Best iTunes Library Manager to Help You Control the iTunes Data Effectively


iTunes, is definitely an ideal media management tool, that allows users to sync media files from computer to iDevices, and manage these files on your iTunes manually. However, since to the limitation of Apple's iTunes, sometimes you can't achieve your goal by using this handy tool on your desktop PC. For example, when you find your iTunes music library reached 5,000 tracks and you may realize that it is time for a cleanup, right? Of course, you can delete them by listening, checking duplicate songs to locate these unnecessary. Obviously, the process is a little bit troublesome, and actually no one gets the luxury of time to actually do that. Thus, some of you may wish to export these music files to another external hard drive, so that you can get more free space on your iDevice without deleting any music file indeed, right? However, when you tried to do so, you find there is no way to reach it with iTunes, then what will you do?

Therefore, in this article, we could like to introduce a powerful iTunes library manager software for your reference. First of all, let's have a brief look on the principles on how to find a good iTunes library manager on the market.

How to Find A Good-performanced yet Reliable Library Manager for iTunes?

1. A good library manager will allow you to find what you need at a touch of a button. No complex operation and no professional technical skill is required.

2. A good iTunes library manager will allow you to fix dead tracks. That means it can not only find tracks, but also search for possible matches to the missing tracks.

3. Some basic functions like find, duplicate, add, or merge should also be included in the features of a good iTunes library. So that you don't need to find another app to operate them on your device.

Just as you can see, an ideal iTunes library manager should have the above 3 features, but actually, lots of library manager on the market can't satisfy all features above at one time, so all you need to do is compare them and find the functions that you need and use it to manage your library data.

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Top-notch iTunes Library Manager Software

Coolmuster iOS Assistant - This tool allows users to access to the device's media folder and manage music or any other media files like movies, photos on the desktop computer without going through the need of entering iTunes. You're allowed to preview all loaded files in the program in the form of categories, and export these music or movies from your iDevice to desktop computer partially or in a batch. Furthermore, this program not only support media files, other data like contacts, messages, notes, safari bookmarks, voice memos, etc. can also be accessed, previewed and exported from iPhone, iPad, or iPod to PC/Mac with one simple click. Below is the highlights of the powerful program:

- Access and move up to 14 types of files from iOS device to personal PC or external hard drive within few clicks;

- Preview all loaded files in the program on your personal PC directly, and all files will be divided and displayed in categories;

- Quick search tool allows you to find what you want in the shortest time;

- Compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices, including iPhone 14/13/12/11/X/8 Plus/8/7/6, iPad Pro/Air/4/mini/2, iPod touch 8/7/6/5/4/3/2, etc.

How to Perform this iTunes Library Manager on Your PC/Mac?

Step 1. Download and install the right version on your Windows or Mac computer (Mac users please click here), and then connect the iDevice to the computer via USB cable. Now, you can launch the program and it will detect your connected device, show the basic info about the device in the program as follow:

itunes library manager

Step 2. Select the file type you wish to manage and enter it to preview the detailed files in the program. Mark the files you wish to move and tick them one by one.

Step 3. After selecting all files you need, you can click "Export" button to a specific folder on your computer as you like.

itunes library manager

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