Revolutionizing Video Quality: AI Video Upscaling Software Review

Sep 14, 2023

Visuals play a pivotal role in this digital era, whether for education, communication, or entertainment. Crafting top-notch videos is one of the most important aspects of increasing viewer demands. But which tool can you use to increase video resolutions and maintain quality? Thankfully, the AI video upscaling concept is groundbreaking. As a video enthusiast, you can do that by yourself rather than waiting for the firms to redesign standard-definition content.

If you want to make videos with that professional touch, you should use the best video upscaling software. But, with the numerous tools available, finding the right tool to recreate your video could be challenging. Simply go through this post to know the top AI video upscalers that are available today.


Part 1. What's AI Video Upscaling?

AI video upscaling is a process that uses artificial intelligence algorithms to upgrade the video resolution and quality.

The traditional upscaling methods entail applying algorithms devised to fill additional pixels with the same visual details to make the output look more detailed and clearer. Besides, this traditional video upscaling technique creates interstitial pixels for smooth transitions between the low-resolution pixels.

Even though AI-powered video upscaling offers the same functionalities, it features an improved ability to detect image context and enhance output intricacy through the utilization of extensive deep machine models. These models are trained on larger datasets of higher-resolution videos and images. Besides, they can identify features and patterns in your images and utilize collected proficiency to create a high-quality version of an input video.

All old videos recorded on the VHS tapes have low resolutions and have degraded with time, making them blurred and pixelated. With an AI video upscaling program, you may feed these low-resolution tapes into an algorithm to separate the video frames. After that, analyze and predict missing details in these sections, compare them to video footage, and add pixels to create a high-resolution video.

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Part 2. 7 Best Video AI Upscaling Software

After we know about the definition of AI video upscaling, we will introduce the seven best AI video sharpening software that rocks in 2023 in this part.

1. Video Converter Ultimate - The Best AI Video Upscaling

Take your video quality to another level with Video Converter Ultimate. This is one of the best AI video upscalers designed to aid users in improving and upscaling videos without a hassle. Its integrated AI technology allows low-quality videos to be upscaled to high resolution, such as 1080P and 4K. Thus, you can improve the quality of your videos up to 4K resolution quickly. Moreover, this video enhancer is pretty straightforward, and you can use it comfortably.

It's available for Mac and Windows computers. Added perks include reducing video shaking problems to help you enjoy the stabler effect. Also, the brightness optimization feature automatically changes light for your videos, and noise reduction will help make your videos clearer.

Key Features:

  • Upscale a lower-quality video to a higher-resolution video.
  • Enhance video quality to 1080P and 4K.
  • Optimize the brightness & contrast of videos automatically.
  • Remove noise in videos to make it clearer.
  • Reduce video shaking for a more stable effect.
  • Remove watermark.

How to Upscale a Video Using Video Converter Ultimate:

01Download and install Video Converter Ultimate on your computer and launch it.

02Locate the Video Enhancer module from the Toolbox. Now, add the video you wish to upscale to the Video Enhancer. You can drag multiple videos to the tool.

choose video enhancer tool from the toolbox

03You will find four options to choose from to enhance the video. Choose Upscale Resolution to get a higher resolution video from a lower resolution video.

best software to upscale video using video converter ultimate

04After that, tap Enhance to upscale the video.


* Upscale videos up to 4K resolution without quality loss.

* Preview the file after upscaling before downloading.

* Produce more stable and clear videos.

* Easy-to-use interface.

* Provide basic video editing capabilities.

* Support a wide range of video formats.


* It is not free.

* So far, no negative comments have been received.


* $14.95 1 Month License.

* $49.96 Lifetime License.

* $79.96 Business License.

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2. AVCLabs Video Enhancer

AVCLabs is another best AI video enhancers that uses special computer networks to make your videos appear even better. It has a free trial to help you weigh up its ability and decide if it is worth trying.

AVCLabs Video Enhancer can also act as a super tool to reduce noise in the video, enhance faces, and create videos of higher quality of up to 8K. This tool has awesome features such as noise reduction and motion estimation. These features are quite helpful when changing old videos to new ones. Its easier-to-use interface and low-pricing plans have made it quite a popular tool among users.

best video upscaling software

Key Features:

  • AI-based video upscaling.
  • Enhance video resolution and quality.
  • Remove video noise and artifacts.
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation.
  • Basic video editing capabilities.
  • Color calibration feature to give your videos natural colors.
  • Intuitive interface.


* Easy to use.

* Make videos look stunning with the 8K video resolution.

* Estimate motion to enhance the video quality.

* User-friendly interface.

* Offer noise reduction and enhancement in addition to upscaling.

* Basic video editing features.


* May not offer the same level of advanced upscaling as specialized tools.

* Limited customization for upscaling parameters.


* $39.95 1 Month Plan.

* $119.95 1 Year Plan.

* $299.90 Perpetual Plan.

3. Pixop

Pixop is one of the best AI upscale video software that is not only a smart video enhancer tool that integrates artificial intelligence to craft professional-looking videos but is also less costly and super easy to use. There is a free trial to allow you to test its magnificent features.

