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    2022-08-16 19:04:50
    I like the high-level eraser!
    by Sadique Mannan
    Hey, man. This high-level eraser is very good. With its help, all my personal info is gone forever.
    2022-06-07 19:53:44
    No Mac version available!
    by Francesco
    I got a new Mac computer, but there is no Mac version available! So disappointed.
    2022-03-07 18:49:36
    Data eraser becomes easy.
    by Eduardo Marques
    I tried to wipe data via factory reset, but it's not safe, cause data recovery tool can recover them back. And this tool helps me do that easily without recovery.
    2022-01-21 19:27:53
    Turely wiped all my personal info on my OnePlus phone!
    by Giordano Berwanger
    Yes, it turely wiped all my personal info on my OnePlus phone! So I sold it without worrying data leaked. Thanks a lot.
    2021-12-22 19:35:16
    Easy to use, and very safe.
    by Janna K
    This software helped me wiped all information on my old Samsung phone, so I sold it without worrying about personal information leakage. Really easy to use, and very safe. Nice.
    2021-10-19 09:55:30
    Make me feel safe when selling my old Android phone
    by Vishy Roy
    This tool wiped data on my old Android phone permanently even I tried data recovery tool. Great! I can sell my old Android phone safely.
    2021-09-23 09:59:25
    Can't not choose data to erase
    by Sanjay
    I wanted to erase contacts from my phone, but all data will be erased by using this tool. It's not that friendly.
    2021-07-15 10:03:30
    Good data eraser software!
    by Jens Kleinholz
    3 eraser levels can be choosen, data eraser is complete. The only thing I am not satisfied with is can not choosing data I wanted to erase.
    2021-02-23 09:46:50
    Not bad
    by Dan Dragomir
    At first, I was worried about its security. I thought it's similar to factory reset. But it's not. Data can not be recovered after data eraser by using it. Not bad.
    2020-12-22 09:59:07
    Good program to avoid personal information leakage
    by Amir Ariff
    To be honest, I kept all my old phones instead of Recycle, cause I am afraid of personal information leakage. But this program helped me out. With its help, there is no need to worry about personal information leakage.
    2020-10-20 09:47:24
    I need a Mac version
    by Young
    Hey, I just want to know when the Mac version will be out? Thank you.
    2020-09-24 10:07:25
    Very good security guard
    by Didala
    I always worry about my personal info leaked. So I kept my old phones. But you know, it's troublesome. Luckily, this software helps me out. I can resell them safely. Thank you.
    2020-08-13 09:41:48
    Now my S9 looks like a new one
    by Vivi
    I chose high lever when erasing my S9. Yes, it really took some time to do that. But perfect. My S9 looks like a new one now.
    2020-06-22 11:27:32
    A suggestion
    by Jim
    If it can be used to choose data we want to erase, it will be better.
    2020-05-20 11:01:34
    Have a question
    by Tumy
    Is the data erased by this tool can not be recovered any more?
    2020-04-24 03:32:20
    wipe my note 5
    by patrick cartier
    great program
    2020-04-14 10:20:23
    Wipe my Samsung S9 as new
    by Tong
    Just switched my Samsung S9 to Samsung S20. The tool helps me wiped my Samsung S9 as new, so I could resell it without worry.
    2020-04-13 14:15:16
    by Park
    It wipes out all the things in my phone, nice.
    2020-02-21 15:39:09
    Is the new Samsung S20 supported?
    by Miki
    Hi, guys.I just want to know if the new Samsung 20 will be supported by this Android Eraser software? Thank you!
    2020-01-17 13:45:52
    by Claire
    Clear completely!
    2020-01-15 14:40:12
    by Eric
    It's really useful. By using it, I can resell my old Android phone without personal information leaked.
    2019-12-24 13:35:03
    Erase Totally
    by Emily
    All the files are erased, speed is fast.
    2019-12-19 16:56:31
    Thank you
    by Gborn
    I saw the giveaway of Coolmuster Android Eraser on your site: I will get it and try it later. Thank you.
    2019-11-28 10:45:15
    1 click eraser
    by Selina
    I have heard about it from my friends, and I have tried it. Not bad to erase the data on the old phone.
    2019-10-29 16:24:15
    not bad
    by Mia
    I have tried to use a recovery tool to recover data from my Samsung S7 after I used this eraser tool. It didn't work. This makes this eraser tool a trustworthy enough tool.
    2019-10-22 18:20:19
    Just a suggestion
    by Jular
    I think it's great. But if data can be choosen to erase will be better. Cause all data will be erased now. For example, if I just want to erase all photos, it can help me do that easily.
    2019-09-20 13:34:16
    Does it will support the Huawei P30 Pro?
    by Tramgran
    The new Huawei P30 Pro is really cool. Does this Android Eraser tool will support it?
    2019-08-07 18:12:12
    iPhone XS is supported
    by MEN
    Not bad. My iPhone XS is supported and also my friend's iPhone XS Max can run well with this software, too.
    2019-07-11 09:48:27
    Safe and easy to use
    by kate
    As my friends said, this Android Eraser is surely a great tool to keep my information safe, especially before my selling it online. Also, it is quite easy to use. Kool~
    2019-05-27 11:29:16
    Any good recommendation?
    by Terry
    I found this software can't delete data only I want to delete,such as contacts, text messages, call logs, etc. All data will be deleted by using it. If I just want to delete data only I want, what software I should use? Any good recommendation?
    2019-04-17 10:56:35
    delete some photos only
    by Danny
    What if I want to delete some photos only? Can this tool help me with that?
    2019-03-21 11:16:44
    How to choose photos to delete only?
    by Theo
    By using it, all personal data will be erased forever. But it seems no option to choose photos to delete only. If I only want to delete photos forever, what should I do?
    2019-02-21 15:06:15
    Safe for reselling old Android phone
    by Everglow
    I wanted to switch my old huawei phone for the new one, but worring about personal info leaked. This software helps me wiped all personal info on my old huawei phone. It's cool.
    2019-01-18 11:17:49
    Make my Samsung S8 new
    by Moon
    I got the new Samsung galaxy a9 star, and want to resell the old Samsung S8. I did the factory reset, but my friend told me the data could be recovered by pro data recovery tool. I was worried and found this tool for help. I tried the middle level of the data erasing. It's great. My old Samsung S8 belows new. Thank you.
    2018-11-21 18:25:28
    When the windows version will release?
    by Uoolea
    Could you please tell me when the Windows version of the Android eraser tool will release? Thank you.
    2017-03-31 16:05:26
    very good
    by Couillard
    It is a software very good about data erasing of Android devices.

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