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2 Ways to Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung

Smartphones bring a lot of benefits to people's lives and work, and people store a lot of important files and information on their phones. Therefore, you must protect the integrity of the data on your device and prevent it from being lost or corrupted. The topic of protecting and sharing mobile phone data is also becoming more and more popular. Transferring data from Samsung to Samsung is easier said than done. For example, music and playlists are some of the most important data for most Samsung users, so Samsung users are always looking for ways to transfer music files from one Samsung device to another.

If you are having troubles to complete this music transfer between two Samsung phones, this article will serve as a guide to provide you with two different and effective methods. Let's start transferring music and files from one Samsung device to another in the simplest and most efficient way.

Way 1. Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung with One Click
Way 2. Transfer Music between Two Samsung Devices with Smart Switch

Way 1. Transfer Music from Samsung to Samsung with One Click

Let's begin with the easiest, less stressful and best way to transfer music and songs from Samsung phone to another Samsung device, with the help of Coolmuster Mobile Transfer (Windows) or Mobile Transfer for Mac. This program is user friendly and compatible with all Android and iOS devices. There is also no restrictions to the numbers and times you can transfer via this tool. You can transfer all forms of data, including music, photos, videos, contacts, text messages, notes, books and more between two Samsung phones, such as Samsung Galaxy S9/S8/S7/S6, Note 8/7/6/5, etc.

Supported file types: Transfer almost everything between two devices, including contacts, SMS, photos, videos, music, apps, documents, notes, call logs, books, etc.

Supported devices: Supports all mobile devices that are running Android and iOS systems, including Samsung, HTC, Google phones, LG, Sony, Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi, iPhone, iPad, etc.

More functions: You can also use Mobile Transfer for Mac to create the all-important backup of all the data on your device and even restore this backup when needed.

Free download the Mobile Transfer via the following buttons and the steps-by-step explanation below will help you understand how to use this software to transfer music from one Samsung phone to another easily.

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Step 1. Install and launch Mobile Transfer

First of all, you need to download, install and launch the Mobile Transfer on your computer. You should see the following primary window, with four different modes are displayed on the interface.

music transfer between two samsung

Step 2: Choose Phone to Phone Transfer

Go to the main interface of the Mobile Transfer and choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode. Then, click "Start" button to enter the phone transferring window. Now, use two USB cables to connect your two Samsung devices to the computer.

copy music from samsung to samsung

Step 3. Transfer music from Samsung to Samsung

Once connected, both phones will be recognized and displayed side by side. Tick the "Music" tab and then click on the transfer icon in the middle of the screen. Then, all the music will be transferred from Samsung to Samsung completely.

transfer music from samsung to samsung

When the transfer is end, you can then simply disconnect the devices and use them as you normally would.

Way 2. Transfer Music between Two Samsung Devices with Smart Switch

Smart Switch lets you move files from one phone to another with little effort. Not only can it transfer from Samsung to Samsung, it can also be used to transfer from another Android or even iOS device to a Samsung device. To transfer music from Samsung to another Samsung, you only need to download the Smart Switch app on the two Samsung devices and follow the steps below.

Step 1. You need to find the Samsung Smart Switch in the Google Play Store, download and install this program on both Samsung devices.

Step 2. Open the Smart Switch on your Samsung phone and make sure NFC is turned on for both devices. Here are the different ways to open NFC on different Samsung devices.

* If you are using Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or S3, you will need to click on "Settings". Then click "More Settings" in the results window. You should be able to turn NFC on or off in the results window.

turn on nfc on samsung note

* If you have a Samsung Galaxy S4, you can switch NFC in the Connections tab in Settings.

switch nfc on samsung s4

Step 3. Put the backs of the two Samsung devices together. You should be able to feel that they are vibrating, which means that the devices are confirming communication with each other. Then, you need to click on one of the devices' Wi-Fi to set up a direct connection for data transfer. Make sure that the two devices remain in touch when this connection is established.

set up wifi connection

Step 4. Now you can choose what to transfer. In this article, you should select "Music" and click "Transfer". In fact, in addition to music, the Samsung Smart Switch also allows you to transfer other data, including calendars, contacts, pictures and videos.

transfer music between samsung

Bottom Line:

You can also share with us other effective methods that you find. If the above two methods are helpful to you, please share this article with your friends in need.

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