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Things You Should Know About iTunes U and iTunes U for Android

You may feel very curious about what is iTunes U, right? So in this article, we could like to introduce the iTunes U for you from different aspects, and some useful iTunes alternative tools for Android also be recommended here.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-02
How to View My iTunes Backup Files with or without Restoring Data? (Solved)

How to see what is backed up on iTunes easily? This post introduces two simple ways to view iTunes backup files with or without restoring data from iTunes.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-01
How to Transfer Files between BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3?

Switching from BlackBerry to Samsung, you should learn how to transfer files from BlackBerry to Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3 and Note 3/2, including contacts, SMS, call logs, photos, videos, etc.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Switch Contacts between BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3?

If you just turned from an old BlackBerry to a new Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 3/2, here is a method to transfer contacts from BB to Samsung device. All depends on Coolmuster Phone to Phone Transfer software.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Move Text Messages between BlackBerry and Samsung Phone?

Having lots of text messages saved on your BlackBerry phone and want to transfer them to your Samsung Galaxy S5/S4/S3/Note 4/3? Come and look at how to achieve SMS transfer between BlackBerry and Samsung Galaxy within steps.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Transfer Text Messages between Android and BlackBerry?

Are you going to switch from your old Blackberry to an Android phone and want to transfer text messages from Blackberry to Android? Here is the guide tells you how to transfer SMS from Blackberry to Android easily.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Switch Data from BlackBerry Phone to Android?

This article mainly tells you how to transfer contacts, messages, call logs and more from BlackBerry phone to Samsung, HTC, Sony and more after you make a switch from BlackBerry to Android.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Transfer Photos, Videos, Contacts, SMS & Music from Nokia to Android?

Here is a smart Nokia to Android data transferring program to help you transfer contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, apps and more from Symbian Nokia to Android phone/tablet effectively.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Transfer Contacts from Symbian Nokia to HTC Phone?

This article is mainly telling you an easy to use phone to phone data transfer that allows you to transfer contacts from Symbian Nokia to HTC One/Desire/Wildfire/Inspire in 1 click.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
How to Get Android Apps on BlackBerry Playbook in 3 Steps?

If you are a BlackBerry Playbook user, you may want to move all apps from your Android-based device to your Playbook for enjoyment. Now it is possible to finish the apps transfer with a few clicks.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-09-01
Five of the Best Apps for Rooted Android Phone/Tablet

Rooting Android is the process of making your Android phone/tablet in full control. After rooting your Android device, you can have a try with the five best apps for rooted Android here to make full use of your Android.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
Guide on How to Root Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy Gio S5660 can enable you to uninstall unwanted programs on you phone and to install other third-party software as needed. Just read this article, you will know more about rooting.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
Root Samsung Galaxy with CF-Auto-Root in Odin

Do you want to root your Samsung Galaxy S8/S7/S6/S5/S4/Note? This article shows you how to root Samsung devices with CF-Auto-Root in Odin.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
How to Root Sony Xperia Z6/Z5/Z4/Z3?

This tutorial tells you how to root Sony Xperia Z6/Z5/Z4/Z3 with two powerful Android rooting tools - Kingo Root & Root Genius. Learn and choose the one you preferred.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
Guide: How to Use Root Uninstaller?

Do you want to know how to use Root Uninstaller to make full use of your Android devices? This article teaches you how to use this amazing application.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
How to Root ZTE Android Phones in One Click?

This article offers the best solution to root ZTE Android phones. The tools we recommend here support to one click root your ZTE Nubia/Blade/Skate/Axon devices.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
3 Ways to Hide Root Access from Apps on Android

We collect three different root hider methods, and show you step-by-step tutorial to tell you how to hide root access from apps on your Android phone.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
How to Root Android Phones with Pingpong Root?

