Top 5 Methods to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone [Updated]


Are you struggling to get your contacts from a CSV file into the iPhone's Contacts App? Don't despair. Despite its incompatibility, there are several ways you can easily import CSV contacts to iPhone.

A CSV file is a text file that keeps contact information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, and other details in a specific format.

It is supported by contact management tools and email address books. Unluckily, the contacts app doesn't support CSV files, so you cannot import contact data directly from CSV to your iPhone. However, there are ways to transfer the CSV contacts onto an iPhone. Continue reading to learn how to import contacts to iPhone from CSV.


Part 1. Is It Possible to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone?

As we all know, if your contacts are in a vCard file, it'll be very easy to import them to an iPhone directly. However, the iPhone contacts application does not support the CSV file format. In such a case, you must use a computer with iCloud, iTunes, Google Contacts, or a third-party app to import the CSV contacts to an iPhone.

Part 2. How to Import CSV Contacts to iPhone?

Now let's check the different ways to import your CSV contacts to an iPhone.

Way 1. Import CSV to iPhone Contacts Directly by Contacts Transfer

Your iPhone cannot automatically recognize and import contact information from a CSV file. To add these contacts to your iPhone, you will need to use a contact management tool. Contacts Transfer is the best tool for such a task. It enables you to transfer contacts, photos, music, text messages, and videos between most mobile devices. Additionally, the latest version of Contacts Transfer includes a contact management feature that allows you to import and export contacts. With this tool, you can import CSV files directly to your iPhone.

It simplifies importing and exporting your contacts from a CSV file. No more tedious operations; just one click to get all that data into your iPhone. Here are the best features of Contacts Transfer:

  • Import/export contacts to the CSV and vCard files and use other programs freely.
  • Transfer data between computer and iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod) without losing data.
  • Support various files, such as photos, music, text messages, and contacts.

Below is a trial version of the Contacts Transfer.

Importing CSV contacts directly to an iPhone is only possible with Contacts Transfer. Here are the steps:

01Download and Install Contacts Transfer

First, download the program on the computer and install it. After that, open the program and then connect the iPhone to the computer. Within a few seconds, all your device information will appear automatically in the program's main interface.

the interface of contacts transfer

02Import CSV Contacts to iPhone

Start importing your CSV contacts to your iPhone. Click on the "Contacts" option from the left panel. Tap on "Import/Export" in the top toolbar. Choose "Import Contacts", then select "From CSV File". Check the contacts list in the pop-up dialogue box to ensure they are the ones you want to import. Start the importing process to add the CSV contacts to your iPhone.

select from csv file

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Way 2. Import CSV to iPhone Contacts with iCloud

Do you need to transfer contacts from CSV files into your iPhone directly? Unfortunately, iCloud doesn't support uploading them directly. But you can convert your CSV to vCard, a file format supported by Apple's cloud service, and ensure that those all-important contact details are imported to your iPhone device. Here are some simple steps to do that:

Step 1. Head to the Google Contacts website and select the "Import" option.

Step 2. Click "Select File" and upload your CSV file containing the contacts.

Note: The imported contacts will retain their original import date.

Step 3. Choose the "Export" option on your left. From the dropdown menu, select the appropriate label, then press the "Save" button. Choose "vCard" just below the Export. Then, click on the "Export" button.

choose vcard just below the export and click on th export button

Step 4. Go to the iCloud website and log into your iCloud account. Then, select "Contacts" and click on the settings icon in the corner. From there, select "Import vCard".

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Way 3. Import Contacts Into iPhone Through iTunes

Another way of importing contacts to an iPhone from CSV is through iTunes. iTunes can sync Outlook contacts with the iPhone. However, you first need to import the Excel files to Outlook and then use iTunes to sync the contacts to your iPhone through iTunes. It may seem complicated, but it is one way to have your CSV contacts on your iPhone. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Start by opening Outlook on your computer. Next, select "File", followed by "Open & Export", and then choose "Import/Export". Finally, click on the "Next" button.

Step 2. To proceed, choose "Comma Separated Values", then click "Next". Click on the "Browse" button, select "CSV file", followed by "Open" and "Next as a destination". Select "Contact" and click "Next".

Step 3. You can define custom fields if you want. Once ready, click "Finish" to import the CSV contacts to your Outlook Contacts.

Step 4. Use a lightning cable to connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. Go to the device tab, then click on "Info".

Step 5. Sync contacts to your iPhone by selecting "Sync Contacts with Outlook", then click "Apply".

select sync contacts with outlook, then click apply

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Way 4. Import Contacts from File to iPhone with Google Contacts

Looking to get your contacts from a CSV file onto your iPhone? Google Contacts is the perfect solution. All you need to do is import it into Google Contacts and then sync it up with your device. Here are the steps:

Step 1. First, open the Chrome Browser on the computer. Then, find and open "Google Contacts". On the left side, click on the "Import" option. Next, click "Select file" and choose the CVS file you have prepared.

click on the import option, then click select file

Step 2. After importing the file, synchronize your Google contacts with your iPhone by going to Settings and selecting the "Contacts" option. Click "Add Account" and "Google", then log into your account.

Step 3. Lastly, open the "iPhone Contacts" app to import from the CSV to an iOS.

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Way 5. Import CSV to iPhone via Mac Contacts

As stated before, it is not possible to directly upload CSV files on an iPhone. However, you can transfer the CSV files onto a Mac computer and then synchronize the contacts between the Mac and iPhone.

But make sure that the CSV file is properly formatted before proceeding. This requires removing line breaks, verifying that all addresses have the same field numbers, and using either tabs or commas to separate fields.

Let's learn how to import CSV contacts to an iPhone using the Mac Contacts App.

Step 1. Open the Contacts app on Mac and click the "File" option. Next, choose "Import" from the dropdown menu.

click the file option and choose import from the dropdown menu

Step 2. Choose the CSV file and import it. Turn on iCloud contacts by going to the Apple menu and "System references". Then hit "Apple ID" and ensure contacts synchronize across Apple devices.

Step 3. Now you can see the contacts that you imported on your iPhone.

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Even though importing contacts from a CSV file to your iPhone is not as straightforward as transferring data directly between other devices. There are still ways to make it happen with the right app and some clues on moving your CSV contacts onto your phone quickly.

The methods mentioned above are the best and most preferable ways to get your CSV file onto an iPhone without any hassles. However, Contacts Transfer is the most recommended for importing CSV contacts to your iPhone in a hassle-free way. This is the best software that allows you to easily manage all your iOS data, including CSV contacts, in one place. You can download it and give it a try.

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