Coolmuster Android Assistant

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    2022-09-20 11:13:08
    Fairly Easy To Use - Had Some Minor Issues
    by TOM in SATX
    I recommend the product very highly. My use was to backup/save data from my Motorola G-Play (2021) and load it into my new Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. First off, my experience as a retired programmer served me well, Rule #1 save, #2 Save again a different way for every different item. In my case, the backup save when restored into the Samsung worked fine except for the Contacts. CMA saves the Contacts in an xml file, and Samsung while loading the names and some information into Contacts, did not like the format and would not allow me to edit any of the 145 contacts I brought forward. Having saved my contacts in .csv and Vcard formats saved my UKnowWhat. I deleted all the contacts from the phone, and restored them from the Vcard file I copied onto the external storage card in the new phone. Now all of my contacts are in and I can edit them. A second problem was that I didn't notice that photos and documents in my Messages were not transferred with the backup (no I didn't read the directions or FAQs). All of my messages restored into the new phone without problems except that in place of the pictures there's a little round dot. Word to the wise, use an app to backup all of your sms/mms photos and documents before you backup or save. One other quirk to be aware of, is that if you're going to use the assistant for two different phones (in my case it was my phone and my granddaughters phone) the backups will be sent to the same file folder and overwritten unless you change the folder name. Other than seeing today that the product is $29 when I had to pay $39 for it a few days ago, I'm a happy camper. Considering the headaches I've avoided by using the product, it was worth it.
    2022-09-15 18:57:23
    My Android iTunes!
    by Giz Pie
    I am a new Android user, and I tried to find a tool like iTunes for Android. And this software makes me feel that. So happy that I found it.
    2022-07-07 19:53:04
    There is no Japanese!
    by hirano
    I am Japanese. My English is not good enough. But there is no Japanese. It's really hard for me. Hope you guys will add Japanese. Thank you.
    2022-04-05 19:31:22
    Data manager function is good!
    by Calin
    I like the data manager function. Data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps, call logs, etc. can be managed. Super Nice!
    2022-02-14 19:50:16
    Everything is good!
    by Eduardo Marques
    To be honest, data transfer, data manager, data backup & restore is good. But hopefully, it will be better in WhatsApp data, app data. Fighting!
    2022-02-13 12:17:26
    Not What Appeared to be
    by Margaret Pickens
    Needed a means to backup and view my text messages from my Samsung Galaxy S8 for long term retention. It will connect to my phone and will back up in the various options available. It does not have a good rendering of the information when trying to review the texts. Not at all what I was expecting. I do not want to manage my phone from an app on the PC so for one function it doesn't present very well, a big waste of money.
    2021-12-15 03:08:22
    Such a great tool
    by Alax
    I have to say that it is a great great great tool. It helped me a lot to back up my phone data. Importantly, it is so easy to use, even for me, a tech fool.... Anyway, not bad
    2021-11-02 09:55:13
    Data restore is easy.
    by Matt
    I bought a new Samsung phone, and wanted to restore data from the old one to the new one. This software helped me do that easily. Thank you very much.
    2021-09-08 11:37:24
    All data are backed up.
    by Alex Bruce
    This Android file manager helped me a lot to back up my files, since those files on my old Samsung phone are important. And it was quick to do so. Not bad.
    2021-08-10 10:16:16
    App data is not supported!
    by Rodrigo Carlos
    Apps are supported, but app data is not supported. Hope it can be supported in future.
    2021-07-19 13:54:32
    Coolmuster Android Assistant is an all-round Android Manager
    Coolmuster Android Assistant is an all-round Android Manager that gives you the power to manage, edit, organize and backup all of your Android data, quickly and efficiently.
    2021-06-02 10:11:57
    Whatsapp messages are not supported
    by Kevin Macpherson
    To be honest, this software is good. But if Whatsapp messages are supported, it will be better. Thank you very much.
    2021-04-26 15:36:07
    user-friendly and worked great
    by Lynn S.
    The Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac is very user-friendly and has worked great for us!
    2021-04-25 10:07:15
    Can't be better
    by Susanna Jones-Cloete
    Coolmuster is a great matchmaker, marrying my love for Samsung phones with my love for Apple computers seamlessly.
    2021-04-22 11:04:27
    extremely easy
    by June
    Coolmuster has made it extremely easy to transfer files from my android to my PC. It's step by step process is easy to follow and I recommend it to anyone looking for help in this area.
