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Powerful, but not very selective.

Coolmuster Android Eraser is a reliable and effective tool for permanently erasing data from Android devices. It provides a user-friendly experience, multiple erasure options, and strong privacy protection. However, all data will be erased without recovery. Data can not be chosen to erase, it's not very convenient for users who want to wipe kinds of data. So users should exercise caution and ensure they are ready to permanently delete their data before using this software.

Efficient Data Erasure Tool

Coolmuster Android Eraser is a versatile data erasure tool that offers a straightforward and effective solution for securely wiping Android devices. In a world where data privacy is of paramount importance, this software serves as a reliable option to ensure that your personal information is permanently deleted from your Android device. With its help, we can deal with our old Android phones safely.

Good data eraser software!

I got a new phone and decided to sell my old one. There was a lot of personal info on my old one, I was worried about data leaking. I did a factory reset, but it seemed not enough. Some people said they will be recovered by pro software when I searched online. Then I found this software after searching online, which said it could help me erase all data permanently. I tried it, and it did. Thanks a lot.

Itender Rawat
Thanks a lot.

My mobile phone merchant has a trade-in program, and I wanted the newest one, it's pretty good. But I was worried about the data leaked. Then I googled a lot and found this software. It helped me wipe all data on my old phone easily. Now, I got the newest phone. Thank you.

Naveed Raj
It supports Japanese!

I am so happy. It supports Japanese. Although I know some English, my native language is Japanese. You are so sweet.Thank you very much.

Pingal Mao
It supports Japanese!

I am Japanese. I know a little English. Luckily, this software supports Japanese. So I can wipe all my Android data easily. Thankful.

Sadique Mannan
I like the high-level eraser!

Hey, man. This high-level eraser is very good. With its help, all my personal info is gone forever.

No Mac version available!

I got a new Mac computer, but there is no Mac version available! So disappointed.

Eduardo Marques
Data eraser becomes easy.

I tried to wipe data via factory reset, but it's not safe, cause data recovery tool can recover them back. And this tool helps me do that easily without recovery.

Giordano Berwanger
Turely wiped all my personal info on my OnePlus phone!

Yes, it turely wiped all my personal info on my OnePlus phone! So I sold it without worrying data leaked. Thanks a lot.

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