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You've probably sent a document in a PDF format at some point. How secure was your PDF? You don't need to bother about how to encrypt a PDF. That happens because some assume the PDF will land in the right hands, which isn't always true. Whether sending the PDF document online or saving it on your device, you must enable PDF password protection for maximum security.

This comprehensive article will reveal some exciting ways to encrypt a PDF with a password. We have a solution for you whether you are using a computer, smartphone, or tablet. You'll also learn more about the Coolmuster PDF Locker - a top PDF encryption tool that has been getting a lot of preference in the digital space.

how to encrypt a pdf


Part 1: The Basics of Encrypting a PDF

Q1. Why Encrypt PDF?

Is encrypting a PDF file worth it? The simple answer is yes. While most prioritize encryption to secure the files by restricting access, more benefits come in handy.

Here's why you should encrypt your PDF:

  • It restricts printing, editing, and copy of the PDF contents.
  • It gives you control over who reads or uses the PDF file.
  • It allows for easy file tracking.
  • It gives you some peace of mind.

Q2. Can You Encrypt a PDF for Free?

Yes, there are many free PDF encryption tools. What matters most is a particular tool's efficiency, safety, and reliability. If you need a free tool to protect your PDF forms, documents, or images, go for Coolmuster PDF Locker, and you won't regret it.

Q3. What Are the Best Hacks for PDF Encryption?

Are you encrypting a PDF for the first time? It's straightforward. Anybody can encrypt a PDF when they know how to do it. But what makes your encrypted PDF stand out?

Here are four tips to help you encrypt a PDF:

  • Go for outstanding apps like the Coolmuster PDF Locker.
  • Keep the password solid and rememberable.
  • Always test the encryption before sending the files.
  • Be sure of the permissions to restrict your encrypted PDF.

Part 2. How to Encrypt a PDF with Coolmuster PDF Locker [Best Way]

Your search for the best PDF encryption software comes to an end the moment you get to know about the Coolmuster PDF Locker. It is a free, robust tool that offers top-level PDF security. Thanks to the software's advanced features.

This user-friendly tool lets you put encryption on one or multiple PDF files in a single click while at the same time allowing you to select the permissions you want to emphasize on the document. All this happens seamlessly on the app's interface without any risk of losing your precious PDF data.

The Features of Coolmuster PDF Locker

  • Add user and owner passwords to restrict the files.
  • Enjoy a fast, secure, and superb layout for PDF encryption.
  • Customize your PDF security specifications.
  • Encrypt your files with Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.
  • Import and encrypt multiple PDF files without hiccups.
  • Use the software without the need to advance your tech skills.
  • Choose the encryption level for your files based on the content sensitivity.

Here are three well-expounded steps on how to put encryption on PDF files with Coolmuster PDF Locker:

01Install Coolmuster PDF Locker and Add Files

Download, install, and launch this app on your computer. Next, hit Add Files to add one or many PDF files to protect from your computer.

how to encrypt a pdf file with pdf locker

02Set the Encryption Specifics

You can customize how you want your PDF encrypted on the right side of the software's interface. Set the User Password, Owner Password, and Encryption Level.

Next, click on Set Permissions and choose what protects your PDF further. It can be permission to print, add annotations, modify content, copy, and more.

set the password

03Encrypt the Selected PDF

But first, select the folder to store your PDFs after the encryption. Next, click Encrypt and let the process proceed uninterrupted. Click Show in folder to see your protected files. That's all - you've successfully encrypted your PDF.

encrypt the selected pdf

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Part 3. How to Encrypt PDF Documents on Windows

How do I encrypt a PDF on my computer with Windows for free? Whenever such a question arises, the worst that can happen is to assume it's not possible. Again, you don't want to take a lengthy and complicated approach.

Here's how to encrypt PDF images or documents on a Windows computer using Microsoft Word and WPS Office.