    2021-04-21 11:38:09
    Works. Very happy with it.
    by Arthur Cristian
    Works. Export & import text/sms, photos, videos, docs, etc, between my Samsung Android & Windows 10 64 bit pc. Been using lots for the past 12 months. Very happy with it.
    2021-04-02 10:05:15
    Android to pc backup becomes easy
    by Vincent Kuhnis
    I used to use Mi Cloud to help me take backup of my Xiaomi phone. I tried to backup them to the computer via drag and drop, but failed. Luckily, this software helps me do that easily.
    2021-03-22 21:18:27
    by mehdi
    when you backup the phone contacts the software takes backup from all the contacts links such as telegram whatsup and simcard and etc and when restored contacts showing multipl name and number plz add choose account in the contacts backup section . this is the only problem in this softwre plus while you installing software you cannot select another from library.
    2021-02-01 11:26:30
    Nice Android data backup and restore tool
    by Lukas Gehrer
    This software is helpful in android data backup and restore. Almost by one-click, we can do Android data backup and restore from the computer. Nice.
    2020-12-10 10:00:38
    Need to buy for the full version
    by Dalla
    I saw this software via your Youtube channel. It seems great. I wanted to try but it failed. I need to buy for the full version. Not happy.
    2020-11-20 11:15:16
    Easy tool to create contact groups
    by MiaBrian
    It's an easy tool to create contact groups. It helps me a lot to save time in classifying hundreds of contacts on my phone. Also, it helps me a lot to back up my contacts. Thanks a lot~ Mia
    2020-09-15 09:51:51
    MMS messages are not supported
    by Qiao
    I tried your trail version. It seems not support MMS messages, cause they are not be scanned out.
    2020-08-18 10:13:56
    by Gani
    To be honest, the functions are great. I even can send messages on computer via it. Amazing.
    2020-07-27 18:13:04
    Nice android manager
    by Linda
    Help me manage my Android files on the computer without trouble, nice.
    2020-07-20 09:53:52
    If app data can be backed up, it's perfect.
    by Shiyon
    Yes, this tool is good. But if it can help me back up app data, it will be perfect.
    2020-06-11 10:25:10
    Show the exact time
    by Jio
    I found this tool showed the exact time when I imported them to my phone. It's great. I like it.
    2020-06-04 05:27:25
    application to fixed my lg phone
    by rene.major
    since 5 years my phone is locked and i forgot the code. but not now with android assistant i fixed my phone. thank you
    2020-05-15 10:40:35
    Is the Android version the app installed on my phone when using it?
    by Jalia
    Hello, is the Android version the app installed on my phone when using it? I heard that the Android version is free.I will try to use it on your phone.
    2020-04-21 11:24:26
    Backup & Restore functions are great.
    by Chan
    The Backup and Restore functions on Super Tookit are great. With its help, I can take backup of my phone easily. After that,even I delete or lose data on my phone, I can restore them from backup easily with its help.
    2020-04-13 11:39:16
    Practical but not Perfect
    by Nick
    This app can backup and restore kinds of data, but if it can work with more kinds of system data, it would be perfect.
    2020-04-02 14:41:55
    by Sushma R
    It is really helped me alot and also easy to use and all instructions are crearly mentioned in it.
    2020-03-23 11:41:54
    Great Android data manager!
    by Aisha
    Actually, I think this Android data manager tool is really cool. I can take backup of my Samsung S10 to computer easily. Of course, I can also manage data on it directly from computer. Great!
    2020-03-18 14:40:21
    Easy to Use
    by Shawn
    Despite the connection, it is easy to backup and restore all the data, really reliable.
    2020-02-19 12:48:02
    I feel a little confused about the toolbox
    by Jingle
    First, I think all the lists on the toolbox are the features of the Coolmuster Android Assistant after I installed it on my computer, actually they are not.
    2020-01-14 11:37:23
    It's so sweet to optimize enabling USB debugging process.
    by Julie
    I checked the new version and found your guys have optimized enabling USB debugging process.So it's easy to learn how to enable USB debugging on my phone. So sweet.
    2019-12-20 17:11:13
    overall functions
    by Emma
    This app can transfer many type files to the computer. It is useful and fast.
    2019-11-08 18:47:09
    A little confused about connection
    by Monica
    It is a little bit hard to connect the phone to computer. I have to enable USB debugging on my phone. I have never done that before.
