How to Download Videos from Google Drive to iPhone? (3 Methods)


Want to learn how you can download video from Google Drive to iPhone? Google Drive is one of the main data storage tools. You can securely keep your data, such as videos, audio files, photos, pdf files, etc., on Google Drive. It has gained global popularity due to its cutting-edge technology. Google Drive allows its users to store different types of data, and access the data anywhere using any device, provided it has a browser and a stable Wi-Fi or cellular network connection. Moreover, Google Drive offers 15GB of free storage. Its outstanding features make everyone, including iPhone users, want to use its services.

As we continue using Google Drive's free 15GB storage space, the space gets depleted, creating the need to free up some space. One way of freeing up some space on Google Drive is deleting some videos since they consume more space. However, you should download file from Google Drive to iPhone for backup purposes before deleting them. As a such, this article will teach you how to download video from Google Drive to iPhone. Let's see together.


Part 1. How to Download a Video from Google Drive to iPhone

If your Google Drive is almost full and you want to free up some of its space, you can delete several videos from the Drive. However, it is prudent to keep a copy of the videos on your iPhone. Some of the efficient ways of backing up your iPhone's videos is to download them from Google Drive to an iPhone through the following methods:

Method 1. How to Save Video from Google Drive to iPhone - The Most Reliable Method

Looking for a way to download video from Google Drive to iPhone? The most reliable way of moving Google Drive's video files to an iPhone is by using a professional tool. An example of such an application is the iOS Data Transfer. This application enables you to move video files from a PC to an iPhone quickly and conveniently.

During the data transfer procedure, iOS Data Transfer acts as a bridge for connecting iOS devices to a computer. With this powerful tool, you do not have to rely on iTunes to move data.

This powerful application not only supports data transfer between iOS devices and computers but also allows its users to organize and manage their iPhone data easily.

Key Features:

  • Transfer files such as videos, music, pdf, books, contacts, and more from computer to iOS devices and vice versa.
  • Work natively with almost all iOS devices, including the latest versions.
  • The application is highly secure and prioritizes the protection of user data.
  • Help in managing iOS files smarter and easier.

To download video from Google Drive to iPhone using the iOS Data Transfer application requires you to download the video files to your computer and then transfer the files to the iPhone. Here's how to do that:

01Download videos from Google Drive to your computers first. Then launch the iOS Data Transfer application on the computer after you have installed it. Connect your iPhone to the PC using a lighting cable.

connect iphone to computer and see the interface of ios data transfer

02A new interface will be launched. From the interface, click on the Videos button at the left corner of the screen to view the videos you downloaded from Google Drive.

03Hit the Add button and locate the video files you wish to transfer. Select them and hit on the "Open" button to save the videos that you downloaded from Google Drive to your iPhone.

click add button to choose videos you want to transfer

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Method 2. How to Download Google Drive Files to iPhone via Google Drive App

One of the best methods of downloading videos from Google Drive to iPhone is using the user-friendly Google Drive application. The steps of the procedure are as simple as shown below:

Step 1. Move to App Store, download and run the Google Drive app on your iPhone.

Step 2. Launch the application on the iPhone.

Step 3. Locate and select your videos of choice. Tap the 3 dots on the screen's right side, and a menu will appear.

Step 4. Choose the Send a copy option and tap on the Save Video button to save the video into your iPhone's media library memory location.

download video from google drive to iphone via google drive app

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Method 3. How to Save a Google Drive Video to iPhone Using iPhone Browser

The best thing about Google Drive is that it can be accessed through a browser. You only have to connect the iPhone to a stable Wi-Fi connection and follow the straightforward steps discussed beneath:

Step 1. Connect the iPhone to a reliable Wi-Fi connection. Launch your best browser on the iPhone. Sign in to a Google account, paste the video's Google link on the browser, and tap the enter button.

Step 2. Hit the Download icon on the upper side of the screen.

hit the download button

Step 3. The file will begin to download and will be opened on another tab.

Step 4. Hit the Share option that is located at the bottom of the screen.

Step 5. Tap on the Save to Files button and select a location where you wish to store the video.

tap on save to files

You will have successfully downloaded the video files from Google Drive to the iPhone after following the above simple steps.

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Part 2. Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I download videos from Google Drive to my iPhone without using any apps?

While it's possible to download videos from Google Drive to your iPhone without using any apps by accessing the Google Drive website through a web browser, it is not as convenient as using a dedicated app. The process may be more complex, and you may not have offline access to the video.

Q2: Are there any file size limitations when downloading videos from Google Drive to an iPhone?

The file size limitations for downloading videos from Google Drive to an iPhone depend on the available storage space on your iPhone and the app you're using for the download. Make sure you have sufficient free space on your iPhone and check the specifications of the app you're using for any file size restrictions.


Google Drive is an outstanding way of storing your iPhone's data. It offers 15 GB of free storage that gets depleted quickly, especially if you store large files on the Drive. As such, we normally delete some video files on Google Drive to empty some memory space. However, it is always prudent to back up the video files before deleting them, and one way of backing them is by downloading them into our iPhone. You can use any method discussed in this article to move your video files from Google Drive to an iPhone. However, we recommend using iOS Data Transfer, because it is easily usable and reliable.

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