Top 4 Music Radio Apps for iOS and Android


As a music fan, you may like to listen to a music station or collections on your portable devices while you're at home, on the go or anywhere you like. Compare to the songs that you've downloaded to the device, listening to radio will give you more options and surprises in the daily life, right? You can find new and latest songs you might not know, and follow different genres and enjoy other singers that you may have not familiar before. Undoubtedly, music radio apps on your iOS and Android devices will give you more detections in the daily life, and if you love to listen to music radio on your devices, then here is a list of music radio apps for iOS and Android devices that you can't miss. Now, let's go through them and find the most suitable one according to your own needs.

List of the Best Music Radio Apps for iOS and Android

1. TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio is a free radio application for iOS and Android users. It can provide users with over 100,000 radio stations, that includes sports, news, music, and talk radio from around the world.

music radio apps for android ios


- Listen to your favorite talk shows, podcasts live, sporting events, concerts, etc. anytime and anywhere;

- Over 100,000 radio stations, provide you with a large amount of resources to enrich your daily life;

- Enjoy exclusive access to over 600 commercial-free music stations;

- No banner ads during the using of the app on your device;

- Enjoy it with Apple Watch as you like.


- Heavy battery usage;

- No editing function to users.

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2. Pandora

Pandora is another free music application for iOS and Android users. It is a new kind of radio stations that play only music you like. You can start your fantastic music journey in the app with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers. And the rest will be done by Pandora at seconds. Now, let's check the pros and cons about the tool:


- You're allowed to create up to 100 personalized radio stations with the free account;

- User-friendly interface and high-quality playback;

- No matter you're a novice or expert of using Pandora on your device, you can quickly find your needed music files in the app.


- Pre-buffering last way too long;

- Always crashes due to unknown reasons;

- The compatible devices are limited.

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3. iHeartRadio

Actually, this app is not only a music radio app on the Internet. It can be used as a multi-functional entertainment app, which can provide users both traditional radio and various types of content, including talk shows, news, sports and entertainment. And you can view the best collections of custom stations in the iHear directly, and then you can find some interested genres or artists easily.

music radio apps for android ios


- Over 18 million songs from 400,000+ artists over the netword;

- Tune into 800+ live AM/FM radios from all over the country;

- Fresh, clean and modern interface design makes you feel comfortable whenever you open it on your device;

- Special "For You" feature will tailor music to your personal tastes.


- Some inbuilt purchase requests might bother you;

- Some channels are not always works stable;

- Not a free ads app.

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4. Songza

No matter you're just going to relax, work, study or hold a party, you can find the right music from any situations in the Songza easily. From some aspects, this app is just like Pandora we have mentioned before, Songza is an Internet radio in its most primitive form, and all playlists here are created by a team of music experts, that is the main difference between Songza and Pandora. What's more, this app only available in Canada and the United States.


- Get access to over 20 million songs that have been split into hundreds of playlists;

- "Music Concierge" feature takes the day of the week, the time of the day and the user's mood to recommend the selection of fitting playlists.

- No ads in the app.


- Not all songs can be found in this app. Under every individual playlist, you may only have a few dozen songs.

How to Manage Music Files on iOS and Android Devices?

To manage the music files on your iOS and Android devices, you have to find some 3rd-party program as your assistant. Below is a list of best music manager program for iOS and Android users. You can select the right one to start your music management progress according to your own needs.

#1 - Coolmuster iOS Assistant

This program can works well as an iOS File Explorer, it allows users to access, explore, and manage iPhone, iPad or iPod media files on desktop computer with a simple USB cable. And it also can help users to export, backup the media files including music, photos, movies, from iDevice to PC or Mac with one simple click. So that you can enjoy all your favorite music files in any other devices as you like.

#2 - Coolmuster Android Assistant

Similar to the transfer program for iOS, this Android Assistant is specially designed for Android users to manage files like music, photos, contacts, apps, etc. on the personal PC. You can use it to import songs from or to desktop PC easily. And you can delete any unnecessary files in the program directly.

#3 - Coolmuster Mobile Transfer

An all-round application for Android, iOS and phones that running on other system. You can use it to move data like music, apps, contacts, photos, etc. between Android devices, and quickly, you can move data between different system without restrictions. What's more, you're also enabled to use the tool to backup and restore data as you like.


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