How to Back Up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Mac - 5 Proven Ways


WhatsApp is a messaging app that has grown to be one of the most popular apps on the planet. Over one billion people use this app every single day. It stores important data that you wouldn't want to lose. That's why having a regular backup for your data is crucial. You can create your backup in the cloud or locally on your computer.

Let's say your Android phone gets stolen, lost or damaged; you will lose all your WhatsApp data. But if you back up WhatsApp from Android to Mac, you can easily get them back. This article will articulate simple techniques to back up WhatsApp messages from Android to Mac so that you don't lose them and can restore them anytime you want.

backup whatsapp from android to mac


Method 1. Back up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Mac with Email

WhatsApp has an "Email Chat" feature specially created to help users quickly send messages through email. Furthermore, this feature can be used to save a backup of your WhatsApp chats on a computer. The process is simple because you will only have to email the specific WhatsApp chats to your respective email account and download the backup on the computer.

The process below shows how to use WhatsApp's "Email Chat" feature to back up WhatsApp chats from an Android to PC or Mac.

Step 1: On the Android device, open the WhatsApp app and proceed to the chat to back up.

Step 2: Tap on the "Menu" button at the screen's top right corner, then click "More."

Step 3: Hit on the "Export Chat" button to export all the messages within the selected chats through email. You can also select whether to include media in the backup or not.

Step 4: A pop-up will appear on the screen, giving you various modes to export the chats. Select "Gmail" and follow the on-screen guide to transfer the WhatsApp data efficiently.

how to backup whatsapp messages from android to mac via email

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Method 2. Back up WhatsApp from Android to Mac Using WhatsApp Web Online

It's possible to also save WhatsApp from Android to a Mac computer through WhatsApp Web Online, an extension of your WhatsApp account available on the phone. As many of you know, it's easier to use WhatsApp on a computer by scanning a QR code using a phone. Actually, it's convenient because you won't have to be distracted every time you look at your phone for a new message. Just open WhatsApp Web on your computer, and you'll be able to see all incoming messages. What happens is that the messages sent and received are synced between the phone and computer, allowing you to see the messages on both gadgets.

Mac computers have a specific WhatsApp application known as WhatsMac, where you may send pictures, videos, and messages. But you can only save documents, images, screenshots, and videos sent or received. You can download the app on your Mac computer and link it with WhatsApp on an Android phone. Here is how to backup WhatsApp Android on a Mac using WhatsApp web online;

Step 1: Download the WhatsApp app on your Mac computer, open it, and you'll see the interface is similar to the normal WhatsApp Web.

Step 2: Reload the QR code and on your Android phone, tap on the three-dot menu from the top corner at the right. Choose the "WhatsApp Web" option and proceed to scan the QR code from the Mac computer. All of the chats on your Android phone will be shown on the Mac screen.

Step 3: Open group or individual chat and click on the three-dot menu from the upper right corner. Choose the "Select Message" option.

Step 3: Choose the data to download, ticking on the small box next to the specific data you wish to download. After ticking all of them, click on the arrow (↓) at the bottom right corner of the interface to download the data to your Mac computer. You'll find them in downloads on your Mac as zipped files.

how to backup whatsapp messages from android to mac online

Method 3. Back up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Mac with Google Drive

If the Google account has enough storage, you may use it to back up your WhatsApp chats from an Android device to a Mac using Google Drive. This will help you to transfer WhatsApp chats regularly and effortlessly. Moreover, you can restore the chats on other Android devices.

Here is how to transfer Android WhatsApp chats to Mac through Google Drive;

Step 1: Open the WhatsApp app on Android.
Let WhatsApp run on the Android and go to "More," then to "Settings," and proceed to "Chats." When there, look for the "Export Chat" option and click on the "Backup to Drive" feature.

export whatsapp messages from android to mac with google drive

Step 2: Log into the Google Account
You must set a specific time to do the backup and tap on the "Google Account" button to access the Google account. Click on the "Backup" option to start the transfer of WhatsApp chats to Google Drive.

Step 3: Open Google Drive on the Mac computer.
Browse Google Drive web to access your account on the Mac. Now, you can access the WhatsApp data and save it to the computer by downloading it first.

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Method 4. Back up WhatsApp from Android to Mac with Android File Transfer

WhatsApp automatically stores data on an Android device. You can use Android File Transfer to back up the data to the Mac. But you can't preview these data directly. Do this to transfer WhatsApp data from an Android to a Mac using Android File Transfer;

Step 1: Look for your WhatsApp Data
Open the File Manager application on your Android device. Click on the "Internal Storage" option and then "WhatsApp." From there, choose "Databases" and "Media Folders."

Step 2: Install the File Transfer
Installing Android File Transfer will simplify and fasten data transfer from an Android to Mac.

Step 3: Transfer data to Mac PC
Use a USB to connect the Android device to the Mac. Access the Android device the select the "WhatsApp" icon. Copy the detailed data and paste it onto your desktop. After completion, you will have backed up WhatsApp data from an Android device to your Mac.

back up whatsapp from android to mac with android file transfer

Method 5. Back up WhatsApp Messages from Android to Mac via WhatsApp Transfer

The WhatsApp Transfer application enables you to back up Android WhatsApp to Mac in simple steps. The application transfers the WhatsApp data to the PC gradually. Additionally, the app helps to transfer data of the WhatsApp Business version from an Android to Mac.

Key Highlights of WhatsApp Transfer

* The tool can seamlessly back up data from WhatsApp messages from Android to a Mac computer.
* Transfers WhatsApp data between Android and iOS.
* Backup and restore WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business.

How to back up WhatsApp from Android to Mac using the WhatsApp Transfer App;

01 Launch the program on the computer

Launch WhatsApp Transfer on the Mac and click on the "WhatsApp Transfer" button from the menu.

launch whatsapp transfer

02 Connect your Android

Use a USB cable to connect your Android device to the Mac. Select "Backup WhatsApp messages."

connect android to computer

03 Begin to backup WhatsApp messages

The backup process will begin and finish automatically. Wait for some time for the program to complete.

back up whatsapp to mac


The article comprehensively highlighted ways to back up WhatsApp chats from an Android to Mac computers. You won't find it challenging when you wish to create a backup. Notably, the WhatsApp Transfer will help restore your WhatsApp data without complications. Perhaps you can give it a try?

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