Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac (Free)

As the only Mac-based iOS cleaning utility, Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac is freeware that can find and wipe almost all types of junk files and private data from your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The cleaning effect of iOS Cleaner is efficient and surprising, protecting the safety of your personal information from being leaked, recuperating more space on your iOS devices and making sure all your Apple devices run faster.

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  • To be honest, I was a bit worried about using this program at first. The reality proved that my worry was unwarranted. It successfully reclaimed 3.85 GB space on my 16GB iPad! I have to say - it's a pretty amazing product. Thank you! - Reviewed by Calvin

  • My iPhone 6 runs slowly and slowly recently, so I find your app on the Internet. To be honest, I don't believe it will works just like you said, but the fact proved that I'm totally wrong. It really helps me lots to clean and speed up my phone. I'll keep it on my Mac if I'm using an iPhone. - Reviewed by Jane


Clean Up Junk Files & Keep iDevices Running Smoothly

You just find that your iOS device hasn't been performing as it should. To optimize your iOS performance, you'd better do some sweeping from time to time. Don't be panic! iOS cleaning can be done quickly and easily, using Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac.

Effortlessly erase Junk Files, including app caches, app cookies, app temp files, app crash logs, downloaded temp files, photo caches, user storage files, etc.

One-click to wipe Private Data, including call history, browsing history, Safari cookies, Safari history, Safari caches, iOS notifications, app orphaned files, etc. (Coming Soon)

Reclaim More Space & Comprehensive Personal Data Protection

Just like what happens on a computer, when you use your mobile device, such as iPhone, iPad or iPod after a time, the device will be accumulated with a batch of useless files, such as cookies and remnants of applications. By removing these caches and temporary files, you will create more memory on your iDevice so that you can install new apps, browse the Internet and play heavy games more smoothly.

By cleaning all cookies and scripts from your iPhone, iPad and iPod with iOS Cleaner for Mac, you will be able to protect your privacy and personal information, avoid leaking your data when you connect your iDevice to other devices or resell it.

Rapidly Find out and Clean up iPhone/iPad/iPod on Mac

Without the help of an additional iOS cleaning utility, you have to search for the unnecessary files one by one to remove them. That is infeasible because your are impossible to seek through the disk space. Do you know that even when there was an error during your media downloading, or a failed file syncing, a mass of corrupted files will be generated in your iOS.

Through accurate scanning, Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac digs around every corner of your iDevice and swiftly find out these cache files and all types of non-associated media files and wipe them out quickly and permanently.

This Mac-based iOS cleaning program is considerate enough to display all junk and private data on your iOS device on its window for you to preview and confirm which you really want to erase before you start.

100% Safe and Efficient iOS Cleanup Utility for Mac

Whenever you find your iPhone, iPad or iPod running slow or out of space, you can turn to the Coolmuster iOS Cleaner for Mac for help and enjoy an effective cleaning solution for your iDevice with it. In addition to speed up your device, you can also get more apps, photos, videos and music to get more fun in your life.

iOS Cleaner for Mac is fully compatible with all available iOS devices, such as iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4s, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad 4, The new iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch.

Personalized toolbox to show you more management tools of iOS.

100% clean and read-only iOS cleanup utility with No jailbreak required. Won't damage your device or rewrite your data without permission.

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