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A convenient data manager solution for Android users

Coolmuster Android Assistant offers a wide range of data management features, including the ability to transfer, backup, and restore various types of data such as contacts, messages, call logs, photos, videos, music, and more. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to use. However, its compatibility with the latest Android versions should be considered before making a decision.

Hope it will support system data and app data.

This software allows me to transfer various types of data between my Android device and the computer, such as contacts, messages, photos, videos, music, apps, and more. And it can also help me back up Android data to the computer with 1 click. If it supports system data and app data, it will be better.

Alan Duncan
Contacts : Display Contact Image

This is a great product. The only down side for me is the inability to display and I believe save the contact images. Support are aware and have struggled to reproduce the fault, so it sits with them. If they fix this 5 stars and gets entered onto my list of recommended products.

Move my photos to my SD card

My phone is low on memory, I took so many photos on it. I got a new big SD card and wanted to put all my preferred photos there. This software helps me do that easily. Now I can take more photos. Thx.

Ghee Odajori
It really helped me a lot.

Due to an emergency, I need to print my text messages out. I tried to connect my phone to the computer and exported the text messages, but failed. I searched a lot online and found this software. With its help, I did it. It really helped me a lot. Thx.

Mas Pandu
Nice Android data manager tool.

I saw this software on a tech blog that sharing the ways to manage data on Android phones. I tried it, it's good. Thank you very much.

Chinese is supported!

Hey, guys. You are so sweet. I chose Chinese and used it to help me manage data on my old Huawei phone. It's easy and safe. Love you.

Nadir Siddiqui
Love it.

I saw this software in one Youtube video, and I was struggling with android data backup at the time. I tried the trial version, and it did scan out data like contacts, text messages, call logs, apps, and media files. Then I bought it. It helps me preview and back up data on my Samsung phone easily. Love it.

Fairly Easy To Use - Had Some Minor Issues

I recommend the product very highly. My use was to backup/save data from my Motorola G-Play (2021) and load it into my new Samsung Galaxy A13 5G. First off, my experience as a retired programmer served me well, Rule #1 save, #2 Save again a different way for every different item. In my case, the backup save when restored into the Samsung worked fine except for the Contacts. CMA saves the Contacts in an xml file, and Samsung while loading the names and some information into Contacts, did not like the format and would not allow me to edit any of the 145 contacts I brought forward. Having saved my contacts in .csv and Vcard formats saved my UKnowWhat. I deleted all the contacts from the phone, and restored them from the Vcard file I copied onto the external storage card in the new phone. Now all of my contacts are in and I can edit them. A second problem was that I didn't notice that photos and documents in my Messages were not transferred with the backup (no I didn't read the directions or FAQs). All of my messages restored into the new phone without problems except that in place of the pictures there's a little round dot. Word to the wise, use an app to backup all of your sms/mms photos and documents before you backup or save. One other quirk to be aware of, is that if you're going to use the assistant for two different phones (in my case it was my phone and my granddaughters phone) the backups will be sent to the same file folder and overwritten unless you change the folder name. Other than seeing today that the product is $29 when I had to pay $39 for it a few days ago, I'm a happy camper. Considering the headaches I've avoided by using the product, it was worth it.

Giz Pie
My Android iTunes!

I am a new Android user, and I tried to find a tool like iTunes for Android. And this software makes me feel that. So happy that I found it.

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