Some of its great features include automatic enhancement, noise reduction, and stabilization. You can watch videos before modifying them to get the desired final output. It is great for various uses and offers several pricing options you can choose from.

best video ai upscaling software

Key Features:

  • Use cutting-edge technology & AI algorithms for video quality enhancement like AI denoising, restoration, etc.
  • Improve brightness for vivid results.
  • Upscale video up to 8K resolutions.
  • Noise reduction from the videos.
  • Provide features such as image stabilization, color correction, and sharpening.


* Quick and intuitive.

* No subscription fees.

* Pixop's AI models are designed to produce impressive upscaling results, often rivaling those of more established upscaling tools.

* Enhance, stabilize, and reduce noise automatically.

* Allow you to watch videos before modifying.

* The inclusion of frame interpolation contributes to smoother motion in videos, enhancing the overall viewing experience.


* While Pixop's capabilities are commendable, its pricing may be relatively higher compared to some other AI video upscalers on the market.

* Pixop focuses primarily on upscaling and enhancement; thus, it might lack some advanced video editing features that more comprehensive software offers.


* Pixop's pricing works differently.

* There's no subscription cost, but you'll pay for what you use.

4. DVDFab Enlarger AI

Another best software to upscale you can't miss is DVDFab Enlarger. This tool makes your videos look stunning since it enhances videos to 4K video resolution. The tool has many advanced functionalities, including color enhancement, noise reduction, frame rate conversion, etc. In addition, it operates with multiple formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4, and MOV. DVDFab Enlarger is easier to use, and its free trial option makes it amazing as you can assess how it works first.

best ai video upscaler

Key Features:

  • Neutral networks to predict any missing pixel in a lower-quality video.
  • No disruptions during video enhancement.
  • Streamlined video upscaling process.
  • Great resolution technology to boost colors in the videos, decrease noise, and increase brightness.


* Produce amazing videos.

* Cool features such as color enhancement and noise reduction.

* Clear videos, which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

* Support MP4, MKV, MOV, AVI, etc.

* Easier to use.


* Limited customization options.

* May not deliver the highest quality results compared to some competitors.


* $89.99 1 Year Plan.

* $139.99 Lifetime Plan.

* $265.99 All in one Lifetime Plan.

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5. HitPaw Video Enhancer

HitPaw is another wonderful video enhancement AI that enhances videos to 4K resolutions. This tool will quickly upscale your videos by eliminating blur and noise. The four AI models, including Denoise, Face, Colorize, and Face, make the upscaling process easier.

best ai video enhancer

Key Features:

  • Enhance a video to 1080 or 4K resolution.
  • Four AI models like Denoise, Face, Colorize, and Face.
  • Remove watermarks from videos.
  • Video compression to compress large files as you desire.


* Support multiple input formats.

* Different editing features.

* Convenient and quite fast.


* It might not offer as comprehensive a set of advanced editing features as some dedicated video editing software.

* While the AI algorithms provide good results, they might not match the upscaling quality of higher-priced or specialized upscaling tools.


* $ 8.99 Weekly Plan.

* $ 23.99 Monthly Plan.

* $169.99 Yearly Plan.

6. Topaz Video Enhance AI

Topaz is a robust video upscaling software fully packed with breathtaking features. This app comes in handy when you want to upscale a video without a hassle. It is available for Windows and Mac computers and provides a free trial for AI video enhancement. It provides upscaling of up to 8K resolution and reduces motion artifacts and video detail recovery. Furthermore, it offers frame creation to convert 60 FPS and slow-motion effects.

Other perks entail denoising and deinterlacing stabilization capabilities to restore old footage. This tool needs a high-powered GPU for greater rendering times. It allows users to customize their settings and enhancements thanks to stabilization resolution & frame rate adjustments. It is particularly helpful in enhancing aerial video clips with small sensors.

best ai video enhancer

Key Features:

  • Upscale from 4K to 8K.
  • AI noise reduction.
  • AI algorithms help to work faster.


* Natural high resolutions to upscale videos.

* Restore details on a video.

* Offer a 30-day refund.

* Support many video formats.


* Offer a one-time lifetime plan.

* Price may be constant.


* $299 One-time Purchase.

7. Video2X

If you are looking for an open source, best free AI video upscaler, Video2X is your best bet. This tool can upscale videos, images, and GIFs using Anime4K, SRMD, RealSR, and Waifu2X. Video2X uses these algorithms to raise your media files' resolution, sharpness, and frame rate. It changes low-resolution videos to higher quality. However, the upscaling process can be sluggish, especially if your device has a weak processor and graphic cards, which may further delay the process.

best ai upscale video software

Key Features:

  • Upscale videos, images, and GIFs nicely.
  • Many algorithms to choose from.
  • Free.


* Upscale low-resolution old videos to 4K.

* Increase GIFs and image resolutions.

* Free to use and open source.


* Work on Windows computers only.

* Not user-friendly.

* It can be slow when upscaling videos.


* Free and open source.

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Videos keep our memories, entertainment, and life achievements. As such, compromising on video quality isn't a way to go. Therefore, using AI video upscale is the best way to increase video quality and produce great output.

Truly, the world of video upscaling is revolutionizing day in and day out by AI technology, and these seven software stand out from the crowd. Their spectacular capabilities and intuitive interfaces make it simple for everyone to increase their video resolutions. If you are a content creator or professional filmmaker or want to fine-tune your videos to appear clearer, these AI-powered software have everything you need. Meanwhile, Video Converter Ultimate features cutting-edge technology to provide unrivaled video enhancement.

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