps me out. And I can also take backup of the data on it.
    2021-07-07 09:56:33
    Apps data is not supported!
    by Brain Heller
    I found only apps can be managed, the apps data can not. Hey man, can you improve it for apps data?
    2021-03-09 10:08:33
    Thank you.
    by Sameera
    I just switched my iPhone to a new Android phone, I had no idea about how to backup data on Android phone to my Mac computer untill I found this software. Really helpful. Thank you.
    2021-01-21 10:32:39
    Easy to use
    by Terry
    For a new Android user, this software is really easy to use. It makes me feel at ease. I am not worried about data backup and restore on Android.
    2020-10-14 10:49:58
    Nice alternative for android file transfer
    by Woosh
    I used to use android file transfer to help me transfer data between my Android phone and my Mac computer. Now, I can use this software to help me do that.
    2020-01-17 09:42:28
    Easy to connect and use
    by Bruce
    Well, it is easy to have my phone to be recognized by the program, also it is a good app to manage files. But some functions for some files are not supported?
    2019-12-16 17:37:12
    A nice Android data manager tool
    by Jean
    After I switched my iPhone to Android phone, I had no idea about how to manage data on Android phone from my Mac PC. Luckily, this tool helps me do that easily. In my opinion, it's kind like iTunes but easier than it. I like it.
    2019-05-13 10:14:15
    Simply the best AND quickest there is!
    by Klatuu
    I will definitely choose this over iTunes any day. I just found another iOS manager, this is...better than that one. It's fast, easy to use. What's more, this tool will not require iTunes installed on your Mac.
    2019-02-22 11:06:32
    Wow, I like it.
    by Mia
    I turned my iPhone 8 to a new Android phone, but I have no idea about how to backup or restore data on it. My bro suggests me using this one. I tried it and it was great. With its help, I can manage data on Android phone from mac directly, and backup and restore data. Cool. I like it.
    2019-01-22 11:19:48
    Wi-Fi connection is good.
    by Blah
    The new version I installed is great. I can connect my Samsung Note 8 via Wi-Fi connection. It's convenient.
    2018-12-25 18:26:08
    Manage data on Android from mac
    by Christa
    Yes, this Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac offers us an easy way to manage data like contact, text messages, books(pdf&epub),music, videos, photos on Android device from Mac via usb cable. It's easy and safe, but not all the data on Android device can be supported.
    2018-10-23 18:27:51
    The update is slow
    by Mirale
    The tool is cool. I can sync data to mac without iTunes on iPhone. And I can also do some data manager with its help. But its update is too slow.
    2017-12-14 19:05:07
    Will this be updated for Galaxy S8 and above?
    by Dustin
    Are you still updating the app to handle newer phones? It looks like it will def come in handy jus not sure how much longer I will have this S5. Please let me know...either way I will prolly get it to get contacts in order for transfer to newer phone.. Thank you!
    2017-09-27 19:33:54
    backup tool
    by Yayha
    great app to backup data for Android, like my HTC. No more worry to lose contacts from my phone.
    2016-08-16 17:10:14
    That's cool
    by April
    This software makes it easier for me to freely share files between my Android phone and the computer. Now i have easily backed my important files~
    2016-07-29 11:04:49
    Well Done
    by Nicky M
    This software makes it easier for me, now, to transfer files between Android and the computer. That's a good tool! Thanks!
    2016-07-26 17:26:32
    Everything is ok
    by kiran
    Everything is working well. Only issue is my THL 5000t is showing not correct. Hope soon You will add THL devices to your support list too.
    2015-12-15 17:24:26
    Smart Tool
    by Jessica Pizza
    I love the fact that I was able to save all my data from a phone to my computer for backup that I thought was hopeless because of a drop mishap.
    2015-10-29 11:43:49
    Cool but need texting function
    by Jessica
    It helped me manage my Android phones well, but I also need a function of texting my friends on the Mac. I hope you'll upgrade this feature soon. thx
    2015-08-27 16:56:18
    Great for Any People
    by Jane
    Easy for sending messages to many people on the computer and manage all contacts. It really useful for any people who wish to find a tool to manage their Android data.
    2015-08-20 17:55:32
    Great Assistant
    by Lora
    This program is really helpful to me. I used it to backed up contacts from my LG Optimus easily. And I found that this program are keeping upgraded by the developer. It so cool, and I'll keep support your app in the future.
    2015-07-31 17:13:16
    Happy with the software
    by David
    This software has helped me in backing up many files from my HTC M8 to personal computer without a hitch. I am a happy customer and would recommend it to all who are looking for such a program.
    2015-07-24 17:05:25
    Life Saver for me
    by Dan
    I have used my Samsung S4 for years, and I'm planning to purchase a new device. So I need to backup my Samsung contacts list on the PC, so I can import the backup file to the new device easily. But the fact proved that it is not easy to find a tool to help me reach the goal. Lots of Android assistant tool on the market can only export the contacts, but can't move them back. Fortunately, one of my friend recommend your app to me, and it really helped me lots. Now, I have loaded the backed up contacts list to my new S6 well.
    2014-07-07 15:21:15
    Awesome program
    by Marian
    Awesome program! Worked beautifully on my Samsung Gaxaxy Note 3. It works better than other software, easy, fast and complete. Couldn't ask for better performance.

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