3 Ways to Split PDF Files on Mac

Esther Joan
Sep 01, 2022

Are you looking for a way to split a large PDF file into several small ones so that you can email, send and share the PDF more quickly and easily? People who are using Mac machines actually have alternative ways to split PDF files. In this article, we will show you 3 options to split PDF per page or specified page range on Mac.

Tips: To split PDF on Windows, you can read another article about split PDF into multiple files.

Way 1: Split PDF on Mac with Preview

With Mac built-in Preview app, you can split a single PDF document into multiple PDF files without downloading any third-party software. Follow the steps below for splitting PDF files on Mac:

1. Open the PDF file you want to split in Preview. Choose to print the PDF.

2. Don’t print the whole PDF file, just set the page range, such as pages 1-3, or 26-31, or just page number 15, in the Page option.

3. Name the title of the file as you need.

4. One splitting is finished. Now you can repeat the method to begin the second splitting, until you finish splitting the whole PDF file.

Pro: Mac built-in app, no need to search and install additional software.

Con: Need to do unknown number of printing and repeated works.

Way 2: Cut PDF Pages by Using Adobe Acrobat

If you have already installed Adobe Acrobat on your Mac, you can use this program to split a PDF file into several PDF documents. You can extract some pages from a PDF and save them as newly created PDF. Follow the steps below:

1. Open the target PDF document with Adobe Acrobat.

2. Navigate to the top menu to choose Document - Pages - Extract. Input the page range in the From and To fields.

3. There will be a dialog box appears, just confirm whether you want to delete pages after the splitting. Click OK to separate the pages.

4. Go to click File - Save As, then give a name to the new PDF and specify a location where you want to save the splitted PDF files.

Pro: Convenient to use.

Con: Too expensive for personal use.

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Way 3: Separate PDF with PDF Splitter for Mac

Coolmuster PDF Splitter for Mac is a professional tool which is specially designed for Mac users to split PDF document into multiple ones. It is much easier than Preview and much cheaper than Adobe Acrobat. It comes with the free trial version allowing you to judge its functions.

download windows version download mac version

1. Download and install Coolmuster PDF Splitter for Mac, launch it and click Add Files or Add Folder button to upload the target PDF file to the program.

2. Go to gear-like button in front of every PDF to bring out the Custom Settings window. 3 splitting methods are provided here: split by every n page(s), split averagely to n PDF files, or split by page range.

3. Finally, hit on the Start button to split PDF on Mac in a few seconds.

Pro: Simple to use and affordable.

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