How to Fix iPhone Turns to Brick after Upgrading to iOS 9?


Yeah, iOS 9 is here, and you're eager to update your own iPhone to the new system? Don't worry, let's view some responds from the Apple Forum at first:

- I don't know why my iPhone 6 Plus turns to brick after upgrading to iOS 9.0.1, what can I do at present?
- Updated to iOS 9 beta, my iPhone 6 runs blazing hot and batter winds down fast enough to watch it.
- My WiFi always can't be connected after upgrading to iOS 9, what wrong with it?
- ...

After reading the feedbacks of iPhone users after upgrading to iOS 9, we found that there are lots of problems or bugs existing on the new system, which have cause different troubles while you're using the iPhone, right? So in this article, we could like to show all iPhone users a simple way to solve the top issue one - iPhone turns to a brick after upgrading to iOS 9, how to fix it? You can follow the below methods to solve it. And if you have some other problems after updating to iOS 9, you can go to here to learn solutions to all iOS 9 problems or errors you may meet.

Reasons Why You May End Up Bricking Your iPhone Devices

Here, we have summarized several reasons that may cause brick problem on your iPhone. So please ensure your iPhone are in ready before updating it.

1. Hardware failure, so please be sure your iPhone's hardware have reached the requirement of iOS 9 operating system;

2. Your iPhone is lack of power. So a powerful failure in the middle of flashing the NOR memory;

3. Restoring iPhone from a corrupted backup file;

4. Jailbreaking or unlocking;

5. ...

How to Fix the Bricked iPhone, iPad or iPod due to Upgrade to iOS 9

Generally speaking, you have to find a tool to help you make your iPhone back to normal at first. And there could be some tools on the Internet for your reference, just select one of them and try to follow the instructions to make your bricked iPhone become normal now:

1st - Launch the program and connect your iDevice to the PC, Hit "Start" button to download the latest & suitable firmware for your device.

2nd - When the downloading process is finished, the program always continue fixing your device. Here, you don't need to do anything but to keep your iPhone is connected.

3rd - When your iPhone is fixed, you can restart your iPhone and then it will works well.

How to Avoid A Bricked iPhone When Upgrading to iOS 9?

No one can predict how does the bricking happened or when it will be happened. So when you're planning to upgrading your iPhone to a new operating system, you'd better to do something to avoid the accident. Below are some tips for your reference:

1. Don't plug-in your iPhone into any unreliable power supply before you begin the firmware update to iOS 9.

2. Be sure your WiFi connection is steady and strong, so that the whole upgrading of iOS 9 will never be interrupted by disconnection of WiFi.

3. Before you start upgrading your iPhone, you should be sure there is enough of storage space have been leaved on your device. Here, please be noted that the update of iOS 9, you're expected to prepare a free space around 2-3GB. If there is no enough space on your iPhone, you can go to here to see how to fix it.

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