3 Easy Ways to Remove Swipe Screen to Unlock Samsung Phone


"My phone automatically updated last night, and with that came a swipe to unlock. Now I have to swipe, then put in my pattern, when before I just had to put in my pattern after turning on the lock screen. Any way to remove this feature? Thanks!"

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The swipe screen on our smartphones protects us from accidental operations, like calling someone else or opening an app. However, you may feel it quite annoying to swipe the screen to unlock the phone before entering the passwords. The fact is that you can use some tricks to remove swipe to open Samsung phones. Let's have a look.

remove swipe screen to unlock


Part 1. How to Disable Swipe to Open Samsung Phone If You Can Access the Phone?

Suppose you can access your phone freely. In that case, you can disable the swipe screen feature from Settings.

How to disable swipe to unlock Android from Settings?

01Open Settings on your Samsung phone and scroll down to click Lock Screen.

02Click Screen lock type > offer your current password, PIN, or pattern to continue.

03Tap None from the menu > Remove data > Remove to remove the swipe screen completely.

disable swipe lock to open samsung phone

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Part 2. How Do I Take Swipe Off My Phone When the Pattern Is Enabled?

Assume you have set up a pattern lock for your Samsung device and the pattern lock is enabled. You can remove the swipe to unlock Samsung with the help of the pattern lock.

Here's how:

01Go to Settings on your Samsung phone and select Lock screen.

02Click Screen Lock type > None > enter the pattern lock you have enabled on your device. Once done, the swipe screen will vanish.

03Restart your Samsung phone to update the changes. Later, you can access your phone without a pattern lock.

take swipe off on samsung when the pattern lock is enabled

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Part 3. How to Remove Swipe to Unlock Samsung When Your Phone Is Locked?

What if the swipe screen to unlock is not working? You can quickly remove the swipe to unlock Samsung with the help of Android Unlock. It is an advanced tool that can unlock all types of lock screens on mainstream Android brands. And it can bypass some older Samsung or LG phones without data loss, including Samsung SM-G928F/G920I/G9200, LG G2/G3/G4, etc.

The highlights of Android Unlock:

  • Remove pattern, password, PIN, fingerprints, and Face ID from an Android device in one click.
  • Unlock older Samsung/LG phones without data loss.
  • Bypass Samsung FRP lock without Google account or PIN code.
  • Easy to handle without tech knowledge.
  • Work with Samsung Galaxy S23/S22 Ultra/S22+/S22/S21/S21+/S21 Ultra/S20/S20+/S20 Ultra/S20 FE/S10+/S10/S10e/S10 Lite/S9+/S9/S8+/S8, etc.

Note: The unlocking process may delete the modern Samsung phone's content and settings. So, you are highly recommended to try to access your locked device via USB to back up the vital files before proceeding.

How to remove the swipe to unlock Samsung in one click?

01Open Android Unlock on your PC and tap the Screen Unlock module to continue.

install and run android unlock on your computer

02Connect your Samsung device to the computer via a USB cable and click Unlock Android Screen.

select the unlock android screen mode to continue

03Select the correct Samsung device information from the menus and click Next.

select the correct samsung device information

04Follow the on-screen instructions to boot your Samsung device into the Download mode.

get your samsung device into the download mode

05The program will automatically download the recovery package for your device. Once done, it will remove the swipe screen to unlock the Samsung.

one click to remove swipe screen to unlock samsung phone


You can follow our instructions to remove the swipe screen to unlock your Samsung device, and I recommend you select Android Unlock. It can unlock your device in simple steps, even if the swipe screen to unlock is not working. Thus, download it and have a try!

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