[Stepwise Guide] How to Recover Lost Videos from Formatted Micro SD Card


Well, a simple and casual error would take away all your precious photos you stored on your Micro SD card. Card formatting is one of possibilities that would erase entire videos, photos, audio files and other documents saved in that card. So, we are going to share our experience of data recovery for Micro SD card here to help those who lack of professional recovery knowledge but eager to recover lost movies and other files from a formatted Micro SD card.

How Does Micro SD Card Formatting Take Place?

Micro SD card corruption: A simple mistake in Micro SD card file system can make the card corrupted, which causes videos and other data become invisable and inaccessible. If you carelessly plug your SD card into a virus infected system, or using malware, you can also bring about the Micro SD card corruption.

Crisis during File Transfer: We frequently transfer files between Micro SD card and computer. Some mistakens operations would happen during the transferring: the system suddenly shut down, power failure, and you even take out your SD card abruptly. All above errors can cause your Micro SD card corruption and make the videos inaccessible. To restore the corrupted card, you have to format it.

Accidental Formatting: This often happens to people who are previewing videos in hurry or by mistake. And when sometimes we connect the card to computer, there may be a prompt dialog box pops up, asking you unrecognized drive: format it now, or drive not formatted, etc. Follow the prompt information, you get your Micro SD card formatted.

What happens to the Movies when Micro SD card is formatted?

Micro SD card formatting would erase overall videos and other files stored on this card, making them inaccessible and invisable. But no need to panic. These inaccessible videos are not permanently erased. Operating system will mark blank space for these videos where they originally occupied and users can save new data on that space. Once new data take up the space, the inaccessible videos will be erased forever. Thus, if you want to get back the videos from formatted card, you must stop using the card to avoid the recoverable videos from being overwritten. Choose a professional and reliable data recovery program to help you retrieve your lost videos is urgent.

Coolmuster Data Recovery is suitable for both computer novices and experts. It comes with a wizard-style interface and performs read-only operations during the data recovery process, without doing any harm with original data and the computer system. It allows you to preview all the recovered files before recovery so that you can recover what you want accurately and easily.


Steps to Do SD video Recovery from Formatted Micro SD Card

Preparation: To get started, connect your Micro SD card to computer via a card reader device or a USB cable, make sure you can see it as a drive letter in "My Computer". We suggest you choose USB cable 2.0. We use screenshots from Windows version in the guide below but the detailed steps are suitable for both Mac and Windows 8/7/XP.

Step 1. Run the software and choose recovery mode

Download and install the program on your computer, launch it and you will get its main interface like below. Just select a recovery mode and the program will automatically detect all the partitions and external drives.

Step 2. Preview and select the videos you want to recover

After the detection, all your partitions and drive letter will be displayed in list. Choose the drive letter for your Micro SD card and click "Scan" to scan for lost videos. After a few while when the scan finishes, all the scanned out contents will be found and shown in categories. Open the "Videos" category and preview all the videos found here. Select those you want to recover.

Step 3. Mark your wanted videos and start to recover

Mark the videos you want to recover and click the "Start" button. A "Path" dialog box will pops up, requiring you to choose an output folder to save the recovered videos. After that, the recovery task will start.

Some Tips to Avoid Data Loss from Micro SD Card

For safety sake, do not save the recovered videos to the original partition where you lose them before, to avoid data overwritten. And we also suggest you backup your important files on your Micro SD card to other storage devices regularly, correctly using your SD card and never remove the card roughly during the file transfer process. Upgrade your computer with latest Antivirus program to prevent virus-infection on your computer or SD card and do not use the card in your camera to capture images or videos when the camera battery is dying.


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