Amazing Improved Features of Apple Music Player


Apple Music App which is one of the iPhone giant's has taken over the subscription music service, it has now become the D-destination, for music. The Apple Music App comes with iTunes music library, a cloud-based on-demand streaming service with 30 million tracks, artist-centric social network and new live worldwide radio station. All these compacted into one App.Who wouldn't want to buy that?

The App comes on the upgraded latest operating system version of iOS 9. The minute you upgrade it, it starts replacing the default music player on iPod Touch units,iPads and iPhones. All the elements of the earlier free services like the iTunes Radio within this new App. In the following contents, we'll list the shinning improved points of Apple Music Player for your reference.

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Apple Music Player Improved Features in iOS 9

An Improved Navigation

Emphasis has been placed on this feature. Different from the other previous versions The navigation feature has been shifted to the bottom of the application making it easy for you to locate it. And in this version, the navigation bar is better when it comes to quick search.

apple music player

A Drop-down Collection to Sort Through

Many people are disable to get what they are looking for nor even the best result when they have to sort through the huge collection of music. It seems to be difficult for them to do it in the Apple Music Player app. But in this version the user gets the ultimate experience of a drop down collection and gets better results when searching as there is a magnifying glass icon that you just tap on within this iOS 9. The results have been streamlined and well organised so that whatever one is looking for, they can easily find it.

apple music player

Add Your Own Personal Music Collection

Dislike the version before, the new updated Apple Music Player allows users to add their own tracks from their own collection. The Apple music catalogue has gaps that because there are gaps in the Apple Music encourages one to upload any albums and trucks they have in their old versions of Apple music app or their own collections. There is another iCloud Music Library inbuilt service feature that is used in uploading your own music.

apple music player

The Recently Added List Revamped

In this new version, the recently added list makes sure that the best music is always added regularly to the player but the options which these list shows are also changed. This new version shows the purchased iTunes music and the locally added songs as well.

Better Color Schemes

You're allowed to choose the color schemes in the new updated version of Apple Music Player, and you can also add it through the smartness of the player itself. This is mainly because the embedded technology in this new version allows the color of the scheme changes as per the song's genre or based on the user choice. It is no doubt that this could be a great using experience for all Apple Music Player users.

New Now Playing Screen

In this regard, the screen makes sure that the best is delivered to the user. It is also to be noted that the Now Playing screen also leads to the songs addition to the playlist, radio stations and the iTunes store page of the album that is under discussion and repeating and shuffling the songs to make sure that the user gets the best and results and also plays the songs as per his will and desire by using this simple and straightforward option. It is part of the best and the state of the art features that have been included within the Apple iOS 9.0 music players.

Better Display

Unlike the older version, the new version gets a better display of calendar events and schedules. It displays all of the day's events at the bottom of the app. And one can view a whole month's programs and events by tapping on the List icon at the top of the month. This makes it easier for the user to use the app and the camera is set to auto it only turns on when it detects an image or when one is trying to take a picture. In the previous versions, one had to manually turn on the camera.

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