Mastering Root Uninstaller: The Ultimate Guide to Streamline Your Android Experience

Rooting your device only works as a fundamental step for customizing your device (click to learn how to root Android devices). To take advantage of its functions to the fullest, support of other applications and frameworks is needed to explore the darkest areas of your Android system. If you're a beginner or are still learning how to root your Android device, you can still enhance the performance of your device with these simple applications that help you with tweaking a certain aspects of your phone to better its working.

Part 1: What is Root Uninstaller?
Part 2: How to use Root Uninstaller

Part 1: What is Root Uninstaller?

Beneficial for both rooted and non-rooted Android device, Root Uninstaller is an Android tool that helps in managing the applications on your phone. The applications can be both third-party and system based. The tool has the ability to freeze the apps and background working of system apps that you don't need. It can also clear the cache and control the usage of any third party applications that your phone might have. The features of the Root Uninstaller can be dependent upon the version that you have. The paid version of the tool has a higher number of features, but is meant mostly for professionals. However, the app provides a lot of features even in its free version, depending upon whether your Android device is rooted or not.

1. The following functions can be performed by this tool on the non-rooted Android devices:

- It can clear the cache data of all your system and third-party applications;
- The tool can install and delete the .apk files from your phone;
- It can also perform the batch uninstall of the third party apps;
- The tool is able to create a list of all .apk files present in your SD card;
- The tool can also be used to filter the apps on your phone based on their location, type, etc.
- Root Uninstaller can also be used to restore the factory settings of your non-rooted Android device as and when needed;
- The tool can be used to explore code and app data folder.

2. The Root Uninstaller offers a wide variety of features for the rooted Android devices. These features can also be performed for NAND+ROOT unlocked devices. Following functions can be seen for rooted devices:

- The tool can uninstall system apps in the rooted devices;
- The tool can freeze or disable the bloatware as well;
- It can easily free or de-freeze any application on your phone;
- It can perform the backup as well as restore the backup of any app;
- It can hide any app;
- The tool allows the user to edit their preferences by exploring app data code or code folder.

Part 2: How to Use Root Uninstaller to Uninstall Stock Android Apps?

Apps that come pre-installed in your phone aren't always the ones you might need. These apps, in most cases, take up your storage and degrade the performance of your phone. Freezing them, disabling them, or deleting them out of your phone could enhance its speed and performance to a great extent. Root Uninstaller, can thus be used for this purpose. However, this feature can only be used on rooted device as system apps are not accessible in the non-rooted devices. Following are the steps to uninstall Stock Android apps from your device using the root uninstaller:

Step 1: Download the root uninstaller app (free or pro version) from the Google Play Store of your Android device. Install the tool onto your device and launch its app.

download root uninstaller

Step 2: Select the pre-installed application you want to uninstall from your phone by tapping on its name under the "System Apps" menu. If you're unable to find the application you want to uninstall, you can use the "Re-scan Apps" button for the same.

install apps

Step 3: On tapping on the name of the app, the tool will give you the options to either freeze, uninstall or take the backup of the app.

Step 4: Click on the "Uninstall" button to uninstall the application. After the process has been completed, reboot your Android device.

uninstall the apps

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