Method 1. How to Encrypt a PDF with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is a native Microsoft Office product. Do you know that most people will create a Word document and later convert the Word to PDF? That means you can use Word to secure your PDF.

Here are the steps to encrypt PDF with Word:

Step 1. Open a new Word document, click File, then Open to access the PDF you want to lock.

Step 2. Once the Word Doc with PDF opens, click File, Export, then Create PDF/XPS Document to create a PDF to encrypt. From the saving panel, click on Options.

encrypt pdf with password using ms word

Step 3. Check the Encrypt the document with password box, and click OK.

encrypt pdf options

Step 4. Key in your preferred password, press OK, then Publish. You now have an encrypted PDF.

encrypting a pdf

Method 2. How to Encrypt a PDF with WPS Office - WPS Docs

WPS Office is becoming popular because it works in almost all operating systems. You can depend on it for creating and encrypting PDF files on your smartphone or PC.

Follow these steps to encrypt or password-protect a PDF on WPS Docs:

Step 1. Head to the WPS PDF Tools website, and sign in to WPS Docs with your email. Choose the Organizing PDF tool.

encrypt pdf with password with wps

Step 2. Click Select PDF File to add your unprotected PDF, then open it. Select Encrypt the PDF or Password Protect.

Step 3. Next, go ahead and enter a password and save it. Your PDF is now restricted.

Method 3. How to Encrypt PDF with Password Using Adobe

Adobe Acrobat is among the PDF-locking methods that have existed for years. This tool makes it easier to lock a PDF, preventing unwanted viewing or editing. The only challenge is that their trial period is short, and you must pay a lot monthly to access the PDF encryption feature.

Nevertheless, these three steps will help you encrypt a PDF using Adobe Acrobat:

Step 1. Access the unencrypted PDF on your Adobe.

Step 2. Once the PDF opens in Adobe, click Protect. This option is also available when you click Tools, then Protect.

Step 3. Tap on Protect Using Password and choose to block viewing or editing on the PDF at this step.

how do i encrypt a pdf with adobe

Step 4. Enter the password of your choice, confirm it, then click Apply. The PDF automatically becomes encrypted.

Part 4. How to Protect and Encrypt PDF on Mac - with Preview

How to encrypt a PDF file on Mac seems different compared to most alternatives. It's because of its free preinstalled and default PDF encryption software referred to as Preview. The software also allows you to restrict editing, signing, and so on.

Here's how to encrypt a PDF in Preview on Mac:

Step 1. Open the unencrypted PDF on your Mac's Preview. Click on File, then Export.

how encrypt pdf file with preview

Step 2. Hit the Permission tab, then enter your password. Modify other permissions, and click Appy to save all the changes.

encrypt pdf options

Step 3. Click on Save to save the encrypted PDF.

save pdf

Part 5. How to Encrypt PDF Files Online

When you want to encrypt a PDF online, you'll realize dozens of alternative methods exist. SmallPDF is a worthy option; you'll not need to download any app to get started. However, ensuring your browser is up to date, and your network connection has no downtime would be best.

Do the following to encrypt a PDF file using SmallPDF Protect PDF:

Step 1. Use your browser to access the SmallPDF website and find the Protect PDF tool.

how to encrypt pdf file online

Step 2. Click on CHOOSE FILE to upload your PDF file to encrypt. It will open on the site's interface.

Step 3. Next, add the password and hit ENCRYPT PDF. The encryption process in a second.

Step 4. Click on Download and save your new encrypted PDF.

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Wrapping Up

This comprehensive guide on encrypting PDF files shows that an extra security layer on your PDF file comes in handy when saving or sending these digital files. Thankfully, we've covered the most significant methods of encrypting a PDF to get you started.

Whether you prefer installed encryption apps or working directly on your browser, there is an option for you. The same applies to those that use either Windows or Mac. All said and done, Coolmuster PDF Locker should be your first go-to PDF protection software if you love quality, safety, and speed.

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