Swiftly Turn Off HEIC on iPhone and Change HEIC Images [Step by Step]


Are you struggling to turn off HEIC on an iPhone? You're not alone; Apple's preferred image file format can still present some compatibility issues. This problem comes when you share the photos with someone or try to open the image on your Windows computer. Luckily, Apple makes it easier to turn off HEIC iPhone.

Since the 2017 launch of iOS 11, Apple has been using HEIC as a photo format. Since then, it's become a standard format for users to capture and store photos. The HEIC format provides several advantages. One of the reasons why it's beneficial is its superior compression which saves space on an iPhone. So, Apple won't change its image format to save space on their devices. Continue reading to learn how to turn off HEIC on iPhone.

turn off heic on iphone


Part 1: Why Are My iPhone Pictures Stored in HEIC Format?

HEIC, otherwise known as the high-efficiency image format, is a revolutionary way of storing digital images. Apple's HEIC format is a special picture format that uses an advanced compression method to make pictures in fewer sizes without lowering the quality. If the Camera app on your phone saves images in this unique file type, it's because you have selected the option to capture media with HEIC enabled.

Nonetheless, if you're looking to transfer these HEIC photos to an incompatible device, such as a Windows PC so that they can be viewed or edited, it won't be possible.

If you have transferred your pictures to a computer, you may have trouble viewing them. The cause is that the images are saved as HEIC and not JPEG. HEIC files save storage on iPhones, and that's why Apple uses this format to save your pictures. However, they are incompatible with other platforms, as is the case for JPEG files.

Fortunately, adjusting your iPhone settings to capture photos in the JPEG format is a straightforward process that this tutorial will reveal. Don't let HEIC files bog you down anymore; with just a few simple steps, you can make the transition seamlessly.

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Part 2: How to Turn HEIC Off on iPhone Settings?

The most straightforward way of disabling HEIC on an iPhone is through the iPhone's settings. You can easily turn off this feature with just a few taps in your iOS device's settings. Let us walk you through it:

Step 1: To switch off the default HEIC option for capturing images, head to "Settings" and choose "Camera".

Step 2: This will open up camera settings. When here, click on "Formats" to select how pictures are stored on the phone.

Step 3: Now change from the "High Efficiency" option to the "Most Compatible" option in the format settings. This means that all those pictures you take afterward will be stored as JPEGs which will be easier to open on a computer. Besides, the transfer will be faster.

turn off heic on iphone

From the settings, 4K & 60fps will be in HEIC format since this method uses a lot of storage. No matter how annoying this may seem, you will not have much storage space on your iPhone if you capture 4K videos without HEIC.

Although HEIC can be disabled on your iPhone, this will only take effect for images taken in the future and won't convert any of your previous photos.

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Part 3: How to Change HEIC to JPG or PNG on a Computer Quickly?

While it's convenient to access HEIC images on all iDevices running on iOS 11 and later, iOS devices operating on an outdated version and most other platforms cannot open them. Thus, image formats, such as JPG and PNG, prove far more versatile. But worry not, as you have reliable software, Coolmuster HEIC Converter, an all-in-one tool for converting HEIC images to JPG or PNG files on your computer. With this tool, you can convert your photos directly on the PC, and the conversion has never been more effortless and efficient while maintaining a higher level of quality.

Key features of Coolmuster HEIC Converter:

* Allow you to directly drag and convert HEIC images to PNG/JPG/JPEG.

* Will not damage your pictures, and keep them with the original quality.

* List your photos on the interface.

* Enable you to convert HEIC files from your iPhone on a PC.

* Keep the Eixf data of your images.

Download this HEIC conversion tool.

Convert your HEIC images on a PC with this software:

01Install HEIC Converter on PC

After installation, launch the software on your Windows computer to open its interface.

02Add HEIC Images

There are two simple methods to upload your HEIC photos: click the "Add HEIC" option or drag and drop them over the dotted frame, then click the "Drop and drop here" icon.

fast change heic files to jpg or png

03Choose and Set Up the Output Image

After transferring the HEIC pictures, tick those images to convert, then select "JPEG/JPG" or "PNG" near the Output Format.

If you'd like to maintain the original information contained in your images, turn on the option for "Keep Exif Data". Also, adjust the quality parameter and locate the output folder. After ensuring everything is right, click "Convert" to convert the HEIC files to PNG or JPG.

change iphone heic photos on computer

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Part 4: FAQs on Disabling HEIC on an iPhone

Q1. Are HEIF and HEIC file formats different?

HEIF is exclusively used for keeping images, while HEIC can store images and video files. HEIF is a standardized lossy-compressed format. This means that original data will be lost when the files are compressed, which may lead to decreased image quality. On the other hand, HEIC is an open-source file format that uses lossless compression. Compressed files won't lose quality. HEIC files are also smaller than their counterparts and take up less device storage space.

Q2. Can I view HEIC files on an Android?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is no. Unfortunately, Android devices are unable to open HEIC files. This format was innovated by Apple and is currently exclusive to their iOS gadgets. As such, Android or other smartphone manufacturers haven't yet adopted it. However, there are knacks to viewing these images on an Android.

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Extra Tip: Are HEIC Images Better Than JPEG?

Most computers usually work with JPEG and will therefore recognize JPEG images. Yet Apple opts to use HEIC files as the default format. The most significant distinction is that not only does this file type take up less room, but it also keeps more image details than a typical JPEG.

Apple is ahead of the curve by adopting HEIC as a photo format, although it's not widely used yet. Sooner or later, this could become more ubiquitous than other digital formats for photos. It's no surprise that Apple is thinking this way; after all, they set the trend in headphone technology by removing the headphone jack before Bluetooth became popular. Bluetooth headphones are commonplace and considered the standard for any audio device.

Although it's an annoyance right now, HEIC photos may be useful in the future. Until then, however, you can easily convert your images to JPEG format without sacrificing quality whatsoever.

Final Verdict

This guide has highlighted simpler ways for iPhone HEIC to turn off. Besides, you can still change HEIC to PNG/JPG on a computer with Coolmuster HEIC Converter. This option is good if you intend to share the photos with others and need compatibility. With this, the conversion process is straightforward; add files, select the output format, and convert.

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