Coolmuster HEIC Converter Guide


Welcome to the online help center for Coolmuster HEIC Converter! You can now get a useful overview, detailed steps, frequently asked questions, and more of this product. Plus, if you want further help, you can contact our professional technical team at: support@coolmuster.com.

Part 1. Getting Started

1. HEIC Converter Overview

You can directly check the characteristics and highlights of the HEIC Converter. Let's click it to get the accurate descriptions.

2. How to Use Coolmuster HEIC Converter

Follow this step-by-step guide, and you can complete your conversion from HEIC to JPG or PNG without trouble.

3. HEIC Converter Supported File Formats & Devices

Wonder if this HEIC image converter works on your computer? And what configuration does it require? All the information that you can find on this page.

Part 2. Useful Info of HEIC and Batch Convert HEIC Photos

1. What is an HEIC file?

If you want to learn more useful information about HEIC files, you can click on this guide.

2. How can you open a HEIC file on your Android Phone?

As you know, it is easy to view HEIC files on iOS devices, but what about Android devices?

3. How to easily convert HEIC to JPG in Google Photos?

If you have backed up your HEIC pictures from your Apple device to Google Photos, you will download them in the HEIC format. So how can you convert them?

4. Can HEIC files be opened on a Windows PC?

Want to access your HEIC pictures on your Windows computer? Then you can learn practical methods from this tutorial.

5. What's the difference between HEIC and JPG?

This comprehensive guide will tell you the distinction between HEIC and JPG files, including their features, sizes, quality, compatibility, pros, cons, etc.

6. How to smoothly convert HEIC to PNG?

Here are 6 effective approaches to change HEIC to PNG. Let's check it out.

7. Which is the best HEIC to JPG converter?

Looking for a powerful HEIC conversion tool? Congrats! You can select one from these 11 options.

8. Is it easy to convert HEIC to JPG on Windows?

What if you cannot open HEIC images on your PC? Don't panic. As long as you convert them to JPG first, you can access and edit them without effort.

9. How can you batch convert HEIC to JPG to save you time?

Are there plenty of HEIC photos on your device? Anyway, you can convert all the photos at once.

    HEIC Converter     Coolmuster HEIC Converter Guide
HEIC Converter
Batch convert HEIC to JPG/JPEG/PNG without losing image quality.
Keep the image EXIF info and adjust image quality if needed.
Preview, add, delete and search HEIC files or folders on the computer.
Quick conversion without limits on file size and number uploaded.
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