Five of the Best Android Security Apps to Protect Your Privacy


Smart devices like smartphones, tablets and smart watches have eased the life of individuals around the world. Unlike before where one needed to memorize tens and even hundreds of contacts in order to use a public booth to call, the smart devices have eased the processes. Nowadays, Android smartphones and tablets enable users to store thousands of contacts, emails, photos, documents, videos and even browsing history. This information is private but there has been an increase in hacking which compromises the safety of one’s information. This has led to the development of best Android security app which is designed to prevent unauthorized access to the user's device. Below are five Android security apps that are not only useful but free to use or free to download.

Review of the Top Five Security Apps for Android

Top one - Coolmuster Android Cleaner
This free downloadable application is designed to allow the user the ability of properly maintaining their device therefore prolonging its life. It can help to clean private files such as call history, browsing history cookies, caches, system notifications and app orphaned files. It can also clean junk files which include app caches, app cookies, app temp files, app crash logs and downloaded temp files. Overtime your smart device gets filled up with various kinds of information and data which takes up majority of the storage space in the disk. The application can efficiently free up a large amount of space in your device. The software cannot rewrite or delete useful files.

android cleaner mac version

Top two - Coolmuster Android Eraser
This is also a free downloadable application that is designed to erase all personal information found in your Android smartphone or tablet. This allows your device to return to a totally need state. It comes with a 1 click erase feature that allows the user to erase various forms of data and information which include contacts, text messages photos, videos, music, usernames and passwords. The application has three erase modes: Low – 1 pass mode which erases your android phone or tablet in seconds and efficiently; Medium – 2 passes mode provides two passes of random data to overwrite your existing and deleted android data leaving no trace; High – 3 passes mode which takes time and it’s the most secure data destruction option.

android eraser

Top three - CM Security
CM Security app is free and developed by a leading organization and helps to protect the data and information found in a user's android device. It comes with the features:
Intruder selfie of applock: This feature allows the device to capture a photo of the individual who has entered the wrong password twice as they try to access an app. This prevents intruders from snooping in your communication apps like Whatsapp.
Applock: Applock is a feature that enables the user to set up a password therefore protecting intrusion to the apps.
Antitheft: It has an anti theft feature that allows the user to find their phone in case they lose it or it gets stolen. The device also helps to protect your privacy.

Top four - Avast anti virus and security
The app enables the user to control, secure and remote control their smartphone or tablet therefore preventing intrusion by unauthorized users. It is designed with several features such as:
Anti virus: It helps to scan for any unwanted malware and unwanted programs which pose a threat to the computer. Malwares, Trojans and viruses are known to steal information as well as destroy the many apps stored in the device.
Find my phone: This feature allows the user to locate their phone when it gets lost. As a web based phone locate feature, the user can find their phone via an internet enabled laptop.
Remote device lock: The feature allows the user to remotely lock their smart device therefore preventing unauthorized users from accessing the smart device. This is helpful especially when the phone has been stolen or is lost.

Top five - AVG mobile security
This is a top rated best android security app that is designed to offer the user protection from harmful viruses, malware and spyware. Its features include:
Protection: The app can scan apps and files and also remove malicious content that has implanted itself in the device. Since the app offers you protection, it allows the user peace of mind knowing that their files, their identity and activity is protected from phishing and malware.
Performance: The app enables the user to kill unresponsive tasks and processes which are known to slow down or even freeze your device. The app can monitor your battery consumption and traffic as well.
Anti theft: The app allows the user to locate their lost or stolen smart device through Google maps. The user can also remotely lock their phone and set a lock screen message which will help the user to locate the smartphone.

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