How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Without Computer [4 Best Ways]


The happiness and satisfaction of owning the latest iPhone version cannot be matched. An iPhone utilizes complex security features such as fingerprints, passwords, Face IDs, etc., to keep your data safe and secure. However, these security measures can be frustrating, especially after forgetting your iPhone's screen lock details. Consequently, the iPhone security mechanism prevents users from accessing their gadgets after consecutive wrong password attempts.

The unavailability of your iPhone can be a great source of frustration. This frustration may compound further if you cannot access iTunes or iCloud. If you are in this predicament, worry not, this article will teach you how to fix iPhone unavailable without computer. Read on to learn how.


Part 1. What Is the iPhone Unavailable?

The iPhone unavailability is an error message that appears on an iOS device when you unlock the gadget wrongly several times. It keeps your device's data safe by preventing unauthorized users from accessing it.

If you incorrectly enter your iPhone's screen password/pattern/PIN 6 times, your iPhone will display an "iPhone unavailable try again in 1 minute" error message. If you remember your iPhone's screen password, you can access your iPhone after the stipulated 1 minute.

If you still don't remember your password and enter an incorrect passcode for the 7th time, your iPhone will show the "iPhone unavailable try again in 5 minutes" notification. You must wait 5 minutes before trying to enter your iPhone's screen password again.

After the 8th wrong screen unlocking attempt, your device notifies you that "iPhone Unavailable try again in 15 minutes". This 8th wrong attempt triggers the Erase iPhone option to appear at the bottom of the iPhone screen on iOS 15.2 and later.

After the 9th wrong attempt, your iPhone will display "iPhone Unavailable try again in 1 hour" and be unavailable for 1 hour, after which you can try to unlock it. If you cannot unlock it, your iPhone performs a security lockout and becomes unavailable, and you will no longer be able to access it or input a password.

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Part 2. Frequently Asked Questions of iPhone Unavailable

Q1. What causes the iPhone unavailable issue?

The iPhone unavailable error occurs when an iPhone user tries to unlock an iPhone's screen wrongly more than 5 times. It is an iOS data security mechanism.

Q2. Can I fix an unavailable iPhone without a computer?

Yes, many issues can be resolved without a computer. You can try restarting the device, force restarting, or using specific settings to troubleshoot.

Part 3. How to Unlock iPhone Unavailable Without Computer

Can I unlock my iPhone without a computer? Using several techniques, you can bypass your iPhone's screen lock without a computer. Below are some iPhone unavailable fixes without computer:

Method 1. How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable Without iTunes by the Erase iPhone

Apple added the Erase iPhone option on iOS 15.2 and above to allow iOS users to unlock their iOS devices' forgotten screen locks more easily. Below is how to fix the iPhone unavailable issue using the Erase iPhone option:

Step 1. Key in the wrong password until the Erase iPhone feature appears at the bottom right corner of your iPhone's screen.

Step 2. Tap the "Erase iPhone" feature on the iPhone's screen.

Step 3. Hit on the "Erase iPhone" button on the "Erase All Settings & Content" screen that will appear.

Step 4. Hit the "Sign Out of Apple ID" button and key in your Apple ID password.

how to fix iphone unavailable without computer

Step 5. Hit the "Set up your Device" option, move to the Apps & Data screen and create a new password.

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Method 2. How to Unlock iPhone Unavailable Without Computer via iCloud

If you do not have access to a computer and wish to reset the iPhone, you can do so using iCloud. iCloud has an Erase iPhone option for wiping data from your iPhone. You must access the iCloud website from another device and log in to your account using the Apple ID on your unavailable iPhone. The advantage of this method is that you can delete your phone's data remotely. To effectively use this method, follow the step-by-step guide given below:

Step 1. Using another device's browser, navigate to the iCloud.com website.

Step 2. Log in to your iCloud account. Use the Apple ID account on your unavailable iPhone.

log in to icloud account

Step 3. Hit the "Find my iPhone" on the upper left corner of the iPhone's screen. Navigate to "All Devices" and choose the unavailable iPhone.

Step 4. Choose the unavailable iPhone you wish to unlock and click the "Erase iPhone" option twice to continue. This erases the data on your unavailable iPhone and unlocks your iPhone.

iphone unavailable fix without computer

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Method 3. How to Fix iPhone Unavailable Without Computer Using Find My

The Find My is an application developed by Apple to help its users track their devices. This application also allows users to delete all their iPhone's data and settings remotely to enhance data security, especially when an iPhone is stolen. You can use the Find My application capabilities to fix the iPhone unavailable issue without a computer by following the below steps:

Step 1. Launch the Find My application on any Apple device.

Step 2. Navigate to the Devices page and select the unavailable device from the list of your devices.

Step 3. Select the "Erase This Device" option from the expanded options.

how to bypass iphone unavailable without itunes

Step 4. Hit the "Confirm" option. The unavailable iPhone data, including the screen lock, will be successfully erased. Now you can access your iPhone.

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Bonus: How to Bypass iPhone Unavailable Through a Professional Tool

Using a professional iOS screen unlocking tool, such as iOS Unlock, is the most reliable way of unlocking an iOS device. With this application, you can remove almost types of iOS devices' screen locks, such as Face ID, alphanumeric passcode, 4-digit passcode, custom numeric code, Screen Time passcode, etc. This tool also enables users to remove iCloud locks, unlock Apple ID without a password, remove iPhones' MDM locks without losing iPhone data, remove SIM locks, and decrypt iTunes backups.

The iOS Unlock app is a powerful iOS devices screen lock remover tool you can rely on. This tool is used by millions worldwide and has been reviewed positively by its happy clients. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a go-to option for beginner and expert computer users. Moreover, the application has an unmatched capabilities such as:

  • Enable iOS users to remove their device's screen locks.
  • Remove iCloud locks without requiring passwords.
  • Remove Screen Time and MDM locks without deleting data.
  • Support a wide range of iOS devices.

Below is how to fix iPhone unavailable issue with the iOS Unlock app:

01Begin by moving to the iOS Unlock's website, downloading the app, installing, launching and selecting the "Screen Unlock" option from the available choices.

home page of ios unlock

02Select the "iOS" choice from the screen that will appear since you are unlocking an iOS gadget, and choose the "Unlock iOS Screen" option to proceed with the process.

select the unlock ios screen option

03Begin to unlock the device by hitting the "Start" button. You must ensure your iPhone is fully charged at this level. Afterwards, put your device into Recovery Mode. If the Recovery Mode fails, you can try the DFU Mode.

put iphone into recovery mode

04The iOS Unlock app will detect your device's information automatically and display it on the screen. Check the information displayed and hit the "Start" button.

check and confirm that the information displayed is correct

05Download the necessary iOS firmware through the unlock app. Once verified, tap "Unlock Now". Confirm with "000000" in the text area and press "Unlock". Click "Done" after the process finishes.

how to unlock iphone unavailable


You now understand how to fix an iPhone unavailable without a computer via the above-discussed methods. However, we suggest you use a professional iOS screen-unlocking tool like iOS Unlock to remove the iPhone unavailable issues as it quickly and easily fixes them.

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