Coolmuster Android Assistant

Upgrade Information

Version: 4.1.32  02/01/2018

- Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.1.20  11/17/2017

- Support to export and import contacts in XML file.

Version: 4.1.12 07/25/2017

- Fixed some bugs.

Version: 4.0.40 05/16/2017

- Optimize the installation process of the driver.

Version: 4.0.10 01/14/2017

- Fix the crashing issue of refreshing music playlist;
- Support for canceling the imported contacts.

Version: 3.0.89 01/05/2017

- Supports 1-click backup & restore.

Version: 2.4.222 12/01/2016

- Fix some crashing problem on computer;
- Upgrade APK file and fix the recognization problem.

Version: 2.4.215 08/17/2016

- Optimization of device connection, WiFi connection, and application installation;
- Fix the words of the interface;
- Fix potential crash problems;
- Fix the format of contacts and sms backup files.

Version: 2.4.100 07/13/2016

- Optimization of USB connection, online upgrade and USB driver installation;
- Optimization of interface;
- Annual payment is added and avialble now;
- Manage multiple Android devices at the same time;
- Double-click to edit the name of video and music files;
- Support hot keys in the searching feature.

Version: 1.9.199 05/25/2016

- Added function of backing up messages to json, restoring messages from json backup and deleting Android messages (Android OS 4.4 or later).

Version: 1.9.77 10/30/2015

- Added a toolbox.

Version: 1.7.103 07/02/2015

- Provides a totally new interface and make the program more friendly.

Version: 05/15/2014

- Add the functional button of "Backup SMS".

Version: 04/22/2014

- Update the software to identify Samsung Galaxy S4.

Version: 1.5.2 11/15/2013

- Optimize the SMS backup function.

Version: 1.5.0 11/07/2013

- Android Assistant is newly released.

How to upgrade?

If I have purchased your software, can I upgrade it for free in the future? If so, how?

- You can click Help > Check for updates to see whether your version is the latest, if not, for software upgrade, you have to redownload the latest version from our product page. Then install the latest version to your computer again.

- Note: Registration information you purchased for the old version is valid for the upgrade version.


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