    2019-10-30 15:11:42
    Sending messages is cool.
    by Senxi
    Sending messages from computer via this tool is really cool. I tried it and it successed. My sister received that message. I like it very much.
    2019-10-11 18:26:36
    complete toolbox
    by Mondy
    I noticed that the Android Assistant added a toolbox, which is quite convenient to find other software I need. That's cool~
    2019-08-27 18:24:30
    by Amber
    The one-click backup and restore feature is absolutely awesome. Easy to backup and easy to restore to any other Android phones. LOVE IT!!
    2019-08-14 17:38:04
    easy to use
    by Hanzla Bashir
    i love this app .it is easy to use ,not require more details.
    2019-08-07 06:41:11
    Awesome app on phone and PC
    by Reuben
    LOVE IT to pieces, and would like it even more if the letters on the PC window-menu and screen weren't so tiny. Perhaps an option under settings could be added? or make the algorithm standard to Windows 10 size of screen and font upon installation? Again, awesome amazing job on functionality and easy to use. Thanks
    2019-06-27 18:28:40
    Great Tool
    by Jacob
    It has helped me to manage all kinds of files on my PC desktop easily. With it, I can copy files to my computer to make a backup. And It is so convenient that I can select what to recover to my LG G6 from the backups.
    2019-06-24 11:25:03
    It can help me take backup of my Honor V20 totally?
    by Malong
    I want to take backup of my Huawei Honor V20 totally. Does this tool can help me do that? Thank you.
    2019-05-22 10:10:03
    Does the restore of Super Toolkit support my backup not taken by your tool?
    by Evan
    I took backup of my Samsung s9 before by other tool. But I used your tool to restore it, it seems not support that. So there is a question: Does the restore of Super Toolkit support my backup not taken by your tool? Thank you!
    2019-04-15 17:50:18
    Easy and worthy
    by Sarah
    Without the need of technical skills, I can use it to back up my phone. And also it is able to back up my important files. That's what I want. Thumb Up!
    2019-03-26 18:27:04
    How can I connect Huawei with Wi-Fi?
    by Amber
    How can I connect Huawei with Wi-Fi using this Android Assistant? My USB cable is broken and I want to back up my photos. Thanks!!
    2019-02-19 18:23:14
    I never regret to buy it
    by Joy
    This Android Assistant tool helped me a lot to backup files or manage files from my Huawei phone. It is so easy to operate and powerful as I need. I like it very much.
    2019-01-18 11:23:25
    It's perfect
    by Tinbao
    This android assistant tool allows me to manage photos by data, it's cool. And I can also copy and move photos to other photos folder. It's really helpful.
    2018-12-07 09:13:33
    Best Android file transfer software.
    by Fabio Russoniello
    I tried other Android USB transfer software and Coolmuster is the best! Super easy to install, register and use. Runs fast and is rock solid. Wish I found this earlier today before I wasted 5 hours trying to get dr.fone to work.
    2018-09-20 09:52:25
    Export contacts from my Samsung Note 8 easily
    by Seraler
    I needed to export contacts from my Samsung note 8 to pc for backup. I connected it to computer via usb cable, but could not access contacts on it. My friend suggested me this tool. It's really cool. With its help, I exported all contacts easily.
    2018-07-25 11:56:47
    great product
    by tammy baxter
    I downloaded the android app and it works great. I highly recommend this product for android. ios whatever device you have they have an app for it.
    2018-07-25 11:18:30
    Best app out there for backing up all of your data
    by Tammy Baxter
    Coolmuster is a great product. I researched other apps out there and nothing is like coolmuster....I would recommend this to everyone who needs to backup up their device or save your photos or contacts and sms
    2018-05-13 09:34:55
    Great product
    by Cephas
    I like the product
    2018-05-03 14:56:14
    Faster and Better
    by Jessica
    The latest version of Android Assistant surprised me a lot. The loading rate is ten times faster than before.Thousands of my phone contacts can be scanned out in one minute. The whole performance is more better than before. And finally it can backup call logs now, which is very important for me.
    2017-12-05 20:15:13
    Spectacular software!!!!!!
    by Bill L
    Some of the best software I have used in any category! Was up and running in 5 minutes and I know absolutely nothing about cell phones or android software. This software is worth every dollar I paid for it and far more. I have paid a lot more for a whole lot less with some other software. (Note: Don't raise the price because I said that.) I wish I had bought it 3 phones ago.
