Top 5 Lyrics Apps for iPhone You Can't Miss


Lyrics apps are great for a number of different reasons. One of the most commonly known is giving the words to a song so that people can sing along. These apps are very useful when it is hard for the listener to determine what the artists are really saying, especially when they are singing songs that have fast beats. That being said, here are 5 of the top apps and on the market, and the features that people should pay close attention to.

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What are the Best Lyrics Apps for iPhone?

#1- Musixmatch

Musixmatch has earned a variety of different distinctions including being the largest global lyrics catalog. Even though 155 countries were selected, it is an app that won an Editor’s Choice of Apps in the Year in 2013. This app also has the following features:

- Synced lyrics and can be connected toSpotify Premium or an Apple Music account.

- The lyrics to virtually any song can be found and can be played immediately.

- Provides users a way to identify songs with a special tap feature.

- Like magic since the lyrics can be found via TV screens and radios.

#2 - Genius: Song Lyrics + Music Knowledge

Genius can be described as the world’s largest collection of lyrics. The information gathered comes from a crowdsourced base of musical knowledge. Those who use this app has access to over 1.7 million songs. The features provided in this app are as follows:

- Highlighted lines that will allow people to tap on it so that can read the annotations.

- Offers facts behind the tracks so that users have access to more details.

#3 -KK Lyrics Pro

KK Lyrics Pro has been designed for people who want to view the lyrics as they play their playing their favorite music selection. With this application, people will see the lyrics moving to the current singing line. Features:

- This application has been made to support portrait and landscape orientation and has gestures that provides quick operation.

- It also has features that show Dynamic lyric text and has changeable colors for the background.

- Language support for different languages including English, Chinese and Japanese.

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#4 - Lyrics Mania

Lyrics Mania has been designed with a variety of different great useful features. Some of the most notable includes providing users with an auto feature that finds lyrics quickly to all songs in an individual's library. It will allow the individual to down the library that has been created to their devices. People can create their own playlists so that they can repeat tracks that they want to see. Users may also copy lyrics and see them to people in their social networks.

#5 - MetroLyrics

Some of the key features of this app include a number of different capabilities. For instance, this app has been designed to allow a user to click the search button and then type in the name of the song that they would like to access. Once this information has been entered, the user will have an option of seeing the names of each song, the artists, and their works. It also features millions of tracks.

The Final Part

There are many different types of useful apps on the market today. Some of which can be used to assist an individual with their business needs, while others are needed for personal use. Regardless to the type of app that is being marketed to large groups of people at one time, these apps can be used for a number of invaluable things.

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