How to Print Photos from iPhone? [Solved]


Summary: "How do I print pictures from my iPhone?" Some users might have those confusion. This article is here to show you how to print pictures from iPhone with different ways.

Mobile phones form an integral part of human existence since most people in the globe, especially those in the middle age bracket, are addicted to their devices. In recent times, people use their phones not only to communicate but also to capture memories, and entertain themselves, as part of the things that mobile phones have over the years been upgraded to do. iPhones are an example of such smart phones that are used all over the world by people for the purposes mentioned above and more. This article examines how an individual can print out photos from iPhone through various Media.

Part 1: Best Way to Print Photos from iPhone Through A Computer
Part 2: How to Print Photos from iPhone Directly via AirPrint
Part 3: How to Print Photos from iPhone Directly with A Non-AirPrint Printer
Part 4: Other Options to Print Photos from iPhone

Part 1: Best Way to Print Photos from iPhone Through A Computer

Printing of pictures form iPhone through a computer can be done using the help of Coolmuster iOS assistant(Windows/Mac), which is an application that is used to backup data, import information, and manage files in iPads, iPhones, and iPods. And it is fully compatible with almost all iOS devices, including the latest iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, etc. and also iOS 12 is supported, too.

In order to use this software in a computer to transfer the desired photos for printing, there are a few steps to ensure the pictures move successfully into the computer for printing.

Note: Please ensure that you have installed the latest iTunes on your computer, otherwise the program might fail to detect your iPhone.

Step 1. Have your iPhone recognized by the program.

The first step is downloading the software into the computer and allowing it to work as an application by running it to ensure its effective performance. The software will require connection with the iPhone using a USB cable, which the person trying to print the photos will have to obey prompts given to ensure there, is a connection between the phone and the computer.

connect iphone to computer with usb cable

After connecting the phone to the computer, the phones security systems will want the individual to confirm whether they trust the computer connected to allow the connection to continue. It is advisable that the person trying to print the photos indicate that they trust the connected device so that the software can allow the devices to continue with their connection.

trust this computer

Once the individual has indicated that they trust the computer, the features of the phone display on the computer with all its applications. This way it is easy to choose the photos from the phone through the computer for printing.

main interface of ios assistant

Step 2. Export photos from iPhone to computer for printing.

The second step is transferring the photos that need to printing from the phone to the computer. Using the software, an individual can open the Photos folder and start selecting the photos needed for printing. During selection, these photos are displayed with all their details of the image name, size, format, and the date the photos were created. After selecting the photos, one can export the photos into the computer choosing the correct file output by click the "Export" button.

choose photos and export photos from iphone to computer

Step 3. Star to print the exported iPhone photos.

The final step is printing of the pictures using a printer already connected to the computer. If needed, please check how to connect iPhone to printer here. In the process of printing, the printer will give the options of how many copies are required to be printed which the person printing should ensure the right number of copies is selected. The correct format for printing the photos should also be selected to ensure the photos are printed in the best way possible.

print iphone photos

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Part 2: How to Print Photos from iPhone Directly via AirPrint

AirPrint is a medium for printing, which is used in iPhones and other devices (running iOS 4.2 or higher) to print connected to a printer. However, not all computers are compatible with AirPrint.

Step 1. Check whether both of your printer and iPhone are compatible with AirPrint.

It is important that before attempting to print, an individual should confirm the printer's compatibility with AirPrint. Once confirmed that the printer is compatible with AirPrint the photos can be printed, both the printer and the mobile phone should be connected to the same wireless internet within their range.

Step 2. Start to print pictures from iPhone using AirPrint.

Please open the folder that has the photos to be printed. Tap the "Share" icon ( , or ), and tap or "Print" option and then select an AirPrint enabled printer. After the printer has connected to the phone, choose the number of copies required and the paper format to print in and finally tap "Print" button on the upper right corner. It is also important to note that using AirPrint it is possible to view or cancel a print job.

print photos from iphone via airprint

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Part 3: How to Print Photos from iPhone Directly with A Non-AirPrint Printer

Given that not all printers support AirPrint, there is also a way to print pictures from iPhone to a printer that is not compatible with AirPrint. If a printer does not support AirPrint, except for printing photos from iCloud, there are other application such as Printer Pro, Epson iprint and HP eprint. These apps are efficient when it comes to printing photos from iPhone using non-AirPrint printers.

iphone photo printer

* Printer pro is popular for its user-friendly interface and its ease to use. It allows for printing from iOS devices to a wireless printer connection. It can print documents in PDF, HTML, TXT and JPG formats. However, this app is paid for to download.
* HP eprint only support HP printers, which have wireless connections to print from android, iOS, and windows users, and it is free to download. Epson iprint just as the HP eprint, only supports one brand of printers.
* Epson iprint supports Epson wireless printers. It prints documents from different sources and formats while allowing its users to print files not only from iOS but also from cloud storage.

Except for the above 3 printers, never miss the other top 6 Photo Printers for iPhone here.

Steps to print out pictures from iPhone using a non-AirPrint printer:

- Download any of the printer app according to the kind of printer they are using.


print pictures from iphone

- Opening the application and connect it to the printer using wireless connection or USB cable.

- Ensure that the printer's model is added to the phone and the printer settings has been adjusted to meet the preferences of an individual.

- Finally, select Print and choose the printer model to use in printing.

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Part 4: Other Options to Print Photos from iPhone

4.1 Using A Portable Hand-held Printer

HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer is an example of a hand-held printer that connects to the phone via Bluetooth and prints using chemical paper. The HP sprocket app allows one to make changes on their photos like inserting frames and emojis before printing. Photos can be printed from the phones gallery or social media pages. The second type of handheld printer is Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer, which works just as the HP sprocket app where there is photo editing before printing and it connects to the phone using Bluetooth.

The difference between the HP Sprocket Photo Printer and the Polaroid ZIP Mobile printer is the speed at which each printer prints the photos. Other hand held printers include Fujifilm Instax Share SP-2, Prynt Case iPhone Photo Printer, and Canon Selphy Wireless Photo Printer.

print pictures from iphone using hand-help photo printer

4.2 By Ordering iPhone Prints

This can be done by clicking on the prints icon on the homepage of the phone. On the prints folder adjust the size of the prints you would want and select the photos for printing by highlighting each one of them individually. The print screen shows the photos that have been selected to be printed and at this point, it is possible to either add or remove photos in accordance to one's liking as all adjustments to photos are done here.

On the next screen click on checkout icon to see the order and shipping options of the orders and review the details for the order such as items, shipping speed, ship to, enter payment method, enter coupon code, and the order total. Finally tap place order to complete the purchase.

print photos from iphone


Over the years, phones have advanced from being just means of communication to sources of entertainment and now they are able to print photos for their users. Printing photos from iPhone is easy since there are various ways in which one can print the photos. The use of these different platforms, each having unique features has made iPhone users advantaged over other brands of phones.

By the way, except for those photo printing apps for iPhone, the mentioned Coolmuster iOS Assistant is quite a good app to help users backup and print pics from iPhone with ease. Download it below if needed.

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