    2017-09-30 11:31:58
    cool app
    by Ann
    It is a very cool application for it has not only trasnferring function, but also I can use this app to send messages to others on computer instead of my phone. It is a great experience.
    2017-05-16 17:57:36
    Cope with corrupted and lost data
    Coolmuster Android Assistant is a helpful utility programme that allows you to back up your mobile software and data to another device simply and easily, giving you complete peace of mind even if you lose your phone.
    2017-05-13 03:09:50
    Good app but lacks an important feature
    by [h3x0r]
    This is great. Absolutely great. I can import/export contacts, SMS, move documents. Deep respect for that. However, take a look at this evaluation to make it better. If you want to migrate a huuuuge contact list to your new phone, expect trouble. You won't be able to sort the newly imported contacts to the old groups. That's because somebody forgot the SQLITE database file has a pretty old column hanging in there - CATEGORIES. Also there are errors while connecting via WIFI. After scanning the QR code, sometimes the phone simply shouts an alert sound and displays absolutely no information message.
    2017-03-31 18:20:26
    Lovely program
    by Gimmy
    This is really a nice program,exactly the one I'm looking for. Thanks!
    2017-02-27 14:07:20
    Useful program
    by Hajulean
    I have to say this software do suprises me a lot. I've always been looking for a useful assistant for my Android phone. Luckily, my friend recommend to this Coolmuster Android Assistant. This is just the one I need. It helps me easily export any files from Android to computer as a backup, import files from the computer and directly edit the files on the computer without any hassle.
    2017-01-17 10:14:49
    Wonderful Tool works on My Android and Windows 7
    by Amruta
    This is a wonderful tool that works seamlessly between my Android smartphone and Windows 7 desktop. Installation was really fast and the user-friendly interface provides a detailed overview of all the desired smartphone categories. It has allowed me to efficiently update my list of Contacts, export all SMS messages, upload photo gallery files from my smartphone to my PC, and download music. The developers were incredibly helpful and quick in providing an updated version when I let them know my 28" 4k Ultra HD monitor was causing some display issues - all 100% fixed now. I highly recommend this tool as well as the dedicated team behind it.
    2016-12-19 16:40:08
    Handy tool
    by Qiwei
    When I was searching for a handy data transfer tool to transfer all Android files to the computer as a backup, this Coolmuster Android Assistant shows up. And it really doesn't let me down! Love it!
    2016-09-20 17:41:22
    USB connection is more stable
    by Owl J.
    Generally speaking, this software is good. The only flaw, if I have to point one, is that the Wifi connection is pretty time-consuming~ I'd rather choose USB connection. Will it be improved?
    2016-08-10 16:18:21
    Kinda love it
    by Fairy
    Well, firstly I just download the trial version to see whether it's worth my buying. The fact turns out that this software features on simple user interface and all-in-one functions. Now, I think I'm kinda love it and like using to backup my device!
    2016-07-18 17:53:28
    Simple UI
    by Jessie Chung
    Really simple user inteface, all I need is to follow the exact steps as instructed! This is indeed a good software, allowing me to freely backup important files. The best part of this software, I think, is the ability to send and receive messages directly from the computer. Thanks~
    2016-07-15 17:15:33
    Thanks Everyone
    by Marc T.
    I used to have problems running it on my Win 10. I sent a message to Coolmuster on Facebook and someone got back to me immediately! Thanks Everyone and it is really a good tool! :)
    2016-06-20 16:02:15
    Good software, in general
    by Rita
    Genrally speaking, it's a good software, though sometimes I need to try several times to get my phone detected by the software! It helps me easily manage any files directly on the computer as I wanted! Well, I want to know whether I have to purchase it again if the newest version is released?
    2016-04-25 09:05:34
    Its great, easy and very nice user interface
    by Nick
    Great ui and very user friendly all you have to do is plug in USB and play. No bugs @ all so far w/ this assistant app. Make sure its on always USB debugging when you plug in your phone. Its a little pricey however Im hoping to receive a partial refund for my order? They do offer 100 percent money back so I am waiting a reply from them. I am not sure what there working hours are?
    2016-04-07 07:15:56
    No fuss software
    by steve
    Always a sceptic with software, however it worked first time and did exactly what it should do and no bundled rubbish freebie junk either. Absolutely brilliant, thankyou.
    2015-12-25 15:32:23
    Love it
    by Doven
    I have used Coolmuster for a couple of days, and it really helpful to backup all my device data. I could like to recommend this powerful tool!
