Best Samsung Unlock Tools to Unlock Your Samsung Phone in 2023


"Hello all, I am looking for reviews or suggestions for an unlock service for my sprint SM-N950U. If anyone can please share their experience or point me to a reputable site/seller, I would forever be in your debt. I've seen a few listings on eBay, but they want team-viewer access to my computer, and that scares me a bit..."

Locking out of your Samsung phone may spoil the whole day. To regain access to your device, you need a professional Samsung unlock tool. There are so many ways to unlock your Samsung phone, and in this post, we will show you several effective software to unlock Samsung phones without a password. Let's take a close look one by one.

samsung unlock tool

#1. Best Samsung Unlock Tool
#2. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android
#3. Galaxy Unlocker
#4. Android Device Manager
#5. Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool
#6. iMyFone LockWiper

#1. Best Samsung Unlock Tool

If you want to find an easy and fast Samsung unlock tool to unlock your Samsung device without any tech knowledge, Samsung Screen Unlock is the best choice for you. This all-in-one program for all lock screen issues can bypass 4 types of screen locks within 5 minutes, and you won't lose any important data on your Samsung device. Apart from Samsung phones, it also supports other Android brands like LG, Xiaomi, Motorola, Huawei, etc.

Key features:

* Remove 4 types of screen locks in 5 minutes, including the pattern, PIN, password, and fingerprints lock.

* Safely unlock some Samsung phones without data loss.

* Easy and simple interface. Everyone can handle it with no tech knowledge required.

* Support all mainstream Android brands - Samsung, LG, Huawei, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc.

Supported devices:

* Android 2.1 to the latest versions, such as Samsung SM-G9280/SM-G928F/SM-G9006W/SM-N900S/GT-I9500, etc.

* Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7.

* macOS X 10.8 to macOS X 11 or up.


* Super secure and easy to use.

* User-friendly and no tech knowledge required.

* Provide on-screen instructions in each step.

* Over 150 million users trust this Samsung unlocking software.

* Wipe various screen lock types.

* Available on many Android models, and more models are coming soon.


* It will erase data on Android devices rather than the listed Samsung and LG phones.

Pricing at the time of writing:

* 1-year license: $39.95 for 5 mobile phones and 1 PC.

* Lifetime license: $49.95 for 5 mobile devices and 1 PC.

* Business license starts at $63.92/year for 10 mobile devices and 1 PC.

download the best samsung unlock tool on your computer

How can I unlock my Samsung at home with Samsung Screen Unlock?

1. Connect your Samsung phone to your computer.

After installing this Samsung unlock software on your computer, launch it and choose Unlock from the toolbox. Then, connect your Samsung phone to the computer via a USB cable and tap Unlock Android Screen on the program.

insall samsung screen unlock and connect your samsung to the pc

2. Choose the device mode for your Samsung.

Since the recovery package varies with different phone models, select the correct device name and model from the drop-down list next to each blank and tap Next to continue.

select the device mode for your samsung device

3. Enter the Download mode.

Follow the on-screen instructions to put your Samsung into the Download mode. After that, it will start downloading the recovery package.

follow the onscreen prompts to enter the download mode

4. Unlock your Samsung phone.

Click Remove Now on the interface when it finishes the downloading process, and please wait until you see the Remove password completed message. Then you can access your Samsung phone without a password.

how to unlock your samsung with the best samsung unlock tool

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#2. Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

Whether you forget the lock screen password or get a second-hand Samsung phone with a lock-screen passcode on it, you can unlock the phone with Tenorshare 4uKey for Android. This Samsung unlocker software is designed to wipe the pattern, password, fingerprints, and PIN lock on your Samsung phone in one click. Moreover, you can also delete the Samsung account without a password via the Google account verification.

samsung unlock tool - 4ukey for android

Key features:

* Remove the password, PIN, fingerprints, and pattern lock on your Samsung phone in one click.

* Wipe out the Google FRP lock easily.

* Delete your Samsung account on Windows PC without a password and sync your phone with a new account.

* Work with most Samsung devices, like Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, etc.


* Remove 4 types of Samsung lock screen without a passcode.

* Wipe your device to protect your privacy when lost.

* Easy-to-use process.


