Micro SD Card Recovery: How to Recover Deleted Files from Micro SD Card (Full Guide)


In the modern world, everyone may face a huge flow of information everyday and what they browse in the browser or apps may be automatically downloaded to the micro SD card of their digital devices upon connection to the Wi-Fi network or cellular data. So, when you delete those unwanted data, you may accidentally delete some important files in the micro SD card. If you are bothered about micro SD card recovery after that, you can refer to this article, which shows you proven ways to recover files from micro SD card.

micro sd card recovery

Part 1. What You'd Better Know before Micro SD Card Recovery
Part 2. Which Micro SD Card Recovery Software is the Best?
Part 3. How to Fix a Damaged/Corrupted Micro SD Card without Losing Data

Part 1. What You'd Better Know before Micro SD Card Recovery

Before you know how to perform micro SD card recovery, you'd better know something about micro SD card.

Micro SD card VS SD card

What is a micro SD card? Micro SD card, originally named as TF, T-Flash or TransFlash card, is a type of removable flash memory card for storing information and is the smallest memory card in size. Then, you may also hear of SD card and often mix them up. Well, SD card, an abbreviation of Secure Digital card, is a proprietary non-volatile memory card format developed by the SD Association (SDA) for use in portable devices. The biggest difference between micro SD and SD card lies in their sizes and appearances.

The standard size of an SD card is 32mm * 24mm * 1.4mm, while that of a micro SD card is 15mm * 11mm * 1mm. Besides, the micro SD card is widely used in different applications in various markets due to its compact size and has pushed forward the smartphone market by giving greater flexibility and freedom to both manufacturers and consumers. While SD card has limited itself in devices that need a non-volatile memory card, for example, the station presets in small radios. Apart from that, they also differentiate each other in capacity, names, compatibility, and other aspects.

Common reasons for data loss on micro SD card

  • Accidental deletion: While you delete some unwanted files from micro SD card, you may select the important data and delete them with those unwanted files.
  • Micro SD card formatting: If your device has inadequate space left or virus attack, you may format micro SD card to resolve the problem. However, if you forget to back up files before that, you may lose important data after micro SD card formatting.
  • Micro SD card corruption: Abrupt removal of micro SD card from cameras, smartphones or computers and virus/malware attack may easily corrupt micro SD card.
  • Virus attack or bad sectors: The micro SD card may lose data when malicious virus attacks it or when there is a bad sector on micro SD card but you do not even know.
  • Using the same micro SD card on multiple devices.

Well, if you have lost data on SD card, you had better not format the micro SD card if you want to recover micro SD card. Then you can check the following details before you restore micro SD card files: Does connecting device work? Or is micro SD card write-protected? And you can also take out the micro SD card from the device and do not use it before you conduct micro SD card file recovery. Or the new data generated on it will overwrite the lost data permanently. Next, you can use the micro SD card data recovery software below to recover files from micro SD card.

Anyway, the best way to avoid data loss on micro SD card is to back up SD card data regularly. Well, let's see how to recover data from a micro SD card.

Part 2. Which Micro SD Card Recovery Software is the Best?

You may hear of or see many micro SD data recovery software. And there are so many micro SD card recovery software in the market that you cannot even figure out which one is the best. Well, to make things easier, we compare top 4 micro SD card recovery apps in the market and you can refer to the following details before selection.

Top 1. Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android (Recommended)

Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is the best micro SD card recovery app in the market. With it, you can recover all files on SD card of digital cameras, Android smartphones, music players, radios, video recorders and any other devices which can use micro SD card. Actually, this app has two recovery modes. Under SD Card Recovery mode, you can recover the deleted photos, videos, music and documents without rooting and back up the existing media files from micro SD card to computer.

And under Android Data Recovery mode, you can recover the deleted messages, call logs, contacts, videos, music, photos and documents from Android internal memory, SD card (if any) and SIM card to computer, and back up the existing data from Android phone to computer. Besides, under either mode, you can preview both existing and deleted files before recovery or back up and select the desired files you need.

In addition, you can recover or back up any files from Android device or micro SD card to computer without data quality loss. For example, you can use it to transfer photos from SD card to computer easily.

Well, such user-friendly Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android is widely compatible with all Android devices running Android 4.0 and later versions and most micro SD cards on the device, such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, etc. and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra/S23/S22/S21/S20/S10/Note 20/Note 10, etc.

coolmuster lab fone for android windows downloadcoolmuster lab fone for android mac download

How to recover deleted files from micro SD card?