    2015-12-18 16:45:32
    OK....this is amazing
    by Ryan
    At first, I'm not very believe what you have said in the product page, but this product truly is incredibly easy to install, use, and it actually works as advertised! Now, I have used it to backup everything on my Android tablet to PC well. Thanks!
    2015-12-15 17:22:09
    by Royce
    In the latest version v1.9.133, this program is really easy for send SMS to many people and manage all contact's. it's very useful for personal or group use. Thanks so much.
    2015-11-27 17:39:58
    The APK file seems to be tasteless
    by Viola
    I have downloaded the App version of the Android assistant. It only can be used to connect my device to the computer under the WiFi, and then I should return to the desktop PC and finish the remaining steps.
    2015-11-17 18:00:58
    Worth to download and use it
    by William
    I'm a faithful fan for Coolmuster, and I have purchased this app for couple of months. It works well and the more imporant is the tool can be lifetime upgraded for free. I love it!
    2015-10-29 10:54:48
    Nice Tool
    by Roma
    Have used this product for some time, very good if you need a connection from your computer to your android phone ,very simple to use ,no cables easy connect,thx
    2015-09-29 15:18:52
    Texting function disappear
    by Shapre
    I purchased and installed the program on my computer for a couple of months, and recently I tried to use the tool to send a mass of messages to my friends, and the app remind me there is a new version available, so I updated it. However, after the upgrading I found that the texting function have been disappeared from the program, and now I have to find another way to send group messages.
    2015-09-22 16:10:01
    Frequently Updating
    by Christine
    Your app have been updated frequently recently, and it have to be admited the performance have been improved lots than before. Keep moving, guys, and I hope more attractive features will be added soon!
    2015-08-27 15:47:03
    Awesome Tool
    by Fiona
    I needed to transfer files that my Samsung software would not and this program worked great and no issues. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs to keep old files and add them to your new device.
    2015-08-17 18:06:37
    Need more functions
    by Krystal
    I used the program to export and print my text messages from Samsung to paper easily, but I hope you program can take more details into consideration. For example, print all my text messages from tim on August 30th and then print all my messages from tim on July 16 and then a separate print for all my messages from tim again on July 20th. For filing purposes I can only print one date at a time so it would be helpful if the new addition would allow me to export by person and date.
    2015-08-06 20:01:35
    by Jane
    Easy for send SMS to many people and manage all contact's. It's very useful for any organization. and thanks so much..
    2015-07-31 18:01:59
    Cool app
    by Nina
    I have tried so many applications before but this one have exceed my expectations. I just find all my need are all here at present.
    2015-07-22 17:58:53
    Fast Scanning Speed
    by Jack
    I found the scanning speed of your program have been improved lots. And the interface also changed lots than before. Anyway, all changes at present are positive, and I hope you'll be better in the future.
    2015-07-13 17:57:34
    A new version
    by Ada
    Actually, I have tried your old version in the last month, and I notice that you have a new version, so I used it also. It is no doubt that the design of the whole program become more precise and user-friendly, but I also found that some functions like contacts editing, message texting, etc. have been removed. Why? I really need this function, please add it soon and I'll take it home right now.
    2015-06-29 17:41:30
    by Sammy
    The greatest product I have ever seen!
    2014-10-23 11:44:52
    It does help me a lot
    by Andy
    I lost my Android contacts and had no idea about how to deal with it. Fortunately, I found this tool. I have not used it before, the first time I uses it , I felt worried. But all is done perfectly. I got my contacts back. Thank you so much.
    2014-10-17 14:42:21
    practical tool
    by Poutey
    Well, I have my Samusng galaxy for a few months. It’s really kind of lucky for me to find such a practical tool. Now, I can manage it easily.
    2014-10-15 18:47:15
    highly recommend
    by Dean
    I needed to transfer files that my Samsung software would not and this program worked great without any trouble. I highly recommend this to anyone that needs to keep old files and add them to your new device.
    2014-10-15 11:32:14
    Android Assistant
    by Srobbee
    Coolmuster Android Assistant is great tool.This tool help me backup important contacts to pc, and I used it to transfer android data to computer/PC easily and quickly.
    2013-11-01 18:32:27
    I've been using Android Assistant
    by Marian
    I've been using Android Assistant for a few months now. And I can honestly say it is much better than any other management software out there. It is an all-in-one package that saved me from a lot of trouble and loss of time, so thank you!

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