The Best Gaming Apps of 2018


As time goes by, technology keeps evolving, and so is the gaming world. Actually, mobile gaming has gained a lot of evolution. As a matter of fact, each and every year, a new Android or iOS game is released to the market. This means that as time goes by, the gaming apps get better and better.

The following are some of the best gaming apps that one should try this 2018.

1. Crashland

Actually, Crashland is considered as one of the best Android game that exists. It is all about a trucker that is intergalactic, which crashes in a planet full of aliens. The player needs to figure out what is happening, gather some materials and construct a base where he/she will save the world from.

Its features are:

- A crafting system that is expansive where you can go for an adventure in the world in order to learn the secrets of surviving;
- The game is self inventory, in that you do not need to manage it, and you’ll get the tools wherever need arises, making the player to focus on exploring;
- The RPG, which helps in character creation and evolution. When you get power, you are free to venture into other places of the world to make new discoveries;
- Tameable creatures: All the creatures in the app can be trusted, or can be crafted and empowered according to your wish.


2. Geometry wars 3

Geometry Wars 3 is an interesting gaming app where the player needs to be in control of a tiny spaceship which is cruising along various #D surfaces like cylinders, cubes, and spheres. The mission is to destroy enemy places by fighting in the different 3D surfaces.One needs to constantly keep on shooting the adversaries, and escape the attacks they launch against you.

Features of the game:

- There are 10 different battle modes;
- The graphics are of neon;
- There are 50 levels;
- 5 superpowers in total.

geometry wars 3

3. Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is a collectible card game that needs a player to be online so as to play it. Here, the player needs to fight with the 15 card deck that you have to construct before. The game is simple as it has got a tutorial and a set of rules to follow. Since it is an online game, it can be played by many players (multiplayer). There is a total of nine levels in which one can play the game. At some point, there is an arena in which you need to pay so that you can be able to construct a deck of about thirty.

Features of the game:

- It is an online multiplayer;
- Has a drag-and-drop control;
- Excellent graphics;
- Has a guide on how to play.

hearthstone heroes of warcraft

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