8 Best Android Data Eraser Software: Erase Your Android Permanently


A leading data recovery company has done an experiment: they purchased 25 old Android phones from eBay and tried to recover files from them. Out of these 25 phones, 3 of them were found with SMS, photos, and even Facebook accounts that were still logged in. Sounds scary, right? Therefore, for the safety of your personal data, it is necessary to use an Android data eraser software to erase your Android phone completely before selling, donating, or giving away.

Here, we pick out the 8 best Android phone eraser software to wipe Android phone. They can erase all the contents and settings on your Android phone permanently without the chance to recover, preventing your data from any unauthorized access.

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android data eraser software

1. Coolmuster Android Eraser
2. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser(Android)
3. SafeWiper for Android
4. Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser
5. TunesBro DroidWiper
6. Shreddit
7. Secure Eraser
8. iShredder 6

1. Coolmuster Android Eraser

Coolmuster Android Eraser is an excellent Android data eraser software that specializing in wiping all files and personal information on Android devices. With this software, all the contents on your Android files, including the private info, settings, and even the deleted files, can be erased completely without a trace. It takes only a few clicks to delete all Android files and overwrite your phone with the high-security standards. After wiping your Android using this phone wipe software, you can rest assured that your files are unrecoverable by any means.

Key features:

  • One-click to erase all the data from Android device, including the deleted files, private information and system settings.
  • It supports all kinds of Android files, such as SMS, contacts, videos, photos, music, call logs, apps, books, audios, account information, password, search history(Google history, Snapchat history, etc.), keyboard history, and more.
  • Wipe a Sim card with Android completely and safely.
  • It offers 3 levels of data erasing: Low Level(Quick Erasure), Medium Level(Overwrite data 1 time), High Level(Overwrite data 3 times).
  • Permanently erase your device and leave zero chance of recovery.
  • Support Android 4.0 and up, including Android 13.


  • Easy to use, clean interface.
  • 3 erasing levels are offered.
  • Zero chance of recovery.
  • It updates frequently and fully compatible with the latest Android 13.


  • It is a paid software.

User's Review: "Just switched my Samsung S9 to Samsung S20. The tool helps me wiped my Samsung S9 as new, so I could resell it without worry."

Download Coolmuster Android Eraser from here:

android data eraser software windows versionandroid data eraser software mac version

How to wipe Android phone using Coolmuster Android Eraser:

Note: Since the files erased by this software are unrecoverable, make sure to back up your important files on Android before the erasure.

Step 1: Download Coolmuster Android Eraser on your computer, then connect your Android phone to computer using a USB cable. Follow the screen's instructions to make your Android connected by the software.

make your phone detected by the android data eraser software

Step 2: After your Android is connected successfully, you can click Erase > select the security level for erasing > type "delete" into a blank to confirm.

set up security level in the android data eraser software

Step 3: The program will start to erase your Android phone. After erasing, you will be asked to factory reset your Android. After this, your Android phone will be erased completely and return to a clean slate state.

how to use android data eraser software to erase android data

In this way, your Android phone data has no possibility of recovery. It is highly recommended that you use Coolmuster Android Eraser to wipe Android phone completely before selling.

2. Dr.Fone - Data Eraser(Android)

Another Android eraser software you can try is Dr.Fone - Data Eraser(Android). It can wipe out all your files and privacy information in an easy manner. What's good about this tool is that it has wide compatibility in data types and supported devices. It is a useful tool to delete files before selling your Android away.

android data eraser software - dr.fone data eraser

Main features:

  • Erase all your data such as contacts, messages, call logs, social app data, etc.
  • It can turn your data into completely unreadable and completely clear the whole disk.
  • It supports all the Android devices available in the market, such as Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony, Motorola, Google phones, LG, etc.


  • Wide compatibly.
  • Simple to use.


  • It is not free to use.
  • It may fail to detect your device sometimes.

User's Review: "It cleaned my Samsung S5 completely without a hitch. now I can sell it without worry about my information."

Download link: https://drfone.wondershare.com/android-data-eraser.html

3. SafeWiper for Android

SafeWiper for Android is a professional cell phone data eraser software that can wipe out everything on your Android permanently. It has 3 wiping modes: Erase all data, Erase private data, and Erase app data. You can choose the mode you need according to your situation.

android data eraser software - safewiper for android

Main features:

  • Erase the confidential files from your internal and external card.
  • You can delete all files on Android in one go.
  • Erase your private data, including SMS, contacts, call logs, photos, videos, and music.
  • Delete private information created by the app, including the login cookies, caches, chat history, and photos, etc.


  • It allows you to selectively erase the Android data from computer.
  • Three different wiping modes give you flexible choices to erase Android files.


  • It only supports Android 7.0 Marshmallow and below.
  • It hasn't been updated for a long time.
  • The Mac version of Safewiper doesn't support the latest macOS.

