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Is your Samsung mobile phone locked? Do not fret. You can easily unlock it using the network unlock code for Samsung. This article teaches you how to remove locks from all Samsung phone models, including the Galaxy A, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z, using the Samsung Unlock code. Even if your device may be hard-locked, the code can still work. Continue reading this guide to understand how to unlock Samsung phones to any network.


Part 1. How to Know If Your Samsung Mobile Phone Is Locked

To unlock a Samsung device locked to a specific network, you should contact the original service provider or retailer and request your phone's unlock code. Some providers may charge a fee, and some may provide the Samsung unlock code for free.

Before contacting your service provider, you need to know if your Samsung mobile phone is locked or not locked. A locked Samsung phone displays either of the following messages:

  • SP Lock
  • SIM Password
  • Network Lock
  • Phone Freezes SIM Unavailable

Part 2. How to Unlock Samsung Phone with Code

Do you wish to understand how to unlock Samsung phone with code for free? You must get into your device's Network Lock Control Key Screen mode to unlock your Samsung mobile phone. After that, you can enter the Samsung network unlock code to remove the lock. However, below are some steps for unlocking most Samsung phone models:

Step 1. Begin the unlocking procedure by powering off the Samsung mobile device and plugging in a different carrier's SIM Card.

Step 2. Power on the Samsung phone again and enter the Unlocking code.

Step 3. Your Samsung device will be unlocked after you enter the unlocking code.

At times, the device may fail to ask for the code. In such cases, you should follow the methods discussed below:

Method 1. Use 8 Digit Unlock Code for Samsung

Step 1. Launch the phone application on your device and type "#7465625*638*#" on the dialer.

Step 2. You will get a prompt requesting a Samsung Reset Code.

Step 3. Key in the 8 - digit Samsung master unlock code.

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Method 2. Plug In Another SIM Card

Step 1. Power off your Samsung mobile phone and plug in a SIM Card from another carrier.

Step 2. Power on your phone again.

Step 3. Your Samsung mobile phone will request a Samsung phone unlock code. Key in "UNFREEZE" as your Samsung sim unlock code free. If your Samsung mobile phone does not ask for the code, open your phone's dialer, key in "UNFREEZE", and hit the "Send" button.

samsung mobile phone will request a samsung phone unlock code

Step 4. After sending the message, you shall get a message informing you that the message was not sent successfully. Do not mind about that because it should happen that way.

Step 5. That will enable the visibility of the Network Lock Screen by disabling your phone's freeze mode.

Step 6. Key in your Samsung network unlock codes to unlock it.

Method 3. Use Samsung Codes Unlock

Step 1. Key in "#7465625*638*CODE#" as your Samsung network unlock codes. The code will be sent to Samsung.

Step 2. After entering the code, your Samsung mobile phone's screen will confirm that the lock has been deactivated.

Note: You can also enter your SIM unlock code as "#0111*CODE#".

Part 3. Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Specific a Samsung Phone

Below are some ways of unlocking specific Samsung phone models.

3.1 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung SGH-E400

Step 1. Power on the Samsung device after you insert a SIM card, key in "*2767*688#", and hit the "Exit" button.

Step 2. Power off your device, plug in the SIM card, power it on, and key in the "00000000" code.

Step 3. Power on your phone again and key in "#*7337#". You will have unlocked your Samsung SGH-E400.

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3.2 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung SGH-X100

Step 1. Plug in your SIM card on the Android phone and power on your device. Key in the "*#9998*3323#" unlock code and press the "Exit" button.

Step 2. Select option 7 on the menu that appears.

Step 3. Restart your device, enter "*0141#", and hit the "Call" icon.

Step 4. Power off the Samsung device, plug in a different SIM card, and power it on. Now key in the "00000000" code, reboot the device, and key in the "#*7337#" code.

3.3 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung SGH-2100

Step 1. Key in the Samsung unlocking code "*2767*3855# *2767*2878#" and restart your device.

Step 2. If the process fails, try repeating the process without inserting a SIM card.

3.4 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung SGH-A127

Step 1. Plug out the SIM Card from your Android phone and power it on.

Step 2. Key in the "#0111*CODE#" unlock code.

Step 3. A "Network Lock Deactivated" prompt will appear. The phone restarts and gets unlocked instantly.

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3.5 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung SGH-A877

Step 1. Power on your phone while the SIM Card is plugged in.

Step 2. Hold your Samsung SGH-A877 in Portrait mode and key in "#7465625*638*CODE#".

Step 3. A prompt "Network Lock Deactivated" will appear, and the device will restart.

3.6 Using Samsung Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung Z320i/650i

Step 1. Plug in your SIM Card on the Android phone and power on the device.

Step 2. Key in "**CODE#".

Step 3. Your Samsung Z320i/650i phone will reboot automatically.

3.7 Using Samsung Galaxy A21 Unlock Code to Unlock Samsung Galaxy A21

When Samsung Galaxy A21 is unlocked using a code, it gets permanently unlocked and will remain unlocked even when your phone's firmware is updated. Follow the guide below to unlock the phone:

Step 1. Insert the unaccepted sim card into the phone and power it on.

Step 2. A special unlock window appears for entering the unlock pin. Enter "Unfreeze" confirm, "NCK" confirm (repeat the process severally in case the phone does not accept it the first time). If a special regional unlock code (RGCK) is provided, it is used similarly to the "NCK" code.

Step 3. If a service provider's pin pops up, the codes are entered in the following order, "Unfreeze" confirm, and then "SPCK" confirm (try severally).

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Bonus: How to Remove Android Phone's Screen Lock Using Android Unlock

Is your Samsung screen locked? There are several ways of unlocking your Samsung mobile phone, and one of the best methods is using a professional phone unlocker tool. Android Unlock is a reputable software for unlocking Android devices. It is a go-to solution for removing fingerprints, passwords, PINs, and pattern locks. It is 100% secure and has a higher unlocking success rate than similar tools.

Below are some of the Android Unlock cutting edge features that make it an outstanding option:

  • Enable users to remove fingerprints, passwords, PINs, and patterns.
  • Bypass FRP lock even if you do not have access to your PIN or Google Account.
  • Unlock a myriad of Android phone brands such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, and more.
  • Not require complicated skills due to its intuitive user interface.

Click the button below to download Android Unlock.

Below is an easy step-by-step guide to using this powerful Android Phone Unlocker.

01Begin the procedure by downloading, installing, and launching the application on your PC. Click on the "Unlock Android Screen" button from the options that are available on the screen.

click on the unlock android screen button

02Choose your phone's brand from the available options on the screen that appears. You must choose the correct information because the software provides recovery packages specific to the device models.

choose your phone's brand from the available options on the screen that appears

03Put your phone into the download mode. To do that, power off your phone, press the "Power", "Home", and "Volume Down" button. Now get into download mode by pressing the "Volume Up" button.

put your phone into the download mode

04Wait for the downloading process to complete. You will be prompted with a new screen showing the completion of the process.

wait for the downloading process to complete

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Unlocking your Samsung mobile phone has a myriad of advantages. An unlocked phone enables you to use a different carrier, which is very helpful, especially if you are planning to travel abroad and don't want to buy another phone or if you want to switch to another carrier whose services are more affordable and reliable. However, sometimes you may forget your phone's screen password, pattern, etc. In such cases, we recommend using Android Unlock because it is convenient, user-friendly, and reliable.

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