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Best Music Manager for Samsung Phones

Samsung mobile phones are quite popular over the world. Among many uses, playing music is on one of the main activities of users. And we all know how music makes our life pleasant and how we love to hear it all the time.

But managing so many different kinds of music files on the phone becomes difficult some times. We need to transfer the music, add new songs or just sort them and make them updated. It is very complicated to do such things on the phone. The need is felt for a professional program that can handle everything with just few clicks on the computer. The best program among the lot is Coolmuster Samsung Music Manager.

Know More about This Music Manager:

For music enthusiasts, a comprehensive music manager is essential for their Samsung phones. It manages and organizes music, contacts, messages, apps, all from the comfort of your computer. And there are 2 ways to connect – USB and Wifi.

For easy transfer of music and other files, this software works great too. You can export everything with just one click to free up space on any device. The backup and restore can also be performed with a single click.

From the PC, you can manage contacts and messages. Group messages can be sent and deleting and managing them is also simple. Coolmuster is also capable of dealing with apps. You can delete, install or export them using the computer. The program is completely safe and efficient.

How to Use This Software to Manage Samsung Music?

To begin the Coolmuster software, it need to be downloaded on the PC or Mac computer. You need to ensure that you are able to use the Samsung Music Manager. It is easy to use and all it requires is a few clicks to get the job done.

- Setting up the Samsung device

Open the installed software and use the USB cable to connect your Samsung to the PC. Alternatively you can also do it over Wifi. Then you have to initiate USB Debugging on Samsung. For this you can use the instructions given by the program. After completion of debugging, your Samsung phone will be shown on the program with its details.

- Export music

From the left side menu, click on Music. This will present all the music files on Samsung phone on the left side of the window. You can all files or choose them separately by checking them. Then hit the Export button on top of the interface and you are done!

- Import or add music to Samsung phone

Access the Music tab from the menu under your device. To add music to Samsung phone, click on the Add button and choose files to import. You can also directly music files on Samsung phone using the Delete option.

- Restore Samsung music

To restore music files from a desktop to Samsung phone, you have to use the Import button. The all you need to do is choose the content from your PC and hit Import to do the restore.

Words in The End:

It is easy to use the Coolmuster Samsung Music Manager, and you would be able to do a lot more with your Samsung Android phone, just the way you want it.

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