Coolmuster Android Eraser Guide


This Coolmuster Android Eraser is designed to help Android users to erase files from Android phones or tablets, preventing the privacy from leakage and speeding up your slow Android device. In this guide center, you can learn everything about this Coolmuster Android Eraser. If you have any problems about this program, please don't hesitate to contact our technical team: support@coolmuster.com.

Part 1. Getting Started

1. Android Eraser Overview

This Coolmuster Android Eraser can help erase all unwanted files from your device permanently.

2. How to Use Coolmuster Android Eraser

Please check the detailed operational guidance of Coolmuster Android Eraser here, which is really useful and easy to use.

3. Android Eraser Supported Devices

Check here to know the devices that can be supported by Android Eraser.

Part 2. How to Erase All Data from Android Phones?

1. Easily Delete Everything from Android Phones

Want to permanently delete all files from your phone? This passage offers you an easy and efficient way.

2. Permanently Wipe Out All Android Data on PC/Mac

This passage is just a post, telling you how to completely and permanently wipe out all data from Android devices on PC or Mac.

Part 3. Extended Knowledge

1. Free As Much Space on Your Android Phones

How to make full use of the limited storage space in your Android device? Actually, you can free up more space for saving useful files as needed.

2. How to Speed up A Slow Android Phone

Android phone is running slower and slower? You might as well try the way introduced in this passage to speed it up!

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Android Eraser
100% permanently erase all data on Android devices without recovery.
3 data erasure standards: Low Level, Medium Level and High Level.
Fully wipe deleted files, private data, system settings, etc. on Android devices.
Delete messages, contacts, videos, photos, audio, call logs, account info, etc.
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