Coolmuster Android Assistant for Mac

Upgrade Information

Version: 4.8.19  12/22/2020

- Fixed bugs.

Version: 4.8.14  06/22/2020

- Optimized the import function in Android 10.

Version: 4.7.13  04/26/2020

- Fixed bugs.

Version: 4.7.12  04/24/2020

- Optimized enabling USB debugging process.
- Optimized Android Assistant App and device connection.
- Fixed potential crashes.

Version: 4.4.25  04/17/2020

- Fixed some crashes.

Version: 4.4.23  09/18/2019

- Added homepage recommendation toolbox.
- Fixed some crashes.

Version: 4.3.51  08/27/2019

- Support to forward, delete and copy SMS.
- Support to manage albums.
- Optimized device connection.

Version: 4.2.59  07/25/2019

- Fixed bugs.

Version: 4.2.55  07/23/2019

- Support to import/export/delete/refresh call logs.
- Support to import/export contacts and SMS in XML format.
- Support simple date management for contacts.
- Support screen capture function.
- Optimized data backup function.
- Optimized data loading.
- Optimized the software installation process.

Version: 4.0.48  01/24/2019

- Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.0.40  01/21/2019

- Optimized the process of Wi-Fi connection.

Version: 4.0.36  12/28/2017

- Support to export and import contacts in XML file.

Version: 4.0.32  11/15/2017

- Support to back up and restore your Android device on Mac with one click.

Version: 3.0.193  10/23/2017

- Support exporting contacts in CSV.
- Support restoring SMS from backup files in .json and .bak.
- Support connecting via WiFi.

Version: 2.8.410  12/28/2015

- Support exporting text messages in CSV.

Version: 2.8.374  12/01/2015

- Support importing contacts in VCF.

- Add Toolbox.

Version: 2.8.157  04/22/2015

- Support multi-language.

Version: 2.8.83  03/17/2015

- Support to export and save Android contacts as VCF files on Mac.

Version: 2.8.38 02/14/2015

- Android Assistant for Mac have re-designed the interface of the program and improved the performance.

Version: 2.8.1 09/16/2014

- Android Assistant for Mac is newly released.

How to Upgrade?

If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If so, how?

Yes, it is free to update whenever it is. To update your software, you have 2 ways to go:

- Way 1: Launch the software, go to the Menu and click "Help" > "Check for Updates" > "Update Now", if there is an available new version.

- Way 2: Open the software, an update link is offered if there is an available new version. Simply click the link to update your software.

Note: Registration information you purchased for the old version is valid for the upgrade version.


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