Coolmuster iOS Assistant

Upgrade Information

Version: 3.0.6 06/04/2021
- Optimized thumbnail loading.

Version: 3.0.4 05/31/2021
- Support converting HEIC to JPG when exporting.

Version: 2.4.15 04/19/2021
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.14 03/16/2021
- Fixed potential crashes.

Version: 2.4.12 01/06/2021
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.8 12/14/2020
- Fixed the failure to recognize voice memos in iOS 14.

Version: 2.4.5 09/28/2020
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.2 09/25/2020
- Support iOS 14.
- Fixed the failure of iCloud thumbnail display.
- Fixed the failure to recognize some albums, etc.

Version: 2.3.45 09/03/2020
- Fixed the crash when canceling driver installation.
- Fixed the detection failure of some iCloud photos.
- Fixed the failure to save new contact group name.
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.3.33 07/23/2020
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.3.30 07/21/2020
- Support HD DPI display.
- Support Chinese.
- Optimized the function of Photos and SMS.
- Fixed some crashes and bugs.

Version: 2.2.24 03/23/2020
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.2.23 01/08/2020
- Optimized the Apple driver installation.
- Added the list sorting function.
- Optimized other details.

Version: 2.0.184 11/05/2019
- Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0.182 09/05/2018
- Fixed the eBooks disorder when importing.
- Fixed the failure to query data.
- Optimized the device reconnection.
- Support to read and write 4GB file.
- Fixed the title error when importing eBooks.
- Fixed the failure to load SMS.
- Support iOS 13.

Version: 2.0.164 09/05/2018
- Update toolbox.

Version: 2.0.162 07/12/2018
- Fix bugs.

Version: 2.0.157 06/26/2018
- Fix the failure to check other types of files when checking SMS.

Version: 2.0.151 06/07/2018
- Fix the failure of popping up the authorization interface after rejection.
- Fix the failure to load other types of files when scanning SMS.
- Fix the problem to drag and drop eBooks.
- Filter out the devices connected with Wi-Fi.

Version: 2.0.147 04/26/2018
- Fix the problem that progress bar gets stuck when loading over ten thousand text messages.

Version: 2.0.143 04/02/2018
- Fix some bugs.

Version: 2.0.139 02/06/2018
- Fix problems on registration's display, list & checkboxes, bookmarks directory and amount refreshing.

Version: 2.0.130 01/15/2018
- Recognize the issue of lost backup catalog.
- Modify the hyperlinks and texts on registration interface.
- When the device is disconneded, close the window of task progress bar for the current device.

Version: 2.0.123 01/14/2018

- Support to manage (import/delete/backup/restore) iTunes backup files.

Version: 2.0.58 12/27/2017
- Fix some details.

Version: 2.0.49 12/25/2017
- Add, edit, delete contacts (either in groups or not), and set up contact groups.
- Add new notes (not support iOS 11 currently)
- Delete calendars.
- Add, edit and delete bookmarks.
- Delete photos (not support some pictures currently).
- Support to export all photos on albums all at once.
- Import books to iOS device and delete books.
- Allow to edit device name.

Version: 1.0.121 12/22/2017
- Fix the calendar loading crash issue for 32 bit system.

Version: 1.0.112 08/18/2017
- Fix the message loading crash issue for some model.

Version: 1.0.109 07/20/2017
- Fix potential identification and SMS exporting issue.

- Fix potential ePub generating issue.

Version: 1.0.94 05/27/2017
- Export contacts, SMS, notes, calendars, bookmarks, photos, music, videos, books from iPhone, iPad, iPod to computer.

- Import contacts, calendars, bookmarks from PC to iPhone, iPad or iPod.

- Access and view apps on the computer.

- Have been tested to compatible with all iDevices that are running on iOS 4, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11.

- 1-Year and Lifetime license code is available.

Version: 1.0.88 05/25/2017
- Coolmuster iOS Assistant is newly released.

How to Upgrade?

If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If so, how?

Yes, it is free to update whenever it is. To update your software, you have 2 ways to go:

- Way 1: Launch the software, click menu icon > "Check for Updates" > "Update Now", if there is an available new version.

- Way 2: Open the software, an update link is offered if there is an available new version. Simply click the link to update your software.

Note: Registration information you purchased for the old version is valid for the upgrade version.


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