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It may take a considerable amount of time and effort to read and understand long PDF files that are jam-packed with information. Luckily, as AI technology has developed, there are various AI PDF summarizers to assist you in understanding the essential ideas and points of PDF documents, even though the files are long and obscure. So which tools are reliable to use? No hurry. We have offered five practical AI PDF summarizers in this post. Read the post and learn about these tools. Then you can save you time in the works and lives with ease.

ai pdf summarizers


We'll provide an overview of each tool, listing their main features, pros, and cons to help you choose the one that best fits your needs.

1. Wondershare PDFelement

Official Website: https://pdf.wondershare.com/

Wondershare PDFelement is a flexible PDF editing and management tool. With it, you can comprehend your PDF files by dividing those documents. Besides, you can export the summaries as Markdown files. The rewritten articles can be saved without hassle as well.

  • Generates summaries, key points, and keywords by using AI technology.
  • Extract the vital info from PDF without effort.
  • Identifies computer-generated content using text-pattern analysis methods.
  • Enhances the readability, style, and grammar of your PDF documents.
  • Edits your PDF files easily, so you can modify the mistakes in grammar, spelling, vocabulary choice, etc.
  • Translate PDF files quickly into any language.
  • Improves your comprehension of the document content by breaking down difficult ideas in PDF documents.

summarize pdf with wondershare ai tool


  • Cater to various needs, including PDF editing, conversion, merging, signing, encrypting, etc.
  • Summarizes your files easily even though they are stored in the cloud storage space.
  • Supports defferent devices, like mobile phones, computers, and tablets.
  • The pricing is more economical compared to Adobe Acrobat.
  • Prompt customer services.


  • Require the payment for access.
  • Upgrade versions frequently.

2. QuillBot

Official Website: https://quillbot.com/

QuillBot is an online tool for summarizing and rewriting texts that can improve your writing and communication effectiveness. If you want to refine viewpoints from your PDF files, QuillBot will be a good assistant. In addition to summarization, it can rewrite, proofread, translate, and do a lot more to make your writing persuasive and clear.

use ai to summarize pdf

Key Features:

  • Provides a long or short summary or highlights the important points of a longer text.
  • Quickly grasps a topic to save reading time.
  • Rewrites text with different vocabulary and syntax while retaining the original meaning.
  • Allows you to copy your texts directly.
  • Scans text, identifies, and corrects grammar errors.
  • Lists all the features on the left manu panel, so you can find what you need swiftly.
  • In addition to simple punctuation and spelling, it can also analyze sentence structure and usage in depth, ensuring that the content is both clear and correct.
  • Detects whether your content is similar to other content on the internet and provides a percentage.


  • Provides rewriting, summarizing, grammar, vocabulary, and more features.
  • Improves the quality and fluency of writing, avoiding repetition and errors.
  • The paraphraser offers multiple modes to paraphrase an article.
  • Summarizes files efficiently.


  • Can only be used through a web browser.
  • Sometimes displays error messages.
  • Cannot recognize the images in the file.
  • Changes the context and meaning of the original text.
  • Sometimes words stick together.
  • Requires payment for upgrades to use more summary modes and lengths.
  • The summaries is dull and uninteresting.

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3. IntelliPPT

Official Website: https://www.intellippt.com/

IntelliPPT, a free AI PDF summarizer available online, assists you in efficiently summarizing text and documents, including PDF with AI technology. You can summarize your PDF files without effort so long as your device is connected to a stable network. You don's install any software to occupy the storage space of your computer. Plus, it is also helpful to create presentations based on the summaries.

ai pdf summary tool

Key Features:

  • Fast summarizes PDFs with AI to accurately catch the key points of the content.
  • Also works for other documents, like DOCX, TEXT, and more.
  • The interface is very clean and user-friendly.
  • You can copy and paste your text to start the summarizing process conveniently.
  • Highlights the important parts for guiding you.
  • Simplifies complicated sentences into easier-to-understand ones.


  • Allows you to copy and paste text to generate PPT.
  • Creates PPTs in just a few minutes.
  • Automatically matches the most suitable PPT themes, styles, colors, fonts, layouts, etc., according to the document content.
  • Supports you to edit, add, delete, modify, rearrange slides generated, or change PPT themes, styles, colors, fonts, layouts, etc.


  • Free accounts can only upload 50,000 characters.
  • The AI-generated presentations is lack of creativity, so you'd better modify your PPT after it created.

4. Summarizer

Official Website: https://www.summarizer.org/

With the aid of Summarizer, you can condense any text via the Internet, whether it is a book or a PDF file. This is an online PDF AI summarization tool, allowing you to get a summary of your PDF file effortlessly. To obtain a clear and accurate summary, you just need to upload the PDF file you wish to summarize, and then click the "Summarize" option. That's all. This tool is so handy to use, right?

pdf summarizer ai free

Key Features:

  • Automatically summarizes any text, whether it's articles, papers, books, news, etc.
  • Easily adjusts the length of the summary according to their needs.
  • The extracted summary can be displayed in different styles.
  • Enhance the accuracy and readability of the summary with AI.
  • No registration or download required.


  • There is no ads on the interface.
  • Besides the summarizer feature, there are paraphrase tool, AI essay writer, and more features are available.
  • Supports the customizable summary on length, accuracy, and language.
  • Exports the summary to a Word document.


  • The function is too simple.
  • AI Summarizer 2.0 can be used for premium only.
  • The speed of generating summaries is slow when free.
  • The quality of the summaries is not stable.

5. Scholarcy

Official Website: https://www.scholarcy.com/

How can you extract all the important information from a PDF file in seconds? In fact, an AI-powered tool, Scholarcy Article Summarizer, can make it. With the advanced technology, it can analyze the content in your file fast, and then output the info with accessible words. Navigate to this summarizer, and drag and drop your PDF file to garner the key idea with a few clicks.

use ai for pdf summary

Key Features:

  • Enables you to import files to summarize with drag and drop.
  • Extracts main points from file in various formats, and the generated summaries are accurate.
  • Summarizing a whole book is supported.
  • Automatically highlights important terms, viewpoints, and findings in the article.
  • Provides a background reading list to help users quickly understand the main topics in related fields.
  • Finds references in the article and links to open-access PDFs, and allows users to export the entire reference list.
  • Allows users to download tables in Excel format or view images as thumbnails.
  • Its browser extension is available.


  • Support customizable summary length.
  • Support many file formats, containing PDF, eBook, and more.
  • The solutions and information provided are all correct.
  • Hover over abbreviations to view full names.


  • The quality of the AI-processed full text is not high, sometimes resulting in confusion and difficulty in understanding.

Final Thoughts

It's not challenging to read PDF documents any more because you can now use an AI PDF summarization tool. So, as the tools displayed in the previous parts, which one can best meet your needs? Learn about their features, advantages and disadvantages carefully, and pick one to start your summarization.

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