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FAQs of Coolmuster HEIC Converter

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1. What kind of image format can it convert?

A: It supports to convert HEIC images to JPG/JPEG/PNG.

2. HEIC V.S JPG V.S PNG, what's the difference?

A: The file extension of HEIC image is .heif or .heic, it only supports iOS 12 or later, and most software and platform does not support HEIC images.

While the JPG (.jpg, .jpeg) and PNG (.png) image is widely supported, and you freely view and deal with it as you want.

3. Free trial version V.S. full version, what is the difference?

A: Both versions are the same product, the only difference is that the full version allows users enjoy all functions of this product, while the free trial version only allows you to convert 10 HEIC images in total.

By the way, to get the full version, you are supposed to register the free version software with the license code, which you would receive by email automatically once purchased.

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