* You will get data loss after unlocking.

* Limited features on some device models.

* Expensive.

* It may take longer to unlock a device successfully.


* 1-month license: $29.95 for 5 devices and 1 PC.

* 1-year license: $39.95 for 5 devices and 1 PC.

* Lifetime license: $49.95 for 5 devices and 1 PC.

Download it from here to experience it.

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#3. Galaxy Unlocker

Want to find a Samsung network unlock tool? Galaxy Unlocker is a specially designed software to unlock Samsung phones. It unlocks your Samsung phone by reading the original SIM network unlock PIN you set initially and restoring it to the default one, which is ideal for recovering the original data that you created before you forget the password. Also, it is one of the easiest and safest Samsung phone unlocking software.

samsung unlock tool - galaxy unlocker

Key features:

* Read the original unlock code from your Samsung device to unlock it automatically.

* Allow you to use a SIM card under any network connection.

* Make the original unlock code available for you.

* Support over 1,000 Samsung phones and tablets.


* Safe and easy to use.

* No data loss.


* Not support Windows 10 and Mac.

* The app has not been updated for a long time.

* It may not work for some Samsung models.

* The official website doesn't provide services anymore.


* Unknown.

You can download it from here.

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#4. Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager, or Find My Device, is another software to unlock Samsung phones. This Samsung unlock software is created by Google to erase, locate, and remotely lock the Android device when it gets lost or stolen. Now, you can also unlock your Samsung device with a Google account.

samsung unlock tool - android device manager

Key features:

* Locate your lost Android device and lock it until you find it back.

* Erase the device content, settings, and password and unlock it with a contact number and message.

* Navigate to the lost device with the help of Google Maps.


* Reliable and safe.

* Unlock your Samsung device remotely.


* You will lose all files after unlocking your Samsung phone.

* You can use this way when the Find My Device feature is enabled on your Samsung before it gets locked.

* You cannot use this way if you forget the Google account password.


* Free.

You can download it from here.

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#5. Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool

Samsung Galaxy S Unlock Tool is a powerful Samsung unlocking software that bypasses the lock screen passcode and recovers all information without factory reset on various Samsung series, like Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Note, etc. Once you connect your Samsung to a computer with this app, it will start downloading the package and automatically removing the codes.

samsung unlock tool - samsung galaxy s unlock tool

Key features:

* Bypass the Samsung lock screen password.

* Support both rooted and unrooted Samsung devices.


* Light-sized app.


* Only work for earlier Samsung Galaxy models.

* Outdated design.

* Difficult to use by yourself, and a tutorial is necessary before unlocking.

* Slow and cumbersome.


* Free.

You can download it from here.

#6. iMyFone LockWiper

The last Samsung unlock tool - iMyFone LockWiper, is popular among some users. This software supports many Android devices and can bypass fingerprints, PIN, password, pattern, Google account verification, and face ID on your Samsung device. After removal, you can use a different Google account to access your device.

samsung unlock tool - imyfone lockwiper

Key features:

* Bypass all types of Android lock screen: Password, PIN, fingerprints, pattern, and face ID.

* Remove FRP/Google account verification without a password.

* Support numerous Samsung and other Android phones/tablets that run Android 10 and below.

* Many scenarios are supported: incorrect password, second-hand Samsung, broken screen, etc.


* Beautiful interface.

* Remove all screen locks on Samsung.

* Widely compatible.


* You cannot unlock your Samsung device if Find My Device is turned on.

* Limited features in the trial version.

* Factory reset your device while unlocking it.

* Complex operation.

* More costly than similar apps.


* 1-month plan: $29.95 for 1 device.

* 1-year plan: $39.95 for 1 device.

* Lifetime plan: $59.95 for 5 devices.

You can download it from here.


So many Samsung unlock tools in the application market may make it hard to decide. To fast unlock your Samsung device without data loss and security issues, you can try Samsung Screen Unlock. It is user-friendly enough to offer you on-screen instructions in each step, and even the tech novice can handle it without difficulties.

Besides, it is also known as the most cost-effective app among all the paid Samsung unlock software. So, why not choose this?

As always, you can leave a comment below if you run into difficulties when unlocking your device.

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