Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

Upgrade Information

Version: 2.4.48 20/12/2021

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.46 06/10/2021

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.43 01/12/2021

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.37 12/02/2020

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.34 10/14/2020

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.33 09/28/2020

1) Support iOS 14.
2) Support the latest version of iTunes.
3) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.26 08/27/2020

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.4.25 08/10/2020

1) Support HD DPI display.
2) Support Chinese.
3) Added a toolbox.
4) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.3.9 06/24/2020

1) Optimized the SMS loading function.
2) Optimized the import function in Android 10.
3) Optimized the device connection.
4) Optimized enabling USB debugging process.

Version: 2.0.42 03/24/2020

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0.41 11/05/2019

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0.39 06/19/2019

1) Fixed potential crashes of download driver.

Version: 2.0.38 06/12/2019

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0.35 04/09/2019

1) Fixed bugs.

Version: 2.0.26 01/19/2019

1) Optimized device connection.

Version: 06/12/2018

1) Optimized the connection process for Android device.

Version: 1.1.146 09/14/2018

1) Fixed the problem of repeated installation of APK.

2) Fixed the failure of connection by disabling Coolmuster Android Assistant App.

Version: 1.1.145 27/07/2018

1) Fix bugs.

Version: 1.1.142 25/07/2018

1) Optimize the text on interface;
2) Add the authorization prompt window and the authorization interface prompt;
3) Optimize the interface prompt to connect Wifi instead when Android connection fails.

Version: 1.1.124 17/07/2018

- Coolmuster Mobile Transfer is newly released.
1) Supports to transfer contacts, SMS, call logs, music, videos, photos, eBooks, apps from Android to Android;
2) Supports to transfer contacts, calendars, bookmarks, eBooks (PDFs and ePubs), notes (notes is not supported in iOS 11 or later) from iOS to iOS;
3) Supports to transfer contacts, eBooks (PDFs and ePubs) from Android to iOS;
4) Supports to transfer contacts, SMS, music, videos, photos, eBooks (PDFs and ePubs) from iOS to Android.

How to Upgrade?

If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If so, how?

Yes, it is free to update whenever it is. To update your software, you have 2 ways to go:

- Way 1: Launch the software, click menu icon > "Check for Updates" > "Update Now", if there is an available new version.

- Way 2: Open the software, an update link is offered if there is an available new version. Simply click the link to update your software.

Note: Registration information you purchased for the old version is valid for the upgrade version.


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