[Odin Mode Android] How to Get Out of Odin Mode on Samsung Devices?

"Hello. I'm new to your forum and would like to ask an expert on ODIN MODE for help. I have been denied warranty repair, and they claim that the ODIN MODE screenshot they have taken as evidence shows that the device is rooted. I do not know what ODIN MODE is about, but the messages on the evidence screenshot show that the device has never been rooted..."

- Excerpted from Android Forum

Odin mode is Samsung's proprietary software to put your device into the rooting process or install custom and new firmware and ROMs. Any new users of Samsung phones may accidentally enter and want to exit the Odin mode. Besides, if your Android Odin mode gets stuck on downloading the firmware, you may also want to know how to fix the Odin mode not downloading issue.

Don't fret! You are reading something marvelous explaining Odin mode and troubleshooting the common issues related to Samsung Galaxy Odin mode.

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Part 1. What Is Odin Mode on a Samsung?
Part 2. How to Enter & Exit Odin Mode Manually?
Part 3. How to Get Out of and Fix Odin Mode in One Click?
Part 4. 3 Common Ways to Fix "Phone Stuck in Odin Mode" Issue
Bonus Tip: How to Fix "Odin Flash Stock Failed" Problem

Part 1. What Is Odin Mode on a Samsung?

Unlike most OEM Android phones, Samsung devices go without the traditional Fastboot mode used to flash and root the firmware and partition images. Thus, the creation of Odin mode perfectly solved the problem.

Odin mode is a Samsung exclusive Download mode. Booting the device information flashes the official firmware to make three things possible: Manually install updates, fix software glitches, and patch the firmware binary to root your device. Therefore, every time you want to flash the firmware, you have to enter the Download mode.

what is odin mode

But how to recognize whether your Samsung Galaxy is in the Odin mode?

Before entering the Bootloader Unlocking process, a warning screen or boot menu will appear on the screen, showing two options - Continue and Cancel. You can press the Volume keys to make the selection. Additionally, if a triangle with an Android symbol is presented on the screen and displays "Downloading", your phone is also in Odin mode.

Part 2. How to Enter & Exit Odin Mode Manually?

How to Enter Your Samsung Galaxy into the Odin Mode?

You can boot your Samsung Galaxy into the Odin mode with two approaches: Use a combination of keys or ADB command.

1. Use a combination of physical keys:

For Samsung devices with a Home key (Galaxy S/S7, Galaxy Note 7, etc.):

Power off your Samsung Galaxy > press and hold the Volume Down + Home + Power keys together until the blue-colored Warning screen shows up > release all keys > press the Volume Up key to enter the Download mode.

For Samsung devices with the Bixby key (Galaxy S8/S9/S10, Galaxy Note 8/9, etc.):

Power off your device > press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby + Power keys simultaneously until the Warning screen appears > release all keys > press the Volume Up key to enter the Download mode.

For Samsung devices with Volume and Power keys (Galaxy S20/S21, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Tab S7/A7, etc.):

Power off your phone > press and hold the Volume Up + Down keys simultaneously > plug your device into a computer via a USB cable while holding the keys > release both keys when the Warning screen appears > tap the Volume Up key to enter the Download mode.

2. Use ADB tools:

Connect your Samsung Galaxy to the computer with a USB cable > Install the ADB package on your PC and run a command window > input the .\adb devices on Windows or ./adb devices on Mac/Linux to ensure your phone and computer can communicate over ADB.

Next, choose the Allow option on your phone to enable the USB debugging > enter the .\adb reboot download on Windows or ./adb reboot download on Mac/Linux to boot your Samsung into Download mode.

fix odin mode on samsung via adb

How to Exit Odin Mode?

Generally, if you are flashing the device with Odin mode, it will automatically exit Odin mode and restart your device once finished.

However, if your phone gets stuck in Odin mode or you want to stop Odin mode, you can press and hold the Volume Down + Power/Side keys for 10 seconds. Then, your device will exit the mode and reboot into Android OS automatically.

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Part 3. How to Get Out of and Fix Odin Mode in One Click?

Android System Repair is a professional software to fix various Android system issues: Phone stuck in Odin mode, black screen of death, apps keep crashing, Play Store not working, stuck in a boot loop, Android OTA update failure, etc. With a high success rate and speed, it works for fixing all mainstream Samsung phones and tablets without the tech knowledge required, like Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8/S7/Note/A9s/A8s/A6s, etc.

install android system repair to fix odin mode on samsung

How to get out of Odin mode in one click?

1. After installing the software on your PC, please run it and click System Repair to continue. After that, connect your Samsung phone to the computer using a USB cable and tap the Android Repair option on the left side.

run android system repair on your pc

2. In the device information interface, choose the correct brand, name, model, country, and carrier information, agree with the warnings and click Next. In the next screen, read the warnings and type 000000 to confirm and proceed.

choose device info to fix odin mode on samsung

3. Follow the on-screen instructions to get your device into the Download mode and tap Next to start downloading the firmware necessary to repair your device. After downloading and verifying the firmware, it will automatically fix the Android problem.

start fixing odin mode on samsung automatically

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Part 4. 3 Common Ways to Fix "Phone Stuck in Odin Mode" Issue

When your Samsung phone gets stuck in Odin mode and prompts "downloading, do not turn off target!!!", you can fix this problem in the following three ways.

Trick 1. Remove the Battery

After removing the battery for two minutes, replace the battery in the device and power on your device. In most cases, it solves the phone stuck in Odin mode issue.

Trick 2. Use Odin Flash Tool

The operation of this method is a bit complicated. Please follow the instructions carefully:

1. Install a suitable firmware, Odin flashing tool, and driver software on your computer. Later, right-click the Odin file and select Run as Administrator.

2. Enter your device into the Download mode by tapping the Power + Volume Down + Home buttons simultaneously and release the Power button when the phone vibrates.

3. Touch the Volume Up button, and it will display the Download mode screen. Afterward, connect your phone to the computer with a USB cable, and the Odin tool will detect your device automatically.

4. Once detected, a message will appear and says Added. Now, click the PDA or AP button in the Odin window to search for the installed firmware and then hit the Start button to fix the issue.

Note: You may lose data during the process. So, you'd better back up your Samsung device before getting started.

fix odin mode on samsung via odin flash tool

Trick 3. Try the Latest Odin Version

If you still cannot proceed on the stuck screen, please try the latest Odin version. For more information, you can check the Samsung Odin forum for more useful troubleshooting.

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Bonus Tip: How to Fix "Odin Flash Stock Failed" Problem

What if Odin flash stock failed or was interrupted halfway? Well, here's what to do:

Open Settings > navigate to Security under General > disable the Reactivation Lock option.

Once done, you can continue flashing the stock ROM/firmware once again.

Final Words

If Odin mode on Samsung phone gets broken or goes wrong, your phone may not boot or become hard-bricked. Therefore, we don't recommend you to use Odin mode often. However, if the stuck in Odin mode issue already happens, you can try the easy tricks introduced above. You can also use Android System Repair to automatically detect and fix the problem for a higher success rate.

If you get into difficulties while using the software, please contact us by leaving a comment below. Or, if the above methods cannot solve your problem, please get in touch with Samsung official for professional technical support.

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