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FAQs of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager

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1. What's the limitation in trial version of Coolmuster Android Backup Manager?

A: With the trial version, you can only back up data on Android device while the full version not only allows you to back up Android phone data, but also restore Android from the backup file with 1 click.

2. Which devices are supported by your Android Backup Manager?

A: The devices of the following brands are supported: Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, ZTE, Sony, Motorola, Lenovo, Asus, Google, etc. Click here to find if your phone is contained in the supported phone list.

And some models of these brand phones may not be supported, for there are too many models and we couldn't tested all of them. If you find that your device is not supported, please contact us and tell us your phone brand and model.

3. Can I back up data from one Android phone to another phone with Android Backup Manager?

A: No, you could only back up data from Android phone to computer directly. However, you can choose to restore data from the Android backup to another Android phone with its Restore function. To transfer data from phone to phone directly, please use the Coolmuster Mobile Transfer.

4. Can I back up data from my Android phone with broken screen?

A: If the USB debugging is enabled on your phone before it is broken, the data can be found and backed up with our program.

5. Can Android Back Up Manager manage more than one Android phone at the same time?

A: Yes! You can manage more than one Android device simultaneously with Android Backup Manager. Just connect these Android devices to the computer at the same time.

6. Can I back up apps with its data to my computer?

A: You can back up your apps to your computer but without the app data.

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