Coolmuster WhatsApp Recovery Guide


Welcome to the guide center of Coolmuster WhatsApp Recovery. You can check all the features and detailed how-tos of this WhatsApp Recovery tool here. It would be a piece of cake to recover WhatsApp data with it. For more details, please feel free to contact our technical team via email: support@coolmuster.com.

Part 1. Getting Started

1. WhatsApp Recovery Overview

Check what can this Coolmuster WhatsApp Recovery do for you, how to install, uninstall or register the software, system requirements, etc. here.

2. How to Use WhatsApp Recovery

How to recover WhatsApp data from your phone directly, or from backup files? Follow this guide, and get what you need like a pro.

3. WhatsApp Recovery Supported File Types & Models

Take a look at this page and learn the system requirements, supported devices, supported file types, what's new and more about this WhatsApp data recovery software.

Part 2. Recover WhatsApp Data from Your Phone or Backup

1. Recover Audio Files from WhatsApp on Android

Lost important WhatsApp audio files from your Android phone? You will learn how to recover audio files from WhatsApp on Android in three effortless solutions.

2. Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android

How to transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android may not be a question after you read through this post, as 5 solutions will show you to handle your puzzle. There's always one means that works for you.

3. Transfer WhatsApp from Old Samsung to New Samsung

Get a new Samsung phone and want to migrate WhatsApp chats between two phones? This post shows you how to transfer WhatsApp from old Samsung to new Samsung in four different ways.

4. Export WhatsApp Chat to PDF (Android & iOS)

Want to export WhatsApp chat to PDF for easy reading? Follow the four simple methods in this guide to save WhatsApp chat as PDF on Android and iPhone with ease.

5. Retrieve WhatsApp Messages from Lost Phone without Backup

I accidentally lost my phone. How to get WhatsApp back? Read this post to learn how to retrieve WhatsApp messages from a lost phone without backup.

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