1. Install and launch Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android on your computer and enter in Android Recovery module from the toolbox.

2. Choose SD Card Recovery mode on the top menu and connect your micro SD card to computer via an SD card reader. Then click Next on this program and you will see all connected micro SD cards. Tick the micro SD card you wish to scan and click Next to start scanning.

connect micro sd card to computer via coolmuster lab fone for android

3. Once the scanning process is over, you will see all recoverable file types on this program. Select a file type from the left panel, preview and check the files you want to restore from the right panel and tap Recover at the bottom of this program to recover files from micro SD card.

perform micro sd card recovery via coolmuster lab fone for android

Video Guide:

Here's the video guide for micro SD card recovery using Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android:


* One-click operation and light in size.

* Highly secure, fast and Wi-Fi/cellular data free during transfer.

* No need to root before micro SD card recovery.

* Distinguish files in different colors: The existing data in black and the lost in red.

* Clear and brief interface.

* 7 * 24 hrs customer support.


* Transfer data does not require network connection but downloading this micro SD recovery program needs network connection.

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Top 2. Recuva

Piriform Recova is a lightweight app for micro SD recovery on Windows computer. It can recover pictures, music, documents, emails and other files from micro SD card. In addition, it also supports to securely overwrite files if you want to delete files permanently from your micro SD card.

micro sd card recovery software - recuva


* Simple interface.

* Work on FAT and NTFS systems.

* Recover files from Windows computer, recycle bin, digital camera SD card or MP3 player.

* Support email recovery from Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Microsoft Outlook.


* It does not support to recover all file types.

* The interface is boring and not attractive.

* The free version does not include support.

* It has not been updated since 2016.

You can download Recuva from here >>

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Top 3. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard is another micro SD file recovery app that can quickly recover videos, images, documents, emails, audio and other files from micro SD, miniSD, SanDisk, SD/CF card, hard drives, flash drives, etc.

micro sd card recovery software - easeus


* Easy to use.

* Support many file systems, like FAT, exFAT, NTFS, ReFS, NTFS5, ext2/3 and HFS+.

* Repair corrupted JPEG/JPG photos and damaged MP4/MOV camera videos.


* It will scan the whole disk even if you want to scan the specific file location.

* It only offers every user 2GB free recovery files.

* Low recovery rate for video files.

* Poor customer support.

You can download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard from EaseUS website.

Top 4. Disk Drill SD Card Recovery

Disk Drill is a very useful micro SD card recovery software, which can scan and recover data from any storage devices, like Macintosh hard drives, micro SD card, external hard drives, cameras, Android devices, etc. And you can recover up to 500MB lost data for free.

micro sd card recovery software - diskdrill


* Support all file systems.

* Filter the result by size and data.

* Easy to use.


* It is not a really freeware and only offers 500MB free recovery files.

* The scanning process may take longer time than other micro SD card recovery apps.

You can download Disk Drill from here >>

Part 3. How to Fix a Damaged/Corrupt Micro SD Card without Losing Data

In addition to micro SD card recovery, guess you may also want to rescue your micro SD card. Below are some useful tips for you to fix your damaged or corrupted micro SD card.

  1. Unhide hidden files in corrupted micro SD card.
  2. Change a card reader, adapter or a USB port.
  3. Use Windows Repair Tool to fix corrupted micro SD card.
  4. Change a drive letter if the micro SD card is not detected by computer.
  5. Open the command window and run chkdsk command to check and repair SD card bad sectors.
  6. Reinstall the micro SD card driver.
  7. Use the micro SD card repair solution provided by manufacturer.
  8. Use the Error Checking feature of SD card drive.
  9. Use the Diskpart in CMD command.
  10. Format a RAW SD card or half-capacity SD card. (Remember to back up SD card data before formatting.)

Words in the End

If you have lost or accidentally deleted pretty important data from micro SD card on Android smartphone and tablet, digital camera, music player, video, recorder, GPS device, etc, do not panic! You can recover files from micro SD card using the micro SD card recovery software introduced in this article. And I highly recommend you to try Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android, which is easy to use, fast to scan and recover and highly secure. It is indeed an ideal micro SD card recovery app for all kinds of micro SD cards.

Well, if you encounter any problem during use, feel free to leave a comment below.

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