One Click to Save iPhone Voicemail to Mac Computer


Voicemail is a great way to know who has called you when you are busy or not available. It helps you get important messages in voice form and you can call back a person later. But many carriers delete voicemails after a certain period. You may be searching for a voicemail from last month and discover it is not there. It would have been better if you could save them as many times they contain valuable information. Saving your voicemails to Mac is a great way to access them anytime you want. It also makes it easy to locate and use them.

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Not all voicemail can be saved on your Mac easily. Apple places many restrictions when you want to transfer something from your iPhone to computer. You may also face loss of quality and other compatibility issues trying to transfer them.

Best Way to Save iPhone Voicemail to Mac Computer

The perfect program to transfer your iPhone voicemail to Mac is using Coolmuster iOS Assistant program. This professional suite is programmed to copy and move files from Apple devices to Mac in a simple and hassle free manner. It also works for many different types of files and does not present any restrictions like iOS.

(Note: If you are a PC user, you just rely on this Windows version to save iPhone voicemail to PC computer in one click.)

So what is it about Coolmuster that makes it one of the things you need to get if you own an iPhone? Here is a look at some of the things that you would love.

> Transfer Everything - You can move almost anything using Coolmuster program. Be it movies, music, videos, ebooks, voicemail, photos, ringtones, playlists, TV shows, audiobooks, podcasts – Coolmuster will transfer it to your Mac. You can transfer files to Mac and share conveniently with friends and family. 100% quality is retained after the transfer and it is a completely safe solution to use. It is also useful for creating backups to encounter data loss possibilities you’re your Apple device.

> Easy Way to Manage iPhone - Apart from transferring, Coolmuster also makes it easy to manage your iPhone. Using your Mac, you can directly access and manage phone content. You may even delete files or rename them as per your wish.

> Quickly Access Files - The filtering feature and search options make it quick and easy to locate your files. There is a smart search box where you can put part of your file name and look for it. The preview feature also saves time and makes sure you are moving the correct file.

How to Transfer Voicemail from iPhone to Mac?

Follow these simple steps to save your iPhone voice mail in easy steps:

Step1: Connect iPhone - Take out the USB cord and connect your iPhone with Mac. Then open the installed program and run it. The software recognizes your iPhone automatically and displays all the important information about your device. Do remember that you need to connect the iPhone with your computer first and then run the software.

transfer voicemail from iphone to mac

Step 2: Access your Voicemail - Now the program will show all the content on your iPhone in a menu on the left panel. You can find your Voicemail from the list. You can click on the Voicemail option to access it.

transfer voicemail from iphone to mac

Step 3: Export your Voicemail to Mac - Now comes the part of exporting the voicemails to Mac. You can choose selectively or copy all the files. Just click on the Export option on the upper part of the window and select a location on your Mac to save the files. Then you can access the voicemail directly on your computer.

The Bottom Line

After reading this article, you will know that saving iPhone voicemails to Mac computer is just a piece of cake. If you have other reliable methods, don't forget to share them with us in the comment section below.

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