User's review: "Safewiper is a great data erasing software which can wipe everything from your Android and iphone, i've wiped 400 text messages on my Samsung galaxy s7 with safewiper for Android phone."

Download link: https://www.safewiper.com/android-data-eraser.html

4. Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser

Jihosoft Mobile Privacy Eraser can completely scan all data on your Android and wipe it out permanently. It supports all your sensitive data such as contacts, messages, call history, videos, photos, apps, and many more. It comes with 5 erasing algorithms. You can choose the level you want to erase your phone.

android data eraser software- jihosoft mobile privacy eraser

Main features:

  • It can scan out the deleted data quickly and erase them.
  • It can clean the private files with zero chance of recovery.
  • You can select the data type you want to erase.
  • It offers 5 erasing algorithms; the higher lever you select, the less chance the data can be retrieved.


  • Safe and easy to use.
  • It allows you to select the data type to erase.


  • It doesn't come with a Mac version.
  • Expensive.

User's review: "Nice software. It helped me find and deleted up to 3 GB hidden large files on my phone. Thanks to it, my deleted data won't be recovered anymore!"

Download link: https://www.jihosoft.com/mobile/privacy-eraser.html

5. TunesBro DroidWiper

TunesBro DroidWiper is another powerful Android eraser software that can erase all files on your Android phone or tablet. With it, you can remove all the contents and settings, private data, app data on your Android device.

android data eraser software - tunesbro droidwiper

Main features:

  • Easily erase all the sensitive information, content, and settings on Android.
  • Support 10+ file types, including SMS, calls, notes, contacts, WhatsApp, calendar, photos, videos, internet history.
  • Preview Android files from PC before erasing.
  • Supports 1500+ Android phone and tablets.


  • Easy to operate. Only three steps to wipe.
  • It allows you to preview files before erasing.


  • Only supports Android 4.4 to Android 7.0.
  • The Mac version is more expensive.
  • It is not able to erase the deleted files.

User's review: "All data were cleaned with just 1 click and deleted data couldn't be recovered with any app."

Download link: https://www.tunesbro.com/android-data-wiper.html

6. Shreddit

Shreddit is a phone eraser app that you can get from the Google Play Store. This handy app is built with a quick shredding algorithm that allows you to erase huge data within seconds. You can use this app to delete files from internal and external storage of your device efficiently.

android data eraser software - shreddit

Key features:

  • Erase Android data completely in a fast way.
  • It provides easy access to your gallery and other personal files.
  • You can select the specific files you want and shred them.


  • It integrates with your Android's file manager, so you can easily select the individual file to delete.
  • Simple and efficient.


  • To erase the SD card on devices running Android 4.4 or later, rooting is required.
  • It is not working well on Android 11 currently.

User's review: "It's a great app, but I'm not able to see the progress of the shredding task. It's not even visible in the notification panel."

Download Shreddit from the Google Play Store >>

7. Secure Eraser

Secure Eraser is a lightweight phone wipe software that can be used to erase files on internal memory and external SD card. It can destroy all electronic data stored on a hard disk drive or other digital media.

android data eraser software - secure eraser

Key features:

  • Wipe Android device completely within easy tabs.
  • It is fully compatible with various Android devices.


  • It is free to use.
  • Simple to operate.


  • Files deleted by this app can be recoverable with some tools.

User's review: "Very fast. It took less than 3 minutes to run the app through my entire phone (Motorola Moto G Fast)."

Download it from Google Play >>

8. iShredder 6

iShredder 6 is a simple but powerful app to format Android phone and shred data permanently. It can delete all your Android data, files, folders, photos, contacts, and so on. You can also use it to clean the temporary data and cache of your Android device.

android data eraser software - ishredder 6

Main features:

  • Delete photos, documents, and videos, etc. from Android beyond recovery.
  • Clean your phone without traces.
  • Wipe space and free up memory on your Android.
  • Overwrite free space on both internal and SD card.


  • It takes only 3 easy steps to do the erasure.
  • Integrated with file explorer on your Android.


  • Need to purchase the Pro version to eraser most privacy centered content.
  • It crashes on some devices.

User's review: "This is a good app and I know it scrubs the data as I've tested a few times. Simple and effective."

Download it from Google Play >>

Words in the End

That's all for the 8 Android phone wipe software. You can read each of the Android data eraser review and find the tool you like to wipe out your Android phone. If you can't decide which one to use, our recommendation is Coolmuster Android Eraser. You can freely select the security level to erase your phone using this tool. The deleted files are 100% unrecoverable. And unlike many phone eraser apps that only support limited Android phones, Coolmuster Android Eraser is compatible with almost all Android devices. It is an ideal option when it comes it erasing your Android phone.

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