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    2022-12-07 20:12:19
    It converters HEIC pictures to JPG easily.
    by Robert Rachwał
    Hey, guys. This software worked well. All my iPhone HEIC pictures are converted to JPG easily. Then I can view them on my Windows computer as I wish since my computer is old.
    2022-10-24 19:18:21
    This software is good, but not free.
    by Rizwan
    I thought that it was free, but not. As we know, there are other free ways to do such HEIC Converter.
    2022-08-23 19:17:28
    Will there be a Mac version?
    by narikakun
    This is a Windows version. Will there be a Mac version?
    2022-07-10 20:07:17
    Nice! It helps a lot!
    by Diego Rottman
    My sister shared me a lot of photos about my nephew. They are all HEIC format. I can't open it on my computer. And this software helped me out. Now I can view my nephew's lovely photos. Thanks a lot.
    2022-05-05 19:31:54
    So grateful.
    by Pratap Patil
    My computer is Windows 7, and it can not view the HEIC photos on my iPhone directly. This converter helps me a lot. With its help, I can view them easily after converting them to JPG photos. So grateful.
    2022-04-18 18:35:03
    Ten items are supported!
    by John Morris
    I tried it trial version, it's safe and easy to use. I used it to help me converter my HEIC photos to PNG, and you can also choose JPG. There is no watermarks. So grateful. Please note that only ten items are supported in the trial version. It means I can only converter ten HEIC photos for free. But it does not matter. Still good.
    2022-04-15 07:19:16
    Easy to Convert HEIC
    by Mike
    It is a user-friendly desktop app to convert heic files to jpg or png. I can drag my photos in 1 click, and complete the conversion in a short time. Plus, I can choose a folder to save the converted photos, which is time-saving. Some apps will save files to the default folder, and I cannot find them immediately. But this app is nice on this point.
    2022-04-15 07:09:57
    Nice Converter
    by Jill
    It can fast convert my HEIC images on my PC, but why doesn't it support Mac? My office computer is Mac, and I also need to convert HEIC files for my work. Anyway, I like its simple interface, and I can choose the quality level I want. This is my favorite feature. If it will support more file formats to convert, that will be perfect.
    2022-04-14 02:22:49
    Effective HEIC Conversion Tool
    by Jane
    It saved my time a lot! I can add a whole folder and convert my HEIC photos at once, and the converted photos are clear. But it supports HEIC images only. I also want to convert my RAW photos to JPEG. So I hope it can convert more formats of pictures.
    2022-04-14 00:38:08
    The Handiest HEIC File Converter I Would Like to Recommend
    by Sarah Palin
    I have an iPhone and Android and want to get and use some HEIF photos on my Android phone. However, my Android device doesn't recognize the pictures. By chance, I found this HEIC to JPG converter and tried it. It worked for me. Anyone who wants to convert HEIF pictures to JPG should give it a try!
    2022-04-14 00:13:47
    Easy to Use
    by Gina
    There are many HEIC images on my computer, but this software can convert all my images simultaneously. I drag my pictures to the software, and it will fast list them on the interface. What's more, I can convert my images to JPG/PNG with the original quality. That's so so so important for me. I like this converter.
    2022-04-13 23:58:53
    Quick, Easy & High Quality
    by BenBang
    I found this HEIC converter by chance since I need to convert a bunch of HEIF photos. I tried it and then I realized it was worthy and it worked perfectly on my computer. I like it!

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