How to Fix A Water Damaged Android Phone?


Summary: So you've dropped your Android smartphone into the water accidentally. Don't panic! If you act fast you can rescue your Android phone from becoming water damaged. In today's article, we'll show you how you can fix a water damaged Android phone.

Because taking your phone everywhere you go is the norm for people today, it is not uncommon for people to report that they have dropped their phones in a puddle of rain, in the kitchen sink and even in the toilet. The possibilities are quite endless when it comes to where people travel with them and how these mobile devices like Androids are damaged. Unfortunately, when an Android phone is dropped in water, they can easily sustain water damage.

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The water damage can cause a diversity of problems to occur including not being able to use the keyboard properly. Now, please follow the steps in the below to learn what to do and what no to do if you want to fix a water damaged Android phone.

Part 1: How to Fix A Water Damaged Android Phone in 5 Steps
Part 2: How to Rescue Data from A Water Damaged Android Phone

Part 1: How to Fix A Water Damaged Android Phone in 5 Steps

Step 1. Remove the Battery if It Is Accessible

Regardless of the situation, if this does happen to you, you may want to consider the process of how to fix water damaged android devices. Keeping this in mind, most savvy technical android users will tell you hold tight and don’t panic. In fact, if you freak out, you may lose that small window of saving your phone's functionalities. For instance, once you have discovered that the phone has fallen inside a puddle of water, you should remove the battery. On the other hand, if the batter is not easy to get too, you will need to power the phone off. By taking these actions, you can prevent long-term damage to the circuitry.

remove android battery

Step 2. Start Drying the External Parts of the Android Device

If the Android device has sustained water damage while plugged into a wall socket, special precaution must be taken to prevent damage to the user and their Android devices. Once you have removed the phone from the socket you can begin to damage control by drying out the different parts of the Android. For instance, you should remove the memory card, the battery, and the case from the internal components. When all of the components have been removed, you can begin drying the phone parts to get rid of moisture that is embedded between the different parts.

Step 3. Use Uncooked Rice Versus A Hair Dryer Or Use Silica Sachets

When the tetchiest say to dry out the different parts, they are really not referring to a hair dryer. This is because the hair dryer can do additional damage and will make it more difficult to recover the phones’ capabilities. Instead, to dry the phone with a more delicate solution, you should uncooked rice to assist with these actions. Rice is much better because it will serve to soak up the moisture between the parts. However, before putting all of the components back together, it is important to check to make sure there are no grains left in the ports of the device.

While using dry rice is an excellent idea for absorbing all of the moisture that is embedded inside of the components of the android, there is another slick trick that others may not be familiar with, and that is the choice of using silica gel sachets to get rid of the moisture. Normally, used to de-moisture pocketbooks, this method can also be used to dry out Android devices.

fix water damaged android

Step 4. Just Let the Phone Dry A Day or Two

If you do not want to do a lot of added things to take care of your water damage, here’s a solution that will not take a lot of effort on your part, but it will take a little more time. For the most part, savvy tech android users may recommend taking the battery out of the device and then letting it dry on its own. Usually, the normal time frame that is suggested is at least letting it dry out a day or two and then putting the battery back into the device before turning it back on. This is a common way to take care of this type of problem and it has a high rate of success for working.

Step 5. Take The Device to A Technician

If all else fails with the do it yourself solutions, you may decide to take another route. Especially, if you have had to wait a couple of days and it is not powering up. In this case, before you decide to discard and buy another device, you need to take it to a professional who has the expertise to address specific issues that are causing the damage. These technicians are usually able to tell you if you should pursue it further or if it is an android that is dead or simply done for. For instance, you may want to remove all of the files from the Android device before it completely shuts down and cannot be used again. Normally, you should use this recommendation if the phone shuts down erratically and overheats after being submerged in water.

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Part 2: How to Rescue Data from A Water Damaged Android Phone

If your Android phone accidentally gets into the water, what you worry about most is how to save important files and data on your phone. Do not worry. You can try a professional Android data recovery tool called Broken Android Data Extraction to recover photos, videos, songs, text messages, contacts or other major data directly from water damaged Android phone easily. It is easy to use and extremely powerful. It supports to recover data from broken Android phone, Android phone with touch screen can’t be used, etc.

Please download the free trial version of the Broken Android Data Extraction from the below buttons, and then follow the steps to recover data from your wet and water damaged Android phone.

Step 1. Get ready with the broken Samsung data extraction software

Launch the Broken Android Data Extraction software after you downloaded and installed it. Then, select "Broken Android Phone Data Extraction" from the left panel. Then, use a USB cable to connect your water damaged Android phone to the computer.

broken android data extraction

Step 2. Select and confirm device info

Choose the fixing mode and click "Start". Then choose the name and model number of your Android phone and click "Confirm". If you are not sure about the information of your phone, you can click question mark the program will show you how to find the information.

confirm device info

Step 3. Enter Download Mode and get it fixed

You will be asked to put your Android device into Download Mode. Just follow the onscreen prompts to put your wet Android phone in Download mode. After that, the program will detect the phone and scan out data on it instantly.

Step 4. Restore data on water damaged Android

You should look at the preview of messages to identify and selected which ones that they want to save. After the wanted data has been selected, you can hit the 'Recover' button to complete the process.

recover data from water damaged android

Conlustion: The above is what you should do when your Android phone falls into the water. And we introduced how to quickly and safely save mobile data when it is water damaged. I hope this information will help you. Do you have any other tips on how to save a smartphone that that could have possible water damage? Let us know in the comments.

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