Fail to connect your Android phone to Coolmuster Lab.Fone for Android? When you are intended to recover deleted data? Try to root your Android phones with Pingpong Root.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
Full Guide about Root Browser

What is Root Browser and how to use it? This article is mainly talking about the user guide of Root Browser. There are also other things about Root Browser. Just read it through.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-31
Root Android Devices with Root Genius

We are going to introduce one of the most popular Android rooting app - Root Genius, to tell you how to root Android phones and tablets easily and safely by using Root Genius.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-30
iPhone 14 Reveal: All Latest News and Information Are Here

Urgently want to know everything about iPhone 14? Come here. You can get all the latest news on iPhone 14, its release date, price, specs, chipset, iOS 16, camera, etc.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-08
How to View iMessage History on iPhone without hassle?

Need to view the iMessage history on your iPhone? Don't worry, here in this post it introduces a very efficient tool for you to deal with the job.

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
Easy Way to Print iMessages from iPhone

Are you looking for an easy way to print iMessages from iPhone? This is exactly where you should go! Just read the passage and see how to do it!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
How to Fix iPhone/iPad Screenshot Not Working

Want to capture a screenshot on your iPhone/iPad, but it just fails? Don't worry! Read this passage and learn how to solve this problem in one click!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
How to Transfer iTunes Library to USB Drive

In this passage, you will know how easy it is to copy iTunes library to USB drive within simple clicks. Just read this passage to get the easy way if it is what you are looking for!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
iPhone Screen Keeps Flickering, How to Fix it?

In this passage, you will know how to fix it when your iPhone keeps flickering. So want to know how? Just read the article to get the easy way!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
How to Fix iMessages Not Working on iOS 10

After reading this passage, you will learn how to easily fix iMessage not working on iOS 10. So now what are you waiting for? Just read the passage to get the solutions as needed!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
Full Guide on How to Use Facetime on iPhone

Want to use Facetime with your iPhone but don't know how to use it? It doesn't matter! Read the passage and learn how to do it!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
Simple Way to Export Health Data on iPhone/iPad/iPod

In this passage,you will learn how to export health data on iPhone/iPad/iPod within simple clicks. If this is what you are looking for, just read the passage!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
iPhone File Browser to Manage iPhone Data at Ease

After reading this passage, you will get several useful iPhone data managers for your iPhone/iPad devices, so as to freely manage iOS data as needed and wanted!

By Brandon Wood | 2022-09-02
Apple Watch Help: Do We Really Need to Wear An Apple Watch?

Here we list some main questions on Apple Watch you may concern, from which you will learn the Release Date, Rumours, Price, Reviews and Leaks about Apple Watch.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
How to Copy Music Files from Apple Watch to Computer?

In this article, we will focus on how to transfer songs and music files from Apple Watch to PC or Mac computer in details. Get more from the Apple Watch music transferring solution.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
How to Transfer Apps from Apple Watch to Computer?

There may be times when you need to transfer all apps from your Apple Watch to computer. This article will give the best solution to you to copy all kinds of applications to PC/Mac from Apple Watch.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
How to Transfer Health Data from Apple Watch to Computer?

Apple Watch just like a personal trainer records your physical condition. How to copy your health data from Apple Watch to computer for viewing and further use? Read this article and you will know how to do it.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
How to Retrieve Deleted Health Data from Apple Watch?

Want to recover deleted and lost health data from Apple Watch? This Apple Watch Data Recovery software enables you to recover lost, deleted and formatted health data on iWatch in an easy way.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
watchOS 2 New Features And Everything You Need To Know

At WWDC 2015, Apple has introduced the new version of the Watch's OS. New features, release date and everything you need to know about the watchOS 2 can be found here.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
Apple Watch Tips & Tricks You May Want to Know

Want to make full use of your Apple watch? Then you can't miss this article about Apple tips and tricks. We have collected several the most useful tips of using Apple Watch for your reference.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
A Comprehensive Review of Apple Watch that You Might Know

Just check out every details about Apple Watch, so that you can make full use of the new Apple Watch in your daily life and work.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Apple Watch?

Lost your Apple Watch contacts? Don't worry, Apple Watch Data Recovery will help you to retrieve deleted and lost contacts from Apple Watch in an easy and fast way.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26
Apple Watch Data Recovery: Restore Lost Files from Apple Watch

This article introduced the Apple Watch new functional features and show you how to recover lost or deleted data/files like SMS, contacts, photos, health data and more from Apple Watch.

By Keisha Alice | 2022-08-26