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Kathy Price
Kathy Price

Kathy Price, a passionate explorer and enthusiast, has been shaping the tech world as the Editor at our Coolmuster since 2018. Specializing in Phone Eraser, Virtual Location, Screen Mirrors, AI Tools, and Photo Editing, Kathy's dedication to unraveling the mysteries of iPhone and Android technologies is unparalleled. Her zest for life and eagerness to embrace all things innovative define her vibrant personality. Her editorial acumen and hands-on experience have positioned her as a reliable source in the realm of mobile technology.

Kathy possesses a broad range of expertise in the latest technologies, covering areas such as Phone Eraser, Virtual Location, Screen Mirror, AI Tools, and Photo Editing. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University, complemented by a certification in Advanced Mobile App Development from the prestigious Google Developers Certification Program.

Beyond the digital realm, Kathy is an avid adventurer who finds joy in exploring the wonders of life. Whether delving into the latest tech trends or embarking on outdoor escapades, she brings a refreshing perspective to everything she does. Kathy Price's life philosophy revolves around continuous learning, embracing change, and staying curious.

Articles by This Author

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