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What is SD Card Reader and How to Use It?

Part 1. What is SD Card Reader?

SD cards are small storage devices that are used to supply or increase the memory capacity of another device. An SD card reader is a device that allows the files on an SD memory card to be accessed. This type of reader can be an external accessory, or it can be built into a larger device.

An SD card can be used with a variety of devices, such as cell phones, computers, and digital cameras. If a person has an SD card reader, she can access the files that she stored without the original device that was used to create them. The card reader can, therefore, act as a medium when a person wants to copy or transfer files from one device to another. An external SD card reader is generally a basic device. Most are lightweight and compact. To use it, a person simply inserts the SD card into the provided slot; some models require the SD card to be inserted upside down. The device can then be connected to another device, such as a laptop, where the files can be accessed.

The most common way to connect an SD card reader to a computer or other device is by using a USB plug. FireWire or parallel printer ports may also be used. The cord that is used to connect the device to another may or may not be detachable.

Part 2. How to Use It?

- Make sure the SD card has been placed to the SD card reader.

- Then insert the SD card reader to the computer, just the way you connect your device to the computer via USB cord.

- The software will then detect it and scan for all files saved on the SD card.

- You are free to enter the tab to preview more detailed file information and manage them as wanted.

Extra: Don't have a SD Card Reader?

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Note: If it still fails or you have other problems after getting all the steps done, please don't hesitate to contact our technical team via email: support@coolmuster.com.

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