Coolmuster Android SMS + Contacts Recovery

Upgrade Information

Version: 4.3.28 06/03/2019

- Redesigned software interface.
- Optimized device connection.
- Added homepage recommendation toolbox.

Version: 4.3.15 01/18/2019

- Optimized device connection.

Version: 4.3.14 09/17/2018

- Fixed the problem of repeated installation of APK.
- Fixed the failure of connection by disabling Coolmuster Android Assistant App.

Version: 4.3.12 08/30/2018

- Optimized device connection.
- Optimized driver installation.
- Optimized USB Debug recognition.

Version: 3.0.36 09/12/2017

- Supports multi-language.

Version: 3.0.34 03/03/2017

- Upgrading of the interface and links.

Version: 3.0.15 08/30/2016

- Optimize the process of device connection and recognization.
- Change the way of rooting authorization.
- Support the annual payment.
- Support Android OS 2.1 or above systems.
- Upgrading of the interface and links

Version: 2.2.92 05/18/2016

- Fix the problem of memory leak.

Version: 2.2.90 05/05/2016

- Renew the connecting interface.
- Recover text messages more accurately.
- Add updating and registration notifications.
- Add online updating feature.
- Scan for files within free trial version.
- Work more stablely.
- Connect with multiple devices simultaneously.

Version: 2.1.4 06/29/2015

- Improve the product stability and performance.

Version: 2.1.3 01/14/2015

- Fixed some bugs.

Version: 2.1.2 05/16/2014

- Fixed some bugs.

Version: 12/13/2013

- Android SMS + Contacts Recovery is newly released.

How to upgrade?

If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If so, how?

- You can click Help > Check for updates to see whether your version is the latest, if not, for software upgrade, you have to redownload the latest version from our product page. Then install the latest version to your computer again.

- Note: Registration information you purchased for the old version is valid for the